Holidays in Germany to the Corona: The Romantic road - view

it is the most popular holiday road in Germany: The Romantic road, attracts oodles of tourists. In doing so, you can be on the bike, with the bike or even on fo

Holidays in Germany to the Corona: The Romantic road - view

it is the most popular holiday road in Germany: The Romantic road, attracts oodles of tourists. In doing so, you can be on the bike, with the bike or even on foot to explore. Who wants to take it rather cozy, goes with the car.

The road extends to approximately 413 kilometres from Würzburg to Füssen. Along the way you will find picturesque towns with cobble-stoned Old towns and diverse natural landscapes. The Route takes you past the romantic castles and old city walls.

1. Würzburg

let's go in the lower Franconian town of Würzburg with its Baroque Residenz, the castle, the Magnificence of Versailles is modeled after. The building is one of the most important castles in Europe and is a Unesco world heritage site. The well-known fortress Marienburg castle is well worth a visit. It rises on a hill above the city and is one of the most famous sights of würzburg.

2. Weikersheim

one of the big Highlights on the Route, the castle of Weikersheim in Main-Tauber-Kreis is. The Baroque Palace gardens of the Renaissance building invites to extended walks. It was created after the model of Versailles in Paris.

3. Rothenburg Ob der Tauber

another attraction along the Romantic road to the romantic town of Rothenburg. The city is characterised by medieval buildings and colourful half-timbered houses. In the Empire city Museum to find out more about the history of the city in middle Franconia.

4. Dinkelsbühl

The small town of about 12'000 inhabitants, has to offer a special Highlight: The old town is considered to be one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Germany and is since 14. A century of a closed fortress surrounded. At around two and a half kilometres, the great wall winds itself around the Village. With their 18 towers and great gates, it is a real eye-catcher. The Münster St. Georg, the city's landmark watch:.

5. Nördlingen

On the way from Nördlingen to Donauwörth you can schedule a Stop at the castle of Harburg. The impressive building is one of the oldest and largest castles in Germany and dates back to the 11./12. Century.

In Nördlingen arrived, there is a lot to discover. The old town is surrounded by a completely preserved city wall with walk-in ramparts and 16 towers, two bastions and five gates. Another Highlight: From the Church tower Daniel of the Church of St. George, the you climb about 360 steps, you have a good view of the Nördlinger Ries. The natural space was created by a meteorite impact about 14 million years ago.

6. Donauwörth

in Donauwörth description the Empire street in the middle of the Romantic road forms. It is one of the most beautiful streets of Bavaria. What you should look at in the foreseeable locality: the Holy cross monastery, the Cathedral of our lady and the Käthe-Kruse-Museum.

7. Augsburg

Due to the Size of the city you should schedule in Augsburg necessarily a little more time. The Swabian metropolis is one of Germany's oldest cities and was founded about 2000 years ago by the Roman Emperor Augustus. On the magnificent Maximilian street, the luster is full time from then empathize. Also the town hall with its Golden hall beckons with swank. A trip to the Perlach tower of the imposing St. Mary's Cathedral you should also embed. In addition, the city has a long beer tradition until far into the middle ages. Even today, there are in the old town, many of the Breweries that are worth to visit.

8. Landsberg am Lech

Romantic on the river Lech is located, attracts Landsberg with a 850-year history in the beautiful old town, which is adorned by several magnificent buildings. The well-preserved city wall around it winds its way about. A Highlight: the Bayertor! It is one of the most beautiful Torah is in the South of Germany.

9. Schwangau

by far The most famous destination on the Romantic road, Neuschwanstein castle near Schwangau. A magnificent castle, which was according to the plans built by king Ludwig II. Every day the attraction of Thousands of tourists from all over the world visit. So if you want to go through the chambers of the medieval construction, then you will need to bring a lot of time. But also from the outside, the sight of Neuschwanstein is impressive.

10. Feet

in The end Füssen, in southern Bavaria. The town offers a romantic old town with winding streets to Stroll. Imposing churches, rows of colorful houses. And who has the time and inclination for a trip in the nature, for the feet offers the perfect starting point for numerous hikes in the Alps.

holiday in Germany, in spite of CoronavirusAm 16. March has introduced in Germany for Entering Switzerland border controls, between Kreuzlingen and Konstanz, a fence separated later even the two countries. This was reduced again.Nevertheless, the border crossing is currently only allowed if you can show a reason for the visit, such as visiting family members. The German foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, was most confident that the existing travel warning at least for the EU in mid-June pickup. According to the Federal councillor Karin Keller-Sutter to this question with the German authorities, in a lively exchange.The Swiss border to Germany to 15 from the. June re-open. Fly to Corona: The most important rules at Zurich airport

holiday abroad, in spite of Corona possible. You need to know if you are departing from Zurich airport.

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