Lorenzo Silva: "Màxim Huerta was wrong. I, too, know the pitfalls, but pay a 53% tax"

If the columnist is a reporter tired (Raul del Pozo), there are times in which the writer puts on the boots, the tireless journalist. I know Lorenzo Silva (Ma

Lorenzo Silva:

If the columnist is a reporter tired (Raul del Pozo), there are times in which the writer puts on the boots, the tireless journalist.

I know Lorenzo Silva (Madrid, 1966), a novelist of a long drink that likes to do legs on a weekly basis in a handful of folios.

The gymnastics that we say is in his last book, out There (the Destination), where the author collects several of his best journalistic work, most of them published in THE WORLD.

Already. You know who has written dozens of works, that has given life to the novel black Spanish with Bevilacqua and Chamorro, which has a Planet... But there is a biography of substance if not of Carabanchel and Atletico Madrid.

In the wilderness areas of the maps medieval, there was the legend: "from here, monsters." What were yours?I was a kid in the 70s in the outskirts of Madrid. He had heroin, people who will put a syringe, and you asked for money... That was the fear. One particular. The monsters are now more invisible, less predictable, attack you in your home and on your mobile [catch it]... 'out There' is journalism that speaks of wounds. What are there where there is a wound there is a story to tell?Yes. Because the wounds offer a challenge to the one that suffers, the one who causes and the observed. Above all, challenge the injury irreparable, as the death. You challenges Ricardo Couso [the book includes a story with his story], to whose father he killed ETAde six shots in front of him. You challenges the situation of women in Afghanistan [in the book], like that girl who came close to dying to the hospital of Herat, in the face of indifference of his family, and, when asked, she took two months dying. Because he had already done more, they were not able to sell, and his life was worth nothing. What journalism are you interested in?The looking for the story where I think it is. In the paradox. In the out-of-focus: in the spotlight is the advertising, not the news... I saturated it to be politically incorrect. The other day they told me, as a complaint: "Is that you are not politically incorrect"... and What of the impropriety is the last pamema that we've swallowed. Who is wrong? Do Echenique talking to yours? Does any guru of the right who does the same? To me that is saying: "Look how thug I am". With 25 years worth. Now... why did you leave comment on Twitter?For personal hygiene. Since I don't, my life has improved a lot. The problem with 100,000 followers was that what I was interested in the conversation, disappeared and only left the pim-pam-pum, in which I was both a victim and I was invited to be a shooter. And I don't want to be the duck or the shooter. What was most unlikely to have said of you in the networks?Memorable things. It was when I offered the opinion on Catalonia, a place that interested me because it is a very important part of Spain, I lived there and I am married to a Catalan. A kid indoctrinated in the pro-independence called me "cock old". I said to myself: "what Already? What about the 50?". Another man: "I have a book of his on the bedside table and it makes me want to vomit." I told her not to pull, that will donate to a library. The next day he sent me a photo: my book, on the shelf of a library of your city... is There a embridar the internet?There is that embridar the internet for everything. One thing is the individual freedom and the other is the freedom of mega-corporations, opaque with economic interests, very powerful that collide with individual rights. To see if saying that we the first thing we're going to be defending in reality the second. What Villarejo is a character from a novel?Villarejo represents something that I do not like. The history of Spain is full of public servants specimens that perished shot accused of being a criminal. That such a story full of server copies to see how this man has received awards, sabbaticals and medals beneficiaries... What is the worst thing that could have recorded?I am very big mouths. Once, in the coffee machine, I breathed: "So, this Saturday we have the boring wedding this one [a female colleague]". When the girl behind me. That's who I am. As Rajoy when he said: "Go pain in the neck parade", that the story is very human. How he saw the resignation of the minister Màxim Huerta?I appreciate Maxim, is good people. But Maxim was wrong. When you make a mistake as well, you can't keep in a site in which you ask for in an exemplary manner. I have spent years paying for the 53% to the state Treasury. I have entered in the Treasury a sum of seven digits that is far superior to the one that I've managed to save for my family with my work. I am a tax consultant, I know the pitfalls, but I have not wanted to do. What the latest stupidity has done?Participate for two months in a round of television. How is that?To me have taught me to listen to others. That interrupt you the 14 seconds of starting to talk...

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Date Of Update: 25 November 2018, 20:01

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