Heart leaf-stories: behave yourself, you Bagel!

the one Who is in pain, goes into the Studio. Art connoisseurs choose the tattoo Studio, friends, the torment of the soul attracts it to Maybrit Illner to the T

Heart leaf-stories: behave yourself, you Bagel!

the one Who is in pain, goes into the Studio. Art connoisseurs choose the tattoo Studio, friends, the torment of the soul attracts it to Maybrit Illner to the TV Studio, supporters of corporal punishment opt for the BDSM-Studio (in Berlin opened now, despite the Corona, because the clientele already wears a mask). Also Yasmina Filali and Thomas Helmer surrender to the delights of physical punishment, however, not in the paint-and-leather ambience, but in the characters of the Lotus flower.

Sascha Zoske

sheet-makers in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

the "Colourful" tell on the big Couple-Interview, the beauty blogger and professional football player a. D. likes to have two of the Thai Massage, to see the woman Filali also a kind of passive aggression therapy seems to be: "He always has to be the therapist, he ,the murderer,' was baptized. I love to watch her as she turns his neck 180 degrees – and I think to myself, how beautiful, then I don't have to do that.“

"Richard Gere is like a brick wall"

The demand of the "Colorful" if you love your man, answered his suffering comrade in Radio-Yerevan-style, not without adding that to the list of things that you would submit to your Thomas were bothering her, "from Hamburg to Poland". Mr Helmer, in turn, as a "total harmony of man," which speaks, in view of the fact that the marriage of the two is now already 15 years, for a pain tolerance of job's dimensions.

Not long along with Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis have it, in their hatred love the "New leaf" in his from the summer hole fished Collage "of These dream couples could not smell," reminded keep. The Bon MOT of Mr. Curtis about his short-term partner ("The Monroe kiss – that was how Adolf Hitler kiss") we knew already; the new was the us, felt what comparison, Debra Winger of her Co-Star in "an officer and A Gentleman" inspired by: "Richard Gere is like a brick wall."

The disgust of partners

More like the walls of Fort Knox, the emotional barriers between a Couple of the "Colorful" has recognized the peace researcher Friedrich Glasl are thick: "From stage to stage the conflicts harden further. It's polarizing, Black-and-White-Thinking ... At the end, to argue over everything, looking for allies, to the disgust of partners finally get rid of.“ Are not meant by Donald Trump and Angela Merkel, but Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the poking around just in front of the High Court in London in the ashes of your marriage-hell. On the Glasl's relationship escalation scale they have achieved the grades seven to nine, the "limited Destruction, fragmentation, and the common way in the abyss" cover.

Blessed be the Providence which has prevented the nightmare begat some Depp/Heard during his 15 months of misalliance is also still young. Probably Mister Depp had already lost when you try to agree with the mother on a name for the child, and a further fingertip. Between Usain Bolt and his girlfriend Kasi Bennett gave it to the "Colorful", according to no discussions. It was clear, as the newborn daughter of the fastest man in the world and eight-times gold medal winner hot must-see: Olympic Lightning.

To the young Miss in her first 100-Meter Bolt wins a race, it will take, and until then, a well-known double-first name fills reliably the headlines: Ernst August. Time sensitive ("tragedy", "woman in the mirror"), sometimes male ("the nuthouse", "In") commented on the press, the recent collision of the Guelph princes with Austrian security forces, the for him in a psychiatric hospital ended. While the custodians of law and order Lord of Hannover accused of highly-aggressive behaviour, which had culminated in the threat of the officers with a knife grinder, see Ernst August as a victim of state brutality. A police officer, he complains, according to the "Kronen Zeitung", I slapped him in the face: "I've probably punched back. I was so amazed. So an impudent lout.“

Date Of Update: 26 July 2020, 09:19

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