Holiday in Croatia, in spite of Corona: travel tips, resorts and beaches - view

"Bok" it echoes in here, "Bok" it echoes in there. We are in the beautiful Zagreb and stand in front of the "Barbie"of the Church. The Locals call the Kat

Holiday in Croatia, in spite of Corona: travel tips, resorts and beaches - view

"Bok" it echoes in here, "Bok" it echoes in there. We are in the beautiful Zagreb and stand in front of the "Barbie"of the Church. The Locals call the Katharina Church, your candy-colored interiors due to. It seems that here, in the only million city in Croatia, everyone knows each other.

"Bok" let us explain, is a shortening of the bloater, the Austrian reverence. And we are in the middle of the amazing Mix between the Imperial and Royal monarchy (among others represented by strudel), casual Italian, great tädtischen basement Jazz à la parisienne, and a last wistful touch of nostalgia.

Croatia is blessed with natural beauties

of Croatia on the Eastern Adriatic coast is what it was: a pearl. The coast is almost 1800 kilometers long. From the crystal-clear water protrude 1185 Islands. Croatia had in the last few years, a meteoric rise hung. The Balkan state on the rugged Adriatic coast is the big winner of the tourism crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. 8.4 million visitors to the country in 2016, recorded – more than ever before.

Croatia's Boom is easy to explain: there is Hardly anywhere stunning coastal landscapes, bays and ancient are small towns so close to each other as in Hrvatska. Particularly impressive in terms of diversity, the Region of Dalmatia is in the southwest of the country, home to the famous Dalmatian dogs.

A perfect day in Dubrovnik

A popular tourist destination, Croatia's Dubrovnik has always been. But then Game of Thrones came up. The port city, nestled between the Adriatic sea and the Dinaric Alps, is one of the hottest destinations for city trips of the Swiss. The entire city belongs to the world cultural heritage of Unesco.


diversity of nature

read more Who is thinking now only of beaches and seaside resorts, doesn't know everything: deep green, water, national parks, rich as we are used to more of Northern Europe – a surprise to share with the visitors all over the country. The small country consists not only of the beach. In the densely forested mountains, which are reminiscent of Scandinavia, are still bears and wolves at home. But not only the mountains evoke memories of other places: There are villages that could be in the Alps; the pasture, as you will see in Ireland; hills with medieval castles and fortresses, such as are found in France and Austria; and cities with a Mediterranean Flair, such as Split. Croatia is very multicultural. However, it is self-contained and don't want to be compared.

island hopping in Croatia

The Croatian Islands of Brac, Hvar and Vis curls, with beautiful nature and exciting sports offered to remain always in the Mediterranean, relaxed.


the Culinary diversity in Croatia

read The fine, small country living again to a good part of the tourism. The friendly and hospitable people to maintain their visitors a warm contact. The Hotels are new or lovingly restored. In short, Croatia is an ideal country for Travel, and not far away from Switzerland.

the Croatian cuisine is a European Mix: In Dalmatia influences of Italy, to make itself strongly felt (also in an accumulation of more or less good pizzerias), and elsewhere – in the Northern part has more of the Puszta-cuisine of Hungary, the Say.

Not that you can accuse us now, we have the increasingly popular reduced at the end of the holiday land to its historically-related influences from all over the world. It is present, the typical Croatian. And, for example, in Slunj, where the river Slunjčica in beautiful cascades and water cases, leads through the historic core. Picturesque wooden houses, and water mills can dream of times gone by. Just as the unique sea organ and "the greeting to the sun" in Zadar.

it is Also completely independent and of the highest quality, what comes to the curious tourists to glass-Various Beers, including Velebitsko, the munden thanks to the cleanest mountain water is so good that(s) deserve a second, third glass.

wines such as the delicious White of the Istarska-Malvasia-grape and big Red made from the grape variety Plavac Mali, which has made as Croatian Export in California under the name of Zinfandel career. So appropriately closes the circle: Croatia has written a history of the world – and, at least, the wine country, the USA lives by him.

holiday in Croatia, according to Corona-KriseDas heavily dependent on tourism, the country on the Adriatic coast with its long, Bay, coast and the many Islands of the rich is pushing for the Opening up of the European borders. It is preceded by one's own example: Since 9. May be allowed to enter the country, foreigners who have an accommodation booking, no corona test, and without any quarantine requirements.The same is true for foreigners traveling on business to travel to a funeral or a property or a boat in Croatia have. The authorities are also working on new rules to large gatherings of people to avoid on the beaches. Fly to Corona: The most important rules at Zurich airport

holiday abroad, in spite of Corona possible. You need to know if you are departing from Zurich airport.

travel tips

"Etnoland Dalmati" is a glimpse of how the Croatian people lived 100 years ago. It is served Authentic: prosciutto from Drniš, fine wines and a self-burned Travarica (herbal brandy).

world exclusive: The sea organ
In Zadar, were sunk under the sea level is 35 tubes. Through the waves-movements, tones are generated with different height, reminiscent of whale songs, or Didgeridoo music. Right next to a value to see the game light.

Croatia has eight national parks. Two, which is essential in planning your trip: Plitvička Jezera (Plitvice lakes) and Krka.

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