GH VIP and the despicable spectacle of Ángel Garó against Verdeliss: "You became pregnant to enter"

The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP GH VIP and the destruction of Monica's Holes: "I'll do what I have to do" The friendship of Miriam

GH VIP and the despicable spectacle of Ángel Garó against Verdeliss:

The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP

GH VIP and the destruction of Monica's Holes: "I'll do what I have to do"

The friendship of Miriam and The Koala is teetering on the straight end

Jorge Javier Vazquez vs GH VIP: "Or change or has no place on television"

can it Be possible that in this GH has a gala tranquilita, of the of before? To the heights we are program is already going to be very difficult, although they could put something on your part to fix the big mess that is being this edition. Wishes are not orders.

I Swear that since I'm not going to ask somebody to put common sense to GH VIP 6, but that is a week of reality and back again shows slippery, despicable, horrible, and is still trying to manipulate to please, and I say that in quotation marks, which seems to be 'the favorite' of the program to clinch the win, is something that I can no more.

last night's Gala of GH VIP could have been a semi-final of height, but not for what. Having reached the quota of hearing that you have reached and having had so much and so much content it is unnecessary to end up doing the wrong things. Again, GH VIP again demonstrated that it is above the good and evil, and that the more controversial, so much better. That you give me, because I answer with the double. Not wanted milk, then takes two cups.

The chaos, the anger, the rage, the hatred and the loss completely of papers and returned to reign in the reality of the hand, again, of Ángel Garó. I start to think that the comedian is believing in the character that has been created for GH VIP and your Mr. Hyde has taken over completely of Doctor Jekyll. The hatred that Garó feels for Vederliss rubs as dementia. It is impossible to stop him and last night came back to show that you can not fall lower because if it falls would be already in the inferno.

last Night Angel Garó was more turned on than ever. He did not like the booing, he did not like the applause, was bothered by the support of viewers of the set, Miriam... Was, as my mother would say, look at me and not touch me. As a pressure cooker about to explode. And ended up bursting.

As Monica Hoyos (by the way, did not I was going to leave the tv?) he explained his relationship with Verdeliss, Garó took the opportunity to launch a new attack against the influencer. Attacks in the GH VIP there are on all days and at all hours of the day, what happens that Garó attacks to the lowest, most dirty, where it hurts most: the children of Verdeliss. What can be more vile? No.

Ángel Garó: "be Careful that you are pregnant and it may annoy the child..."Verdeliss: "Let it out my children, Angel."Angel Garó: "we're Going to see Verdeliss... Do You not you told me to me that for your hobby to have children, for your love, you've done a pregnancy to enter the contest?"Verdeliss: "it's not. In fact when I was told that if I wanted to enter in the GH we had no plan to have a child."Angel Garó: "Let's leave it that I only want the happiness of your family and your children."Jorge Javier: "see, that Angel has said a very strange thing".Verdeliss: "he Has spoken a thing very ugly."Angel Garó: "I don't know how much of the offense."Jorge Javier: "I said to Alvaro, the producer of the Zeppelin, that that is not true,"Angel Garó: Let's see, how am I going to do to repeat what the last program? She confessed that because having seven children is used... because it is a glory of God, but what I don't like is the behaviorism that you do. Let the people see Verdeliss on the Internet!

And it was the same Garó which by your own foot and because it is the resurrection of María Asquerino, who rose and, once again, piró of the set. Do not, do not cast him JJ, and he threw the program, or put the address, it was him because he is very worthy, very star and because it has to be above all god. Although it would have been phenomenal, as was that Aramís Fuster last night not after saying she was going to be a host to Miriam, that the program might have been invited to Garó to leave and not come back. But neither.

There it was Verdeliss, with the damage already done, with an unnecessary damage, with a damage cruel. I left the soul to see the influencer crying and broken by the attack of the Angel to her and her children. It only remains for me to say, so much peace you bring, as a rest stop.

The despicable and infamous spectacle, of the Angel had been standing in the very moment that he appointed, again, to the children of Verdeliss. The that is submitted is her, not his children, and, please, let's leave the kids out of all this. What truth there was no one that could stop him the foot? Do you really see normal that this guy invented an accusation so serious? Do you really that Verdeliss have to go through something like that? Do you really that it is necessary that this lord is follow with so much rage accumulated?

you must be a very bad person to invent that Verdeliss was embaranology to enter in the GH VIP and go scot-free. I understand that the views of Verdeliss, sensible, and with all the respect in the world, to stick like a knife in characters like Angel Garó, Monica Holes or Makoke, but that does not give the right of pernada to anyone for the answer to be an attack towards what she wants most and what hurts most that they are his children. You have to be very little shame. And I leave it here because I I turn on.

The non-accounts receivable Suso

In another order of things, which in this GH never-ending... What is the meaning of last night's semi-final was based on a monograph of outstanding accounts, but only of bills of interest to the program? Why Asraf, who stood at the doors of the great end to be the least voted, had to face Aurah, to Suso, to Omar and our beloved Suso (note the irony) rien de rien? Why Miriam had to go back to give explanations and come back to apologize to Makoke by the bomb that dropped a month ago about Carlos Lozano and the former Kiko Matamoros? Why GH VIP sought to the confrontation between Miriam and The Koala? And What About Suso? Do you and your despicable machismo? And what about his awful videos where you revile the supposed love of his life and women in general? Ah, that's not! Not going to be the much damaged image of the pretty boy to sink deeper into misery.

it seems to Me perfect the program look for emotion and content, especially when the program is in its final stretch, and obviously the contestants that are left no longer give the game that gave you a few weeks ago. Until there all right, and that's great, but that are equitable, that are then equally with a and with others, to show the truth of all, that will show the outstanding accounts of each one of them and not only that GH VIP they are interested in.

thanks be To God that the 24-hour balances and that any follower of the program has seen as Suso said wonderful things like "that's the image you give it, moving her tits and ass like a slut" or "come on, strip, that will penetrate Asraf, you like all that." And I put only two because I am running out of space. But, last night, that's not average.

Asraf, the least voted

yes, time there was, and much, very much, to give conviction to Asraf. Indeed, and as you said Jorge Javier after being the finalist unless voted on and leave the house, their competition has been "false and treacherous", and, of course, I had many outstanding bills. The first with Aurah, the second Omar, the boyfriend of Isa Pantoja, the third with Suso, and sum and follows.

And yes, of course, you could do what I did the program of sit, each with Asraf and that all escupieran all the shit that had accumulated. This is a show and, whether we like it more or like it less, it is what it is. Which is not fair, what is not of receipt is that last night put Asraf in the firing squad hoping that each one will attack with all his armament.

And it is not fair because if you do it with one you have to do it with others. Asraf endured the pull as he could until he announced that it was the least voted and that was not in the final. Asraf broke down and ended up crying. I imagine that by the rage of not getting to the end, but I guess that also for everything that fell over during the three-hour program.

Asraf is faced to a face-to-face with Aurah, anxious to drop everything he had saved since it came out of the house. From everything that the coach World hasbía said behind their backs about it, your contest, your child, etc "you Spoke of the illness of my son, and that he used it to give worth", was one of the many reproaches that fell on him, among many other things. That meant that the pretty boy would put an end to the friendship that I had with Asraf. "I don't like that I said Asraf that I need and that in the confessional Asraf says that he wants to be expelled (...) What I don't understand is that you say that I need it and that you're telling the public that you want to be pire". And Asraf were left without a friend, and Asraf was between the sword and the wall, and Asraf had to face.

Perfect, really, perfect. There is No doubt that Asraf has been the contestant more treacherous than there has been in the house. Has played in all the bands, which suited him, in which he was interested. His strategy was unsustainable because it was caught before a liar than a lame. There are videos, there is the 24 hours, there are three months of Asraf in the house. The problem is that Asraf was not the only one who had outstanding accounts.

The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP. Read more...

how you can explain to Me someone why we did a special issue of the outstanding accounts of Asraf and of Miriam, and of Suso if you have seen I do not agree? And I'm not okay, I say that as Suso is going to come out next week will come the turn then show their insults to Aurah, his insults to Miriam, his aggressiveness, his comings-pot, its rampant machismo, his constant misogyny. No, I'm not okay, because then Miriam would have done the same, but no, Miriam also stirred up the shit with Makoke, but the shit of Suso well tapadita and saved do campaign. Is that I take the devils.

Some of the accounts outstanding to GH we had to pass from Suso are:

"If I don't have a girlfriend is because women don't value for anything, and we only want for the money"."How to clean women!"."What if he says no? Me the fuck the same.""I lie with two aunts and they ended up the two by calling them a bitch and I laughing"."If a guy touches ass of my girl, my girl don't have nothing to do, I have to act I".

With his partner, the only woman who has fallen in love with:

"I Never would have as a girlfriend, as much as 'follamiga', to fuck yes I like to fuck nothing more.""Aurah is half bald. Removed the extensions, and we cagamos. It only has four hairs crazy!"."This is the image you give it, moving her tits and ass like a slut"."Ridiculous".

With its arch-enemy, not so much now, Miriam Saavedra:

"What you are looking for is to stay here to live the story because in your country you do not have where to fall dead.""Daughter of a bitch".Has had a lot of luck. To know what you would be spending now if I hadn't met his ex (Carlos Lozano)"."The throw and put us on to an aunt good".

If with Asraf had to a monograph all night, I don't want to think what they would have had if they were put with the outstanding accounts of Suso. Hey, I'm wrong and the Thursday that comes on the big end comes out all of this and I have to sheathe, but it will be too late because the final is Thursday, and you will not have so much importance or will affect the voting that Suso will see in his apotheosis macho.

Miriam, Makoke and come to the mule, the wheat

Second fight of the night Miriam versus Makoke. And come to the mule to wheat. The contest Miriam has been loaded from outstanding accounts, without a doubt, but again the issue of the mess in the car Makoke and Carlos Lozano is very tiresome. As Monica has already had its round last week, it was not the other, so that all could see that Miriam also had the loaded backpack, what to take to Makoke.

they showed Him the pictures of Carlos Lozano denied the alleged affair from 20 years ago, Miriam remained firm, but unlike others, he returned to apologize, this time, were accepted by Makoke, which as you already know what's out there I didn't want to throw more stones that you already have on your own roof.

Third fight, The Koala against the educadísima Aurah which is so thin that after his confrontation with the agrocantante went with a "eat me cunt, you bastard". It's going to be the hit of this Christmas. ¡Vaya tela! This is a story if we take into account that the pending account of Aurah with The Koala was the machismo of it. Me delivery, and I mondo. Or is that The Koala is the worst thing in the world for their behaviors of machismo, but it was Suso with itself, nor are, nor were they expected to. All very reasonable, yes, sir. Is to piss and not to throw drop.

it Is what you have been doing during all of this editing, the editing of the controversy, the edition that will go down in history by the manipulations that has been, the issue of the tension. What they had so, so easy last night. Simply, they would have shown the outstanding accounts of the four contestants remaining it was all fixed, but it was much better to spot a few and clean up to others. The problem is that they continue without realizing that the audience, the most faithful fans, most fans see T-Or-D-Or and I no longer filter or a.

The Thursday that comes will be the grand final. The Koala, Suso and Miriam play the briefcase with 100,000 euros, but also play to do justice in this GH VIP. And justice is that of once and for all see the reality of all, the good and the bad of all, the dirty and the clean all, not only of who they want to. And that is only in the hands of the audience.

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Date Of Update: 17 December 2018, 20:01

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