Life with Corona: The mask teaches us humility

Two beautiful masks-moments: On Herrenchiemsee Markus Söder, the seems to be with Bavaria rhombus in front of the face for months, connate held for Angela Merke

Life with Corona: The mask teaches us humility

Two beautiful masks-moments: On Herrenchiemsee Markus Söder, the seems to be with Bavaria rhombus in front of the face for months, connate held for Angela Merkel during their visit of three masks, with the Bavarian, German and European flag patterns. The Chancellor, who is not known, with outward vanities to stop, remained, meanwhile, once on your own, with the Logo of the German EU presidency. In London, in turn, could Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the Libel trial against the newspaper "Sun" day in front of the High Court with towels in front of the face scan, he is always in Black with a Paisley pattern, mostly with a in Red with bright points.

mask is not mask is the same. The obligation to Wear a mouth-nose cover also relates to the understanding of self-representation. The have experienced in the past few months, people with a Protestant relation to one's own appearance to maintain. The First thing that takes the Opposite true, is a heart on cotton fabric, a gingham, a plain-coloured surface, FFP1 or FFP2. You sweat under it. One rants about them. You are looking for it constantly.

Because, of course, the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection is useful. The is without If and But, and those who do not belong to any risk group, be able to be lucky to be allowed to wear them, because it means that you are on the road and among people, and the summer can enjoy. Since the policy can be discussed in Germany as in the past few days about possible loosening of the mask obligation in the trade. Whether, then, really, more people went shopping, is questionable. According to the latest survey of the Cosmo study, for example, the University of Erfurt and the Robert Koch-Institute, participate in, 75 percent of the respondents for retaining the mask duty in shops, and just 18 percent opposed it.

there is No right to convenience

summer under the mask so. Masking as part of the staging, in moments, there's still an opportunity. As weddings and Baptisms are now celebrated only in the smaller circle. It accounts for: the summer of receptions and Team Events from the employer, large birthday parties, daycare parties. No Proms in the past month, no exuberant enrolment celebrations in the next. No Public Viewing, no Oktoberfest. In the Event society draws between may and September, usually all of the registers limits the scope for self-representation is already strong. But man is a social being, even if the Corona-parties to prove in the context of this day also the opposite. He wants to present, compare, and groups belong, also time away from Instagram and Tiktok. This is due to the temperature at no time better than summer. In the Parks and on the river banks of the large cities a sometimes surprising picture: linen trousers to shoes with leather soles, and dresses in leisure, shows itself now, in a fashionable way.

Hoodies, Leggings and Flip-Flops are, of course, still there. But the right to convenience, which took place in the past summer months, in those moments of application, since one had his peace and quiet from the many dates, has lost according to the time restrictions and the home office months ago when the laxeste dress code to be in force was set to be of importance.

remain If the week free, then even the visit to the mother-in-law on the other hand, to the Event and stylize. The wardrobe on the occasion of the fashion of the festivals of past years is to look at the opportunity as an expression of the desire for return to normalcy to. A, of the a in the are aware of that it is marked by many special moments.

The mask is not a status symbol

The mouth-nose protection, we can't get rid of it for the time being. If after a certain wearing time dry out the lips and the chin and cheeks begin to burn, when the air is bad, then this is a good time to call in a reminder of how naive we can't handle, it is only since the beginning of the pandemic, with the theme clothes. The veil is Overlapped in many Islamic countries, women are not only a Symbol of faith, but also a means of protection. And neither in the enggeschnürten corset under the cylinder, the props that have accompanied man through the centuries, will be the existence more pleasant than with a mask in front of the mouth. Yes, even the tie forced in this country is more or less history.

Date Of Update: 18 July 2020, 09:19

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