Michael Moore: "Trump is an evil genius"

it Seemed inevitable that the new film by academy award-winning director is dedicated to the US president, who defines "essentially as a troll of Twitter".

Michael Moore:

it Seemed inevitable that the new film by academy award-winning director is dedicated to the US president, who defines "essentially as a troll of Twitter".

Michael Moore (Flint, 1954) believed to die with the hat making and making documentaries, even if you have to come to Europe, at the London Film Festival, to find that echo that you are denied at this stage of their compatriots. The academy award-winning author of 'Bowling for Columbine' and winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes with 'Fahrenheit 9/11' era was in full Bush, returns to the fray firing on Donald Trump, whom he considers to be "an evil genius" and the living incarnation of the "fascist friendly". 'Fahrenheit 11/9', with the numbers changed to dial in to the american the date of your det victory in the polls, arrives this Friday to Spain, as a consequence of the first test election of the president number 45 since the arrival of democracy in the united states.

documentaries raged during the Bush era and however have been criticized as "irrelevant" during the era Trump. What has changed in these 10 years?We live in a time dummy, that is the difference. Bush set the bar high with all the measures that followed the attacks of 11-S, but Trump has already surpassed in just two years. The reality surpasses to the fiction, that's why we need more than ever, documentaries, books and research articles on Trump... people want to know the truth behind the distortion and confusion that is creating this chair, and that is part of its strategy. We have to imagine how to bring it down to Trump. Sometimes I think that the best thing we could do is ignorarle and not paying attention at all hours, which is what he wants. What is certain is that all the conventional means used up to now have not worked. Although it is not that the ambition of my film. What I tried to explain is that Trump did not fall from the sky and that there were many factors that contributed to its rise. We will need many others to draw the americans from their complacency and end up dropping him.You saw it coming during the campaign with 'Michael Moore in Trumplandia', but few did case...Yes, and I was booed at the show of Bill Maher for daring to say it. I predicted that Trump would win in Michigan, my own state, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and that was what happened. No one took them seriously then, and much of the blame was the establishment democrat... they Thought it was a bluff, a transient phenomenon. Unfortunately, if we continue like this, we will have to Trump another six years, or maybe more. He himself joked with the idea of being in power for 16 years "if the americans want to". I believe him able to want to desenmendar the Constitution in order to present for the third or fourth time. In the end, the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of vulnerable paper. We already saw what happened in Germany during the Weimar Republic.In Fahrenheit 11/9 uses images of Hitler with the voice of a Trump. How dare you compare them?I don't think that Trump is Hitler. If you have wanted to say that, would not have had more to put a mustached, or a swastika. What I do want to emphasize is that there are many parallels between the German democratic and cultured that paved the way to Hitler, and these US passive and complacent that they are allowing Trump campe to their hearts content. My country has to be more self-critical. Students and teachers mark the path with their protests, but the whole country should dart into the street.What will be a "reaction" anti-Trump in the Congressional elections this Tuesday?I have my hopes in "the avengers", as a call to women and young people. But I see also the people are very demoralized and depressed, and it may be that the moment of truth is to remain at home. And although losing the majority of republicans, Trump can always rule the beat of executive orders, as he has tried to do until now."Fascism in the TWENTY-first century will not come envásticas and concentration camps, but with a smiling face and with a "show" of television"... what Entamos getting closer to the premonition of Bertram Gross?It is amazing to think that Bertram Gross, wrote that fascism friendly in the 80's. Gives chills to read it again. In the end, the leap to fame of Donald Trump is produced with a reality show, The apprentice, where he popularized the famous "You are fired!" ("You're fired!"). No one could have said then that he would say that phrase so many times, and in just two years in the White House. That program helped him to Trump to become familiar with the cameras and acquire that which we call "telegenia". The next step was the jump to social networks. Trump is essentially a troll of Twitter: the medium seems made-to-measure... Even it hurts to say this, Trump is a genius, a genius malvado.Su film does not enter the rag in the phenomena of "fake news," why this omission? All politicians lie to one extent or another. What is new at Trump is how you use repeatedly to create confusion, to the point that he himself comes to creérselas. I am sure that if you submit to a lie detector would pass the test, because he himself is convinced that they are true. There's an anecdote that defines him much, when presumed to have foretold the victory of the Brexit in a speech in Scotland. The speech was a day after the referendum, but he himself said before the cameras of Channel 4 that he had been the day before. I was so convinced that he asked one of his acolytes, who followed him the power to not make him look bad: "it Was a day before"...Up to what point the Brexit was a "test" of the victory of Trump?I was in the Uk a day before the referendum and I can say that I saw come to the Brexit. I could feel the discontent that existed in the least favored part of the England industrial, related with my Michigan native, who decided to choose the EU as a scapegoat. Looking back, you can see Brexit as a harbinger of Trump, similar to what is happening in countries such as Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Italy and now Brazil. Under the guise of a democracy, are emerging leaders autocratic.What can you do as Democrats to face up to Trump?The last thing you can do is to choose a hawk of the kind Joe Biden or John Kerry, condemned to fail. Bernie Sanders, whom I interview in my film, could win in a hand to hand Trump, but the "establishment" democrats (funanciado by Wall Street and by corporate America) would not allow that to win a primary. My last hope is in a black woman and powerful. I have been very critical with the role of Barack Obama, which in turn paved the way to Trump. But I think that Michelle Obama would be a good candidate, and also Ophrah Winfrey. The democrats need a "beloved American", a candidate or a candidate quergone by the americans.From 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and 'An inconvenient truth' there has not been a documentary of impact. Are we perhaps at the twilight of the genre?The impact today, there are measure not only by the box office at the cinema, but also for its digital broadcasting. There will always be room for good documentaries, just as there is for good books. I recognize that my last movie has been the most difficult to do and fund, but I don't think take off the cap, at least until Trump is president.

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Date Of Update: 11 November 2018, 20:01

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