Jorge Javier Vazquez vs GH VIP: "OR changes, or has no place on television"

The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP The 'chips' sexist of Suso in the GH VIP Angel Garó charge against Big Brother and accuses them of ma

Jorge Javier Vazquez vs GH VIP:

The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP

The 'chips' sexist of Suso in the GH VIP

Angel Garó charge against Big Brother and accuses them of manipulating videos

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Jorge Javier Vázquez has seen the ears of the wolf. As a presenter of GH VIP, obviously, is never going to go against the program or the decisions in it are taken, but, as that is not silent with no one, with the 'reality' either. The serious machismo of Suso has been a turning point in an audience tired of the ins and outs of this edition. Never before had consented to, permitted and protected, or behaviors, or contestants as Suso. Never before had 'covered' such a serious problem.

The mild warning of last Sunday's Super the contestant that asked for respect, and reminded him that a program like GH VIP can not show "lack of respect" as the ex-Men, Women and vice versa is having, and the visit of his mother to warn her of the that I was bundling out for their "comments very ugly" (there are people called as well) were not enough. And they were not because the followers of the 'reality', have lived through many, and know that at any other time Suso would already be in your house and with the doors of Telecinco closed.

Now, no, better said, with Suso, not. Suso has been the turning point of the 'reality'. What before had been cut, and sentenced without hesitation, without compunction. What has been released by your mouth and the attitudes that you've had the kid are more than deserving of punishment and treatment.

But GH has preferred to protect you, has preferred to tell you, has preferred to keep him in the house to see if it changes, has preferred to ignore the audience, has preferred to cover up and soften so you should not have space on any television.

Jorge And Javier knows it. Although appreciates to Suso, though a part of his farm, although he warned of the arduous contest he was doing, even though you have been protected, JJ can't hide what is happening in this sixth edition. Or hidden or shared. You can critique many things, but that's to shut up, not like that. And as much as the program wanted to minimize a serious problem (because this guy is a serious problem) the presenter has given the lesson that Suso should hear, but should listen to the outside, and that the program should be put in place, but no.

Yes, late; yes, in hindsight; yes, by the pressure of the audience; yes, insufficient; yes, in passing and without too many pretensions, but, finally, someone has said what they could not continue to do so. That a lot more is expected, of course, but if last night in the GH VIP: Limit 48 hours it had become to ignore the machismo of Suso, there would be no hope.

A lesson that contradicts what is doing the program, an inconsistency in any rule. If so of course you have JJ that Suso should change to the expected future very black, and has the hope of change with the help of psychologists, what noses do inside the house? If the presenter is aware that the behavior of this child requires the help of a professional who will make him see that what he is doing is wrong, why not take you out of the house?

"When you leave what you are going to find it much, much worse than what was found in the GH 16. It is much, much worse because the society in a very short time has changed so much. And he is going to find on a very important point: or makes a radical change or it's not going to be able to return to work. I am confident that people can change and I hope that someone is responsible for this, with psychologists (...) To the people to explain to him that you can't show yourself as well and to behave well, and I am convinced that you can change. And if not, you have a huge problem and has no place on television". Word of JJ, who is to give him the reason when you have it, and last night, more reason than a saint.

The problem is that as much as JJ says truths as temples, the program keeps in its thirteen to let her in the house and there are still those who does not doubt in his defense: that Suso says those things, but that is not said with malice, that the loose and then repents, that have been doing it since he was little and has always said, that is a stupid kid and that's why it behaves like this.

No, gentlemen do not. This has nothing to do with that is either a stupid kid or you say it from small or with that then repent. Sounds like 'is he has asked of me forgiveness', 'is that he can't help it', 'is that he is like that', 'is that needs to mature'. This should also stop it.

"I'm sorry, but I do not worth of stupid kid. With all of the tools that we have now to learn and improve, that is not a justification". Indeed, the behavior of Suso has no justification whatsoever, has no place in the current society, and if you do not have a place in our society why the have to have in a television program, why if they know and are aware of that this boy needs help, do not give it, why not offer to leave and give you the opportunity to change. It is a nonsense to give lessons and then do the opposite.

I will Not deny that the warning of the Super and the visit of his mother of something you have been served. But as he said last night Sofia Suescun if your attitude to something has changed it is not because he believes that what he is doing is wrong, but because he has seen his mother worried and because he knows what awaits him outside. Has not changed, nor is being contained (to see how long it lasts) because you have taken conscience of the problem that you have, but because you don't want to see so that his mother and does not want to go out and meet the world.

JJ knows that what Suso has shown in the GH VIP you are going to spend invoice. You know, because that JJ knows so much, that the bad image that has been projected can not keep on tv, by a lot of Telecinco that, and if so clear what is why do nothing? What is that the address does not share the words of JJ? What is worth more to keep a character for a long game that gives that help you? Is that because there is no consistency? How is that everything has a price?

What wonderful, amazing and fantastic would be that now the program will listen to your "boatman" (as he called Angel Garó) and take the decision, as much as you believe that you can lose, that help to Suso. It is more the damage we are doing to this guy to keep you in the house and the damage the program is doing to himself, that the revenue that they can make both others.

I think that the lesson I gave last night JJ, although soft, was a warning to sailors. For Suso, but also for the program. If now has no place on tv, I don't know what in the hell does in the GH VIP. His attitude, however much you now try to contain yourself, it is intrinsic to him.

that Is to say, at any time, for any thing, it will explode, and more with the psychological pressure to which I subjected the house. Then, when that happens, I hope that the program to make the case to your presenter, and once and for all to do what had to be done for many days.

I Am of the believe that, as a JJ, that all the world can change. Suso has the opportunity to change if he is offered and accepts the help that you need, and the program can also. Not only is Suso the culprit of what is happening, it also allows. The opportunity to have and (I know, I am very silly) I have hope that things can change. Listen to the boatman, escúchenle.

And is that last night JJ was sown. Not only with your argument about Suso, but also with Ángel Garó. An Angel Garó that starts to show its true self. Fake as a currency of five euros, the comedian dodge the blows of the house with lies, falsehoods and histerismos.

You have removed the power of the kitchen, we have sung the 40 (incredibly Asraf) and no longer is untouchable inside the house, causing an outburst of that make time. Because Angel takes those letters on the sleeve. It is thought that the more chickens mount, more indignant display, or more spit to the side, the more benefited you will leave.

last Thursday when he saved Verdeliss of the nomination and placed it in his place to Darek knew that he was going to roll-your-own brown, pardísima, but he already had the play to be rehearsed. Decided to spit to j. J., assuring their peers that the presenter he had been forced to save one and condemn another. It has been lying all these days accusing JJ of a decision that took him because he was interested in and because he was in all his right to be the head of the house. But Angel wanted to jump on the tsunami, and the tsunami he was caught.

"Jorge Javier told me that he had the power dand nominate and I didn't want to nominate anyone, but he told me that he had to vote. And now my classmates tell me that it was optional (...) live Jorge Javier I'm going to tell the truths of the boatman. I want to know if is it mandatory or can I change what I want and if you do not respect me I dont want to be the pawn of a circus." And he himself mounted his film.

But JJ last night did not have his own pa' noises and put Angel on your site: "Angel, I think that we need to clarify something that happened on Thursday". Because "here's the ferryman". It seemed like Remedios Amaya looking at handling your boat. Then Angel did caquita literally, and I'm going to sing the 40 passed to the 'is that I thought, is that I thought, is that...'

"You said immediately that you wanted to save Verdeliss. In what I insisted on is that since you have chosen to Verdeliss you'd have to put another person," he explained to JJ the showman for if he had not been crystal clear after six weeks of competition. "You have the option of not using your power, but in no time I asked if it was mandatory. Had you used the power without hesitation to save Verdeliss and you had to get someone". And ball point. Now you're going and back. Yes of chivarse to Verdeliss or media, what more if they skip the rules. Here, the case is that all of you do what comes out of the bolus.

Although the bolus start to get tired. Has cost, it has cost blood, sweat and tears, but finally someone has had the decency to say the serious problem that Suso has and read the riot act, if only to one. Six weeks of listening to insults, six weeks seeing nefarious behaviors, six weeks denigrating the women of the house, there are too many weeks. Better late than never, although it's said to the fact there is a stretch and we all know that words are carried by the wind.

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