Marc Ros (Sidonie): "The main advantage of Sidonie is friendship and some good songs"

they were First Red, and after Dragonfly, a title that would be for your first job in the beep Beep version of the Beautiful stranger Madonna included. Their so

Marc Ros (Sidonie):

they were First Red, and after Dragonfly, a title that would be for your first job in the beep Beep version of the Beautiful stranger Madonna included. Their sound has evolved from the pop rock of the nineties with which you opened step in the national market, with puffs of air psychedelic, touches of indian music and first steps electronic. For a song of Brigitte Bardot, eventually presenting as Sidonie.

Coinciding with its 20 anniversary, the trio Catalan and held himself fresh and energetic. Next Saturday, the scale of the tour at the Palau of Music of Valencia. Although that yes, with back pain, Marc Ros, the lead singer of the band from barcelona.

"we're very happy, but also crushed physically. Now we work more than twenty years ago, no doubt. This is a result of the success:call us, we will... very happy, but right now I have a tendinitis that I was not removed, and a mental and physical exhaustion very important."

more will Come years bad and will make us more blind, said Sánchez Ferlosio. Are you sure? Because this is already quite annoying. Well, we will confront what it comes. What was the first headache for the band?I remember in the publication of The Fluid García we risk not to continue on the path of Fire, which allowed us to appear in radiofórmulas, we did attract a lot of new public, very young, that it was not understood in alternative music, which sounds unlikely, or in the indie, which sounds even worse. Suddenly, we pulled out a disc that had nothing to do with that, and it turns out that we were going to the rooms and they were half full, we had difficulties to sell records. It was a pretty big risk.A declaration of independence.That is what we wanted to do, say:we are going to do what we love, always, and nobody is going to say no, or that we record an album as the previous because it has been successful. It was a moment quite hard. This dropping so we were able to overcome because our beginnings were already too far behind:new group, with a few songs that sound as well, a sound like that. We feel very little understood and less valued. There was criticism very fierce, that we were not prepared to listen. You couldn't send the disk to everyone who was willing to listen to him, wait for his approval and then publish it.The miracle of friendship was what made aguantáramos. There are tensions every week, as a couple, but each week we try to solve by talking and respect the most. That's why the prevailing love:between us and towards our songs. We are a group of three friends and that is the main asset of Sidonie, with some good songs, I have to say. Sidonie was consecrated already in the 98 with a concert in the sala Apolo:sign in not encajabais too, strings broken, crackling sound, bad vibes for the repertoire and to a skid with landing on the battery.We have many examples of groups that were even better than us, but had no sufficient force to follow. We do we had. On the day following that first concert, with long faces, we thought:fuck everything and everyone. We put the amps to 11 of volume to feel the force that you are not alone, that we were three, and that would help us in the future. And so it was. And one day, success is more absolute: you protest in the aisle of a plane with a ukulele and the video goes viral. Does it hurt that the popularity comes that way? More than jerking me, fascinated me. I realized that it was a psychological study amazing. The video on the plane became the thing most listened to Sidonie and continues to be. Brutal. It serves to understand very well how they work today the social networks, how to communicate the people. I thought it was awesome. To me, it does not affect me because I saw it from the outside, as if we were not us. We came news that had come out in publications of Israel. It was all because the Daily Mail published it, and from there took a lot of media. Even after a short time, the airline released an ad to worldwide singing the praises of the company. On this tour of the 20 years you have chosen venues more welcoming, music more direct, more close to the public, after a long season of festivals. What was wanting to recover the format?There is a certain uniformity, which many groups come out of the same mold and we have lost in personality, in attitude, in add to your proposal something provocative, that is the end of what's going on in pop and rock. It has gained in sound, is now very powerful. The effect of festival is there and I would like to return the effect room, where each group can develop their personality without comparing yourself with anyone. A small room, if you can be. With this tour, we returned to live to that of the vein swollen, the sweat. It is very strong. The festivals are like being in a spaceship, surrounded by watts of sound, of light, but lose contact. One of the virtues of Sidonie is to attract those people for which you would be the last of your plans and ask to see what they do these, they are telling me something. One of your songs, you're here, rang in a meeting of the Catalan socialists and Iceta will put one of their dances. The other day Coque Malla troléo to Vox, by using a yours in Vistalegre. How I would have been you?The PSC, in particular, Carme Chacón, spoke with Axel and they came to understand each other, she confessed that she loved the song but no sound because the group wanted. Would love to learn that the parties talk with the artists, it is something very basic. Also rang Sidonie goes to Moog in an ad of the PP. That campaign of 'Think without prejudice' with hipster of the right. A PP and PSOE: the soundtrack of the major parties. As political persons that we are, our art is already political in and of itself, so when we make songs we don't think in politics.

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Date Of Update: 28 October 2018, 19:01

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