MasterChef Celebrity brings out the worst Santiago Segura: "I got the monster that I have inside"

MasterChef condemnation of Carmen Lomana: "This work is of embarrassment" The jury crushes Boris Izaguirre and Antonia Dell Ate Eva González: "Antoni

MasterChef Celebrity brings out the worst Santiago Segura:

MasterChef condemnation of Carmen Lomana: "This work is of embarrassment"

The jury crushes Boris Izaguirre and Antonia Dell Ate

Eva González: "Antonia Dell'atte has no reasoning at the time"

The ruthless vengeance of Antonia Dell'atte on MasterChef: "it Is a snake"

"it Is the best program on the television," said Mario Vaquerizo from the balconcillo of MasterChef Celebrity, and has more reason than a saint. This third edition of celebrity is being for framing. Although it would appear that the departure of Carmen Lomana last week I was going to take interest in the talent of the culinary nothing more far than reality. The ones that are left came back to show that the casting of this third edition is, for the moment, insurmountable.

we Believed that with Lomana was carousing father (note the irony), but there are still many rounds to shoot. It is difficult, very difficult for a program like MasterChef can continue to surprise, as it not only continues but also continues booting of laughter everywhere and still leaving you with the mouth open. Last night he did it again, last night came out all the monsters.

The first, that of Santiago Segura. A monster that was hidden, patient, meek, and phlegmatic in the filmmaker. From time to time show his leg, but last night in the most difficult test that has passed through the kitchens of MasterChef pouring in through the big door and without arms to receive him.

The particular humor of Santiago, his irony and his sarcasm has been present since the first program. James was not married to anyone, he was going to what that was, and above all it was her perfectionism and her desire to succeed and overcome. He suffered in his own meats Ivan Massagué. The actor had to endure the onslaught of a bull hidden under a smile, sharp but painful. Last night was Paz Vega that I had to meet him at the porta gayola, and didn't come out very well stop.

Peace ended up crying without understanding why James was paying with her frustrations. And I will not deny that Peace is chinchorrera, but chinchorrera. You know where to click so that the balloon blows up and last night the balloon Santiago was too bloated.

Antonia Dell'atte, Phoenix

The first test was a masterclass of food, nutrition, allergies and intolerances. Increasingly, there are more that can't eat certain foods and, therefore, are increasingly more attempts to get everyone to eat everything with care and responsibility. Lactose intolerance, egg allergy, tree nuts, fructose, gluten-free... The applicants had to prepare a menu for his friends suffering from food allergies or intolerances to certain foods.

If it is difficult to cook without having to control or to avert a food or other, I do not want to tell you how you should be when you can't use the milk, but I ask for rice with milk, or to prepare a potato omelette and a custard for diners allergic to eggs. As the celebrities got it. One better than the other and surprisingly with a Antonia Dell'atte that has risen from the ashes a Phoenix after the expulsion of his arch-enemy Carmen Lomana.

Antonia is still Antonia. Crazy to christ, and more, but the disappearance of your criptonita Antonia has come up and there is none to joke. "Justice," shouted the Italian after the test team, and the justice that you did with your menu for an allergy to egg. Prepared a potato omelette and a custard without the egg that was the delight of not only their friends, but also of the other diners. It's going to be Antonia, yes, is good over the stove. Has side view eight programs, but has finally gone.

to See it, cooking is a show, a show for which anyone would pay. When you come out of the things, however small they may be, are so excited that up to Eva Gonzalez shrinks the heart. Antonia can not criticize everything, but that has no passion is not going with her. Antonia is pure passion, pure fire, pure rage, pure momentum and that is what maintains it.

Along with Santiago Segura, who had to prepare a menu for people with allergies to nuts, were the best of the first test. However, the jury seems to have an outstanding debt with the Italian. The suffering that Antonia has had to spend during the 8 programs of this third edition had to have a reward. The jury was fully aware that the one who seeks gets, and Antonia had long been pursuing him.

Not only was the $ 4,000 test for donating to the NGO that she chose, but that was a turning point for the former model. Antonia finally believed it, and believed it for truth. It was the test of outdoor, held in a MSC cruise, not only with the batteries placed, but with the Ave Caesar uploaded. If you leave it until it gets to the controls of the ship.

The first three semi-finalists

this time there was no captain. Applicants had to be by consensus of the teams, but neither consensus nor anything. In the absence of agreement, and the inability to decide who would be in each team had to be Pepe Rodriguez the that I put. The program knows where the game and put up with Boris Izaguirre and Antonia together, with a Mario Vaquerizo third party in discord.

it Could seem that it was going to be a madness. These three shocks in the kitchen and without a captain... jumping to the ground and made the dead. However, it was the opposite. While Ona Carbonell, Santiago and Peace may seem the strongest of the trio skull formed one of the best team of this edition. Antonia stood at the helm and Antonia there is no God that joke. Mario and Boris were fully conscious and left her to do. She commanded, ordered, placed, helped, and moved like a fish in the water. Suffer, they suffered a little while, but took out three dishes of Ramon Freixá that they could not be put or a but.

Great for framing, was the time of the badge, the pastry and Boris. IT MA-RA-VI-LLO-SO! Those screams, the histrionics, the hysteria, that puñetera madness that gives the audience so many carcajadas. Yes, MasterChef is pressure, is work, is anger, is, even, cruelty, but if anything has had this issue is fun, and this we owe to characters such as Boris and his "oh my God!", Antonia and their "pharisees" or Mario and snood luck.

Antonia was like an earthquake spitting lava right and left. A lava that Boris and Mario needed. It was the redemption of Antonia, his salvation, his liberation, the reconquista... Antonia ceased to be the pieces to become a contestant of right, as of right, thanks to his dedication and success led her team to the semifinals of this edition.

Without detracting from neither Mario nor Boris, Antonia gave a lesson to the entire program, but above all, it gave it to those who never believed in her. "Oh, justice! Nine programs I've been waiting", he shouted to the four winds Antonia after knowing their pass to the semi-final and the words of a Pepe completely handed over to the Italian.

On the side opposite of the individualism and lack of team they passed a bill very expensive. I swear I've dreamt with the Choux paste of Santiago Safely and with Peace, shouting, "more flour, more flour!". Mother of the beautiful love that you can roll for one profiteroles. Come to move the dough, come to look at it, come to repeat that if the recipe says To is To come to listen to Peace repeat that it needed more flour, but Santiago is the blew. It is what has the pride.

The monster began to appear the hoof. When James something is not working it is best to hide because like you're ready by the middle of the cagaste... Burt Lancaster. Ona is dedicated to you, to the cod; Santiago, to the choux paste, which ended up being a sort of tartlet malavenida that he pulled out of their boxes at the film director; and Peace, with your octopus and your waffle of potato, that waffle didn't have the name. Even so, the diners enjoyed the 100 rations were prepared each dish. But, the seed of the devil had already germinated.

James was that trinaba with Peace, and Peace was freaking out with James. If there is something that you can't criticize the father of Torrent is its sincerity. The filmmaker does not have hairs on the tongue, and although the loose the rein with a knowing sneer, the strip with the same bad milk either. And Paz Vega last night received more than one.

James didn't like anything that Peace is to throw all the cooked saying that the pasta (damn choux!) I was missing flour. The meticulousness of the director is such that if the recipe makes 100 grams of flour is 100 grams of flour, "and more if it is a dessert", and if it does not it will be for something else.

That was the mistake of the red team: do not lie down a hand and if they drove directly to the neck. James and Peace were more aware of discuss between them and try to bring reason to ensure that the dishes come out as similar as possible to the original. And then there was One, as if it was not.

He devoted himself to his cod and here peace and then glory. Yes, the cod came out making bread and dip, but that team... not by a long shot. Eight of eight carried the olympic in the elimination tests. So the three of us to the test of elimination, the most difficult test is remembered in the history of the program.

The dish more difficult to MasterChef

The three candidates had to play one of the amazing desserts Jordi Butrón. It was a sphere of white chocolate with a mousse of cranberries covered in white chocolate and I don't know how many more things that then would have to present reventándola (as is) in the dish. Up to 90 steps had to be made and make them almost, almost all the time.

¡90 steps! I stumble to the bathroom just thinking about it. And yes, of course they had the recipe and the ingredients, but to prepare the area of the face it would take a miracle. And that that started well, with the exception of One. James was methodical, meticulous, firm, co-ordinated, while Peace, "a lady of Andalusia" (by Mario Vaquerizo), was talking to herself and taking forward each of the steps.

But it came to the preparation of the area and James put his leg up to the hock. Atemperó little chocolate and top scored in the mould a very thin layer which when brought out was breaking again and again. Not came down. Presented the dish as he could, but the monster had already left.

apparently at the end of the test and pick up all the arms to Peace only came up with the great idea of telling you that it had not been tempered well. What for we want more! Santiago sat the chinchorrero comment as if he had been given a kick in the stomach, and before the anger he had for himself for a fool" and the cure of humility that you just give, did not hesitate in paying his frustration with the poor Peace, that he ended up crying despite having reproduced with a high accuracy, the complicated dish.

"Here, well away from Peace," snapped the director is Eva Gonzalez after the assessment of the jury. "Far away from Peace, why?", we wanted to know a surprised Eva, who didn't understand what was going on. "Because above we have come up to me and says 'is that you have tempered evil'. Or is that you are to yours and to mine. Oh myerda has asked for his opinion! A guy that is destroyed, 'is that what you have done wrong', but, oh, aunt, let me quiet! Who has been asked your opinion? I have left the monster in me". And Peace, that he had not cried, nor when he had done became a bad tear.

"I did Not expect the reaction of Santi, the truth. I do not expected. I say things like me are born, without the intention of annoy anyone or anything. It seems to Me that has been a reaction out of place", picturesque Peace after. He was out of place, very out of place, but the "monster" came back to his cave, and returned the Santi's friend to one and all. Came to Peace, she apologized and everything was settled with a "you have made me cry, you bastard".

"Is angry because he has done better than her," rose Vaquerizo, and he is probably right. For Santiago that Boris or Antonia were in the balconcillo and he were playing the expulsion was too painful, if we add that he did not know resolve well on the test and that Peace put your finger on it then turn off and let us go. Santiago, although he has always been aware of its limitations, thought should be there, and could not be, and that we blew, we blew so much that he let go throughout the bile accumulated against a Peace chinchorrera where there, but without bad heart.

I have Only a doubt, James did not make the field but the taste of his dish was well above the Ona, that even though you are doing the area has not attained to the taste, then what is that premium? It was obvious that in terms of development, Santiago had suspended, but nothing helps me develop well if the end result is not what is there to eat.

I prefer to eat something rich that something very nice, but that still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of taste. James is already outside and the semi-final will be played between the coupons, the rocking horse winner, a Peace growing up and One that is going to save the base from the mistakes of others. "Error confessed half forgiven".

According to the criteria of

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