MasterChef Celebrity condemns Carmen Lomana: "This work is of shame"

Eva González: "Antonia Dell'atte has no reasoning at the time" The arrogance of Carmen Lomana busting MasterChef The thrill of Pepe Rodríguez The

MasterChef Celebrity condemns Carmen Lomana:

Eva González: "Antonia Dell'atte has no reasoning at the time"

The arrogance of Carmen Lomana busting MasterChef

The thrill of Pepe Rodríguez

The ruthless vengeance of Antonia Dell'atte on MasterChef: "it Is a snake"

Probably the program last night from MasterChef Celebrity has been one of the best that has given RTVE in the history of the talent. Fun, entertainment, fighting, tears, tension, humility, corrective, arrogance, cures, lessons... what can You ask more? By ask not to stay, but until then I can only say: bravo! Already could learn from others.

Great contestant, but lousy cook. So, we can summarize the step of Carmen Lomana, alias miss Pepis, in the kitchens of MasterChef Celebrity. The entrepreneur, leon has given so much play in the talent as nothing has been done in the kitchen. In fact, I still keep wondering how it has held eight programs, and has managed to rise to major candidates like Mary Castro, Óscar Higares or Dafne Fernández.

Talisman called itself the leonese, shameless guy, I would say, yes, with all the respect in the world because without it, this third edition of MasterChef would have been no great moments for posterity. Its bloody war with Antonia Dell'atte, his unwillingness in the kitchen, their lack of knowledge, his parsimony, his 'I peel it all', his 'I am the queen of Saba', its 'I come here to hang out' and, of course, your "parraque" have been the superfoods that I needed the competition.

Yes, 'show woman' of 10, but cooking or pajolera idea, of interest = zero support and feel like, where was the win? Last night saw the evolution of those that remain, and all to a greater or lesser extent, have evolved, less Carmen. Carmen stayed anchored in that "I haven't chopped an onion in my life," and hence has not been moved.

Carmen is not staining, Carmen is not despeinaba, Carmen did not change. The calm, tranquility and reluctance with which faced each of the tests were the reflection of a contestant that should have been the end in the street for a long time.

however, his luck was doing that program after program bails out of the elimination tests. Well, that is what she says, because the reality is that you never had in the test of elimination because you have always relied on teams where their teammates they got the work forward. I Leñe, not macharse not staining or the apron!. It is not called luck, it is called morro.

But last night, they ended the bargain. The jury had already spent time catching eager, eager. Jordi Cruz was in it up to the comb. And although Carmen makes you want to, because in the end you end up adorándola, their unwillingness and laziness began to end with the patience of the program.

last week the Catalan chef, we launched the first notice. "If you are not interested in this, door!", barked Cross to a Carmen Lomana distressed, but descojonada of laughter. Because Carmen all of these things are the peel. For what it is going to bring troubles to damage your great complexion, no man, no! Carmen is great Carmen for having to endure the reprimands and corrective of three judges. She's always great, always great, always great.

The notice is not served as much. Another in his place would have put the batteries and at least it would have drawn some blood, but the señorita Pepis, as the baptized Cross, had no intention of sweating even a drop.

In the first test, dedicated to the opera, applicants had to prepare a dish dedicated to some of the most famous operas in the world. The compositions of the second edition of MasterChef Celebrity, said Bibiana Fernández and Anabel Alonso (I love coupons), were responsible for driving (for say something) the first test of the night.

The contestants (each time less) had to listen to a fragment of a particular opera and the first acertara was with that dish. Carmen, so cultured, so set, so of the high society had more luck than anyone else, left with a simple dish of meat pie and rice. A test where they wanted to give of cults and the program also got the leg to confuse the O mio babbino caro from the opera Gianni Schicci by Puccini with La Bohème. In the end, all very crazy. With which were affiliated with the applicants, it is impossible not to err.

Lomana was fought on the apron because black Ona Carbonell did not know how to take forward the Cake Mozart, but Carmen had gone direct to the test of elimination, and by the big door. In fact, Jordi would have expected a porta gayola.

"It's a recipe to children, without anything special", he let out a Jordi tired of so few win and so much laziness. And despite the desire that had the jury was Boris Izaguirre, who was on the apron dorado and, therefore, the immunity and captaincy of the test of outdoor, who sentenced him to the leon.

Boris is a crack. He knows exactly the show you need a program such as MasterChef and he does not hesitate to offer it for whatever price and whatever the cost. With two flats placed on the same team at Antonia and Carmen. The war was served. "Exciting," said Jordi. Poor souls lost... Fool it was who thought that the two divas could work together.

Or the lavender fields of Brihuega, or the landscapes of Sigüenza, nor a bucolic and rustic Samantha Vallejo Najera were able to avoid the disaster. I love Samantha. A few times we have seen her cooking, not to say never, but it gives death to show the charms of Spain. Yesterday, when walking with your gown lilac lavender fields of Brihuega saw Laura Ingalls, Charles, Caroline... such As public relations, Samantha has no price.

And luckily that was Samantha to save a disastrous test because what is being said the service was, it was... indescribable. Literally it was a pitched battle triggered by the desire to fly that had Boris Izaguirre, captain of the two teams, but this in any. It was a major disaster where the writer and showman was unable to control the airs of two women-of-control for a long time.

Boris Izaguirre loses the nerves

Lomana decided that this was the day to get to the counter. Everything seemed to be wrong. What they had to say Boris, what you said Jordi, who told Samantha, who told Antonia... Or ignoring the guidelines of Boris nor, as alleged, he moved a finger more than what is fair and necessary, and not even that. Such was the situation in the kitchens of the red team that until Boris, the man of calm and the good vibes, completely lost the papers before a Jordi acojonado and frightened by the look that was taking the cooked.

"oh, Antonia, enough! "Enough is enough! I don't think I'm capable of leading this team", shouted a Boris angered while the Italian and leon joined forces, screams, and desquicies against Boris. And Boris could stand no more. Left completely abandoned by the blue team, formed by Paz Vega, Santiago Segura and Mario Vaquerizo, and dedicate all their strength, they were not many, to try to control two cats belly up, not listened to nor themselves.

"Boris, we become mad"; "Boris, get out of here", espetaban the two queens before a Boris overwhelmed by a situation that, nor even by getting george and Samantha the chaquetillas to take forward the corns of cod and the dessert managed to pull it off.

"Carmen is unbearable", said Boris Jordi, while the chef hallucinated pickles with the yelling and lack of respect that is espetaban each other. And the dishes undone, and the dishes in the imaginary, and the dishes... saved by the divine intervention of the jury.

there was No valuation. The jury, pissed as a monkey's body, directly gave up the aprons of black that lead to the proof of elimination the red team. Shameful service, shameful test, embarrassing all. Jordi, Samantha and Pepe only were able to leave on the consciences of the queens, the captain and a Ona touched and sunken the criticism they deserved. But, not for those. If its up to Eva González was pissed!

"you do Not know to work in a team. You have only thought of yourself, Carmen. The two have created a barrier and not have made me any case," he berated Boris, while Carmen and Antonia, Antonia and Carmen is passed through the lining. Antonia had given him 4,000 euros as winner of the race and was freezing all over, and Carmen quite had to take the powder of chocolate and its quasi-perfect complexion, while continuing with his me, me, me, me. The arrogance and egolatría killed the cat.

Carmen and Antonia, face to face

there was No need to be very ready to know who this Carmen is not engaged. The test of deletion was not of the most complicated, or much less. They had kitchens with known as "superfoods". Each applicant would raise up one of the bells, and it was right the ingredient that had been under would cook with it, whereas if it failed, would go on accumulating ingredients until acertara.

The talisman of Carmen returned to work. Lifted the hood and there they were in the red fruits (easier not to be able to put). And still got the leg up to the most deep and profound. Decided to prepare some pancakes with red fruits that abochornaron to the maximum the jury.

again, the Jordi more lethal put out his hand to wander: "If I give you a verdict to the level that I usually give, it puts me in such a pissed off,... this work is of shame. There is No defense no. This does not make, nor in 'MasterChef Junior'. It is an inconsistency that you're here at this stage of the program." A zasca that was heard from the plateau to the Cape Finisterre. There is No doubt that Jordi was Carmen up to the fig.

The chef had a crazy desire to put it patitas in the street. Actually the one that got she was, but Jordi was already several programs giving empujoncitos. And what I understand, I understand perfectlywhile Carmen there was salvation week after week, MasterChef Celebrity was losing the recruits stronger. But Carmen gave so much game, it was so great, he gave so much glamour, so much sugar cane, so much spectacle, so much entertainment to the talent for cooking, which was difficult to do without it. Until that its permanence was already unsustainable.

More crystal clear it could not be say Samantha: "Your problem is that you don't know to work. You've had a lot of luck here." Carmen was getting the cure of humility that you should have received weeks ago. The judges were all the rage and the anger accumulated when I was not going to save or a miracle. "You've been waging, but also by staying in the queue, and with this dish it shows," added Pepe.

Even they want that their own colleagues to value and judge which of the two (Antonia and Carmen) deserved to stay and who deserved to go. And despite all the problems he has had with Antonia, and in spite of the humiliations to which it has been subjected to on any occasion and in spite of the Evil that has been able to become (I see it with the horns and the cane), his companions did not hesitate to bet on it. "...And you are going to dismiss this competition with head held high, because Carmen is a wonderful person". The whole reason Mario is wonderful as a person, but not as a candidate. "Carmen is from another planet and you have not given great moments at this time," added an excited Paz Vega.

Because Carmen is just wanting to, I will finish up wanting. I Lomanista to the core, but away from the stove. I think that the choice of Carmen for this talent was an attempt of overcoming on the part of the program itself. I think that they wanted to see if you were able to do that the entrepreneur will end up cooking something decent. Obviously, that's not what they got, but they managed to give the audience one of the contestants that more play and more entertainment has been given in the history of MasterChef. Be a bad cook, but a great person.

"For me has been a lesson in humility. I have to keep silent anymore and to learn from all, even from my colleagues", and she herself said it all.

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Date Of Update: 03 November 2018, 19:01

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