GH VIP 'pokes' to Rosa María Mateo and the audience, again: "The suffering that you stop to see it, does us a favor"

The fatal obsession of Monica's Holes: "Nobody's going to let me do anything" The excessive and abusive lynching of GH VIP to Miriam Saavedra GH VIP

GH VIP 'pokes' to Rosa María Mateo and the audience, again:

The fatal obsession of Monica's Holes: "Nobody's going to let me do anything"

The excessive and abusive lynching of GH VIP to Miriam Saavedra

GH VIP and the threat of the conspiracy theories

A paper, Aramís, and a cheater, the new farce that GH VIP can not cover

"you have to keep watching Big Brother VIP as a television program whose only desire is to entertain (...) everyone who suffers with this program that you leave see it because you are going to do you a favor to him and all of us. And, really, that is a decision. You need to decide to be happy". ...And the blows continue to fall.

it is going to be that JJ is right, a lot of audience is angry. The problem is that from GH VIP follow without realizing it, or directly is that they do not want, that the audience is not angry with the program, in fact, the audience loves the program. The audience is tense with as it has shaped this edition, as it has been managed, as has been mangoneado... Like the day that you realize that poking the audience is not going to fix things, the water returns to the river channel.

We, that what he came to say was if you don't like it you know where the door is, but stop giving the pain in the neck that we have to the last hair of the neck. But, honestly, I don't think that is the fault of Jorge Javier Vázquez. He is the visible face, which is exposed, the one that receives the shock and the that gives because it is the one that is in the fore. I am convinced that it has not taken any of the decisions that have led to this state of exaltation with the program.

The audience complains because it is saturated. Is saturated leñazos as of last night, penalties that are ignored, and the controversy that is covered over, of lessons before you give them to them they would have to apply them inside the house, deceit... And that is what decides who's in charge. With all that you have this GH VIP none of the above is missing.

last Night JJ was sown. Partitioned to tow as only he knows how to do it, without fuss, without a voice louder than the other, with the irony, the sarcasm and the arrogance that so well knows how to use. Nothing was left or no one in the pipeline. Those who were on the set, which gave them a good rapapolvo by the boos Monica Hoyos; those who were in their homes, which directly opened the door to leave to see the program; Miriam Saavedra and his curriculum; and a guest of last time, Rosa María Mateo, administrator, provisional only for RTVE. That is to say, that cut the cod into the public.

Rosa María Mateo had a cracked of the good in his appearance on one of the committees of the Congress as the administrator of TVE. Apart from explain how will your management, the journalist did not hesitate to charge against the realities. "As long as I'm sole director interim RTVE I assure you, I swear that there will never be programs of this type (...) there Will be news very serious and plurals".

Fuck, or Vivien Leigh in gone with the wind was. Ahem... for me to go to count on that basing programs such as OT, MasterChef, Masters of the Stitching... Yes, they are talents, but the essence is the same as the realities that lead us to accompany from almost 20 years ago.

it Was the way to justify the low ratings of the public broadcaster. Matthew acknowledged that audiences "do not trace" and that those who back it does this thanks to the reality shows. But, she, in her purity and defense of the high-quality television will never allow that has reality shows on TVE. To God my witness that never, I will issue a reality.

Sends the balls, to put it bluntly. How is that OT is not a reality that you try to plug in a talent of music? What is that MasterChef does not do the same even if you have no live cameras? Yes, that do not bear the unfortunate events that occur in reality pure, but, hey, who is free of sin cast the first stone. When we are more papist than the Pope... and so on.

Yes, the sole director interim of the public body he put his leg up to the hock. Threw stones on his own roof and fell into sin the most ancient of our television: take pests on GH, Survivors, etc., when in reality you are offering virtually the same thing. I'm not surprised that JJ and GH VIP were not very happy with Rosa Maria. And as JJ last night was the night of the release to right and left, as the manager was not going to fight.

That was left over, well look, I have to say that if I had it and I wanted to say, last night was the time. It was the irony with which he always drops the hardest hits, and he did not hesitate a second in hesitation to Rosa Maria, RTVE, and to all those who cling to the argument that reality shows are trashy gossip tv. Reality shows are not trashy gossip tv, reality shows or are well targeted or become trash.

JJ took advantage of one of the connections of the house to release their hit more accurate of the night (the other fell out of mother). Using Miriam Saavedra as a weapon for its purpose (I could have done it from the beginning and do not get to Miriam or to any contestant in their likes and dislikes, their phobias) asked him to send a greeting to Rose Mary Matthew, "that is a fan of reality shows and a great defender of them, can you give a hug? We are going to do a lot of illusion." First hit, straight to the jaw.

Obviously, Miriam was not pajolera idea of who was this Pink Mary, "fan of reality", but as it was "fan of reality", Miriam, who adores the audience, did not hesitate to fulfill the wishes of the presenter. "Rosa María Mateo I send you a hug very strong, to suffer. I send you many kisses", and I swear that at home, alone, sitting in my chair, I couldn't avoid releasing a maleficent smile.

But when JJ puts is puts. To see if they believed Rose Mary that the presenter was going to let you in on a chascarrillo with Miriam, and in an ironic message. "It is already known that if you devote to the television, and do not despise the reality you are nobody. So I send him a kiss to Rosa Maria Mateo (...) I'll send You a bushel of kisses, and of all that we do the reality shows, also of MasterChef". ¡Zasca throughout the mouth! And, sorry, but in part, and, although I don't like your arrogance, JJ is right. RTVE does have reality shows, but it manages much better than Telecinco. They are realities that do not fall in the mud, that doesn't get in puddles, say, reality shows white. But, you have them, they exist and are the ones who give hearing to the public broadcaster.

You can criticize the ways of JJ hesitating to Rosa María, a professional as the cup of a pine tree; it can be criticized that made fun of her, which is mofase, that I would like to put in the same sack that the living of programs such as GH, but, what is certain, is that Rose Mary filled her mouth and she vomited what he should not have vomited.

But here, vomit all, because it's been a night of bile the of Jorge Javier! In addition to warn the audience that the first thing is to be happy and that there is that you continue to watch GH as a program of entertainment, and that doesn't make you happy it is better to stop to see it and so does them a favor to them and to himself, JJ pulled out the whip to walk again.

As for that GH is see as a programme of entertainment there is that to turn it back into a program of entertainment and that, sorry, but it is not in the hands of the audience. GH has always created controversy, always, but what of this issue are not controversial, this issue goes far beyond that. Going with that what was, what was done, what was not already there.

The rules of the game have changed and that we are faithful followers of this we are not liking it. I swear that I do not feel angry, but I don't want to assume that they have fact that GH has lost its essence. 'I do what I want with my hair', it is clear.

During one of the first connections with the house the boos against Monica Hoyos from the set were a constant. Not a filmmaker or heck, the audience that was in the set, it was clear that every time you speak Monica was going to have booing and JJ does not sit well. It turns out that the boos Monica will carry the devils, but the assumptions boos canned against Miriam Saavedra from a few weeks ago, are wonderful and are part of the freedom of expression to the public. To another dog with that bone.

Well, neither short nor lazy, and because, oh, what noses!, gives you the actual win took a good rapapolvo to the spectators who were on the set and asked them not to abuchearan Monica. I also am against booing, but the booing towards all, and more towards those that are a lie. I understand that for a person who does not know what is happening outside and it takes almost three months without any information from the outside to listen to as you barracks should be off-balance enough, and we dont want more imbalances that the quota is already full.

But I also understand that booing or clapping is a part of freedom of expression and who want to do it you can do it without anyone to brake or warn nothing. I don't like that JJ will release to certain contestants and hosts as breads, but I understand that is part of the show, and even give my opinion, I can not ban it nor do I want to.

You can say, as happened last week, that the gibberish that was on-set and not allowed to listen to even the interventions of the contestants, but to say that is not abuchee, well look, are eager twitching to the audience. Then ask you to not be angry and that the one who is angry that you change the channel, as there will be put a light on the part of all not only that they're interested in.

And behold, last night the gala of GH VIP was content to give to take. I don't understand why you had to jump into the void without a parachute or life preserver, I don't understand why you had to provoke, I don't understand why having everything that they're giving the contestants of this edition you have to enter in wars and battles that are absurd that does not lead to anything. Or help the program, or help the audience, or help the presenter has already said some weeks ago it is not going very well with all the tension and excitement that is generating this issue. It seems that you are going the run, we leñe!

Monica Hoyos nominated for the first time

Indeed, last night's gala had it all and for all. Monica Hole has remained to the doors of the end for silly and for pride. His obsession with Miriam and Carlos Lozano has pierced everything and have been. Monica lives in a parallel reality, your reality, and there is not the draw nor with a chisel.

Their clashes with Miriam, now we are four cats in the house, because they do not find support from previous weeks. Suso is literally up to the balls of the two enemy are constantly in an open war that affects all of the house and that prevents even perform weekly test in conditions. Between Suso pissed that the child will drop a toy because the audience will not vote for John Travolta and Monica, who had no wins it and, above all, of having to share conversation with Miriam, the test came down.

Tony, the ejected last night, tried to mediate, but with Monica, and with Miriam it is impossible. The first looks for any loophole to jump, any thing would be better, any gesture of the peruvian, any word is more than enough to mount a tangana of hang on tight and don't menees. The simple fact of trying to reconcile the phrases of the test weeks and listening to Miriam is already more than enough for liarla.

Miriam doesn't help either because Miriam is not by the work, of course, and that if you have to answer answers, and if you have to defend it defends itself, and if you have to scratch spider, no doubt, but the fights between them because they are exhausting. Can not be that Mónica lose all the papers because Miriam will tell you that doesn't want her to target on the phrases that have to say Tony. No, it can't be, but it happens. Can not be that Tony will ask Miriam to try to put a little on your part for the good of all and not happen.

Neither the one nor the other, now, that if I take three months seeing as Monica plant the seed of hatred against me in the rest of the contestants, try and make sure no one relates to me, insults me, invent things, etc, etc, etc, I was going to do my part by Santa Rita. The situation of these two women is impossible to fix and every time you are face-to-face is a bloody war, that neither they, stop, or GH wants you to stop.

however, Monica last night reached its highest point of desquicie. For it is not enough to maintain a constant fight with Miriam, but that's not going to let anyone put him or a but. Last night was Suso, who as I say is to the very of Monica and her obsessions, and this in place to reflect, to think and to calm down and he fell with the man that was in his hand to save her from the nomination. The cagaste... Burt Lancaster.

Monica was faced with Suso, because Monica is totally mad and was left without her long-awaited end. For the first time in this edition Monica is nominated along with Miriam and The Koala, and we all know how you are going to finish this thing... with Monica in the street next Thursday, and with the absurdities of this GH in the end. You must be very fucked up to see come up here and in the last nomination of the exiting program nominated and saber that it is going to go to the street is she, a lot to ask for the mirrors of the house that the people will support it. You must be very ropey.

Suso and Asraf, finalists

Yes, Suso, one of the contestants most controversial for his macho attitude and his cockiness, is coupled to Asraf finalist of this edition. And it is because he has never been nominated, because their peers will never have been placed in the fore, because the program has known how to remedy the cagadas of former Women and Men and vice Versa, because he has known how to warn you how centrarle, how do you come about until the end. It is not in the end because you've made a good contest, is in the final because they have created the luck that is.

The dream final was Tony, Miriam and The Koala, but the traps Asraf I took it from. I'm going to make a case to JJ, I'm not going to upset you and so I will continue to watch the program... Or no, better not, I better go do what will give me the real win, as do they.

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Date Of Update: 03 December 2018, 20:02

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