Loop, the best video art in the room

The devastating analysis of the masculinity of Núria Güell, the discovery of the australian Derek Kreckler, the setting sun infinite of Andrea Galvani... All on

Loop, the best video art in the room

The devastating analysis of the masculinity of Núria Güell, the discovery of the australian Derek Kreckler, the setting sun infinite of Andrea Galvani... All on video, in a Loop

In the room 101, a prostitute talks about her customers:"They like to put themselves in a position of power who would not normally have". Not see the face, or to her or to the other. But among all -prostitutes road and autonomous in their own homes - analyse the concept of masculinity, and tell how, in the clubs, predominantly the premature ejaculators (which, however, hasten the time that you have paid because their friends await them down), or how the older hardware can support more young people (perhaps "for all these pills to take"). The artist Núria Güell, sitting in front of the screen, in the room of the Gallery DNA, turns to watch his breathtaking video Of sluts.An essay on masculinity, which he presented at the Musac of León, and is one of the more interesting parts of the fair of video art Loop.

"After talking with them, I realized that all coincided in the same reflections. And that man is in a very vulnerable position. As a woman you realize that the term masculinity is very so gelding and that sometimes you, yourself, have also contributed to it as well", says Guell. Your piece lasts one hour and is divided into chapters as Ego, or dominant Male, concepts that analyze the own professionals, contacted via the web lapasion.com and to those who paid for their time, the same fee as a client.

Room 103: the gallery berlin Jarvis Dooney presents the work of the australian Derek Kreckler (and the most expensive piece of the fair:50,000 euros for a copy in 8 mm Bicycle Race, a performance made in the early 70's). "You could say that it is a historical work of video art. Kreckler is a artist very little known in Europe, but a benchmark in Australia," notes Michael Dooney, director of the gallery.

Room 213: the Vanguard Gallery in Shanghai the work of the artist taiwanese Tang Chao. CARLOS COLLADO

Another performace most current: a choreography real in the Central Station of Utrecht, although the majority of passengers will not be realized. How can we know the dancer from the dance? Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen reconstructs the performance that took place over a year and a half, in working days: four dancers coreografiaban at the same time daily gestures from the crowd, like looking at a screen or talking on the phone. Some passers-by what they recorded with their smart phones and posted on the internet: that found foutage is the material of the video which shows you the gallery tegenboschvanvreden of Amsterdam.

at The end of the corridor, in the 113, the london-based The RYDERProjects has brought a column of concrete, almost a monolith, about which you've placed the computer the more little Apple:video of a sun at sunset it almost looks like a picture postcard. But no:during three minutes, the sun never arrives to getting on the sea. What a poetic sunset infinite? The artist Andrea Galvani chased the sun to board a supersonic airplane F18. "In all his work, Galvani always mixing science and art, working with mathematicians, physicists, engineers... And more works are expeditions, adventures," explains the director of the gallery the RYDERProjects, Pati Lara, a Catalan living in London that in 2015 opened this alternative space dedicated to the performing arts.

We are on the 1st floor, but there are two other. In the hallways, journalists and gallery owners ask with a smile:"did You see The Curator?". It is the touch of humor and criticism, in the format trailer of Hollywood:a guy will either become the curator of art, as if it were a movie of Sacha Baron Cohen. Hilarious questioning of the establishment of the contemporary art by Shahar Marcus, who has already won a prize Loop Discover. It is in the 307, at the Braverman Gallery.

to Summarize Loop is difficult. Perhaps the best image is of the gallery RocioSantaCruz:to get to room 202 you have to enter the 201 of the gallery Path (where it sounds sacred music in a baroque church and the parishioners, rather than cater to the mass, are engrossed in their phones, framed in the light of the screen:this is the Talking to God, Glenda León). After entering in the 201 we crossed the bathroom, an architectural metaphor for what is expected after:red Sun by Lois Patiño. Rocío Santa Cruz invites the visitor to sit, to lie down on the Queen Size bed. And it is like floating in the middle of the ocean next to a diver surrounded by fish, looking up toward the surface, toward the red sun that turns to liquid and it looks like another floating body. This is Loop:a total immersion in the video.

The antithesis of the fairs classic

Loop is the antithesis of the big fairs.Yesa is the key to its success:a space intimate, almost domestic. In a time in which the format of the fair is more questioned than ever, the Loop is reconfirmed and reinvents itself, true to its DNA. "What distinguishes Loop is that you do not feel the stress common of the other fairs: you have time to speak with artists, gallery owners and collectors, is conducive to meetings. Nor is it obvious to sell videos," explained yesterday the gallery owner, Dutch Ron Commanders, who brings 15 years betting on Loop. In its 16th edition, the fair has taken a leap in scale and quality occupying all of the Hotel's Almanac: 42 galleries (30 european, 6 Spanish and 8 asian), with 22 artists men and 20 women. At least half of the galleries are able to sell their pieces and even exhausting their limited editions. One more year, Loop has established himself as the reference of the video.

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Date Of Update: 27 November 2018, 08:00