Matthias Buck: From BAP-Roadie for the bankers

Metallica or Mozart? For Matthias Buck, you can have both, depending on my mood. The tall man likes the hard sounds of the American rock band, as well as the me

Matthias Buck: From BAP-Roadie for the bankers

Metallica or Mozart? For Matthias Buck, you can have both, depending on my mood. The tall man likes the hard sounds of the American rock band, as well as the melodies of the composer from Salzburg. This broad spectrum, not only musically, characteristic for Buck, since a good half year in the case of the German Bank at the top of the business leadership of the Region, the state of Hesse and the Frankfurt home venue. Because if Matthias Buck talks about the Corona-crisis and its challenges, he reduces his statements not only on the usual topics, i.e., the Bank and the financial sector on loans and low interest rates. The Agenda of the native Badeners, who has been living for 20 years in the Rhine-Main area, is more comprehensive.

by Daniel Schleidt

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Although the first weeks after the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Germany for the Buck "during the most difficult of my professional life," the 48-year-old father of two sons says. Nevertheless, it is not important to him, to throw the view to the currently outstanding issue alone, but clearly also: Germany needs a Vision for Europe, a geostrategic Agenda, an educational and technology master plan, and an idea for the fight against the Aushölung the free democratic basic order, he says.

The sounds after the great political wheel, and the Buck turns, but it is only proof of his wide interest. However, his focus these days is on the Transformation of the German Bank and of the management of the consequences of the crisis.

He could have become a Journalist

since the end of February documents, a take on the Corona-crisis, the largest part of his Desk in Frankfurt. Several thousand credit requests are at the German Bank since the beginning of the Corona-crisis received, the number of conversations with concerned company is a multiple. "It was sometimes very emotionally," says Buck. In many discussions, it had been nothing less than existence, "and in the first few days, virtually minute-by-minute," he says. For the employees this was a big load, but Buck had eingebleut his people again and again, to be there for the customers and their needs, even if that will lead to the occasional Overtime.

Although the consequences of Covid-19 challenge the avid skier and many other employees as never, sees Buck in the pandemic, it is also an opportunity for the group to regain in the past few years, lost trust again.

Matthias Buck could have become a Journalist, he says, as he counts his study of Economics, politics and communication Sciences. However, he has been a consultant for companies in the financial industry. In 2000, he moved to Deutsche Bank, at the time, in an incubator for young technology Start-ups, which today are called Fintechs. Almost two years later, he went into the investment banking and took care of in 2005 under the former management Board member Juergen Fitschen to the Central control of the international regions of the Bank.

endurance sports, and music

After five years as business Manager for the Region West of Cologne, he came in 2019, back in the Frankfurt office, where he took on the role of the global strategy, the heads of the company's Bank. In addition, he has been in October 2019 to the head of the corporate banking center, and to the speaker of the Regional business center of the pipeline to be appointed, as the successor of Tilman Wittershagen, has left the company, the Bank, according to.

Bucks dual function is unique within the group, the self-proclaimed thinker but with the ability to connect global and regional issues. Especially since, as he says, his international focus is currently on Germany, because the Integration of the Postbank much attention to history.

Date Of Update: 13 August 2020, 17:20

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