Miguel Angel Aguilar: "thank you so much for the PP that would attract the vote of the far right"

Miguel Angel Aguilar (Madrid, 1942). Journalist, former director of 'Diario 16', 'The Sun' and Eph. Signature classic of the newspaper 'Madrid' and 'The

Miguel Angel Aguilar:

Miguel Angel Aguilar (Madrid, 1942). Journalist, former director of 'Diario 16', 'The Sun' and Eph. Signature classic of the newspaper 'Madrid' and 'The Country'. His memoirs, journalistic, wheelchair track (Planet), narrated 50 years of trade and politics

What else, do you not? An interview friendly with Miguel Angel Aguilar in the journal THE WORLD.But I never had bad relationships with THE WORLD. I've had any notable problems with Pedro J. Ramírez, problems that have been expressed with enough passion. But when they kicked him out of the trial of 23-F, I got up with him. And at some point in time in which I saw myself without a job, Peter offered me to write in THE WORLD. There has been quite fair play between us.In the end, there is more space for dissent on a boss hard before writing that is well-meaning, and homogeneous.What freedom there is for a journalist? Each one is taken. Each one has a idea of journalism you want to do and have to choose between submission and rebellion, with the awareness that you can not be a Pepito Grillo at all, all the time. Either that, or sales spin prior to that time.What I'm getting is that the pressure of peers can be very puñetera.Is that Anson was called "the sheep". That's what I've lived... And now it is the fear of the reader, which paralyzes many journalists. But I am not in networks, I book.We're going to his book: the evil of franco as he portrays it was not the lack of freedom, but the air of comedy bad that I had. There was a lot of starch, much protocol stifling, so much boredom, so much good advice and a lot of unswerving adherence. That lucecita of the Brown that we lit up...And why was corny the franco regime?Because it was poorly ventilated. Be imposed, the likes of doña Carmen Polo. It was an environment pacato and impoverished, stale, locked up. Franco traveled once in 40 years, his idea of the world outside were the Cabilias...Do you Remember the first time you wrote a prank in a journal?During the franco regime did gamberradas in press conferences, they were preparing encerronas between several journalists, but not the writing. The regime had very bad fleas for these things and a lot of talent to read between the lines. Well, in the daily newspaper Madrid Chumy Chúmez had a lot of skill to leave to the censors confused.In the 'Madrid' were you the only guy bourgeois of the wording?What it's about. There were also many bourgeois. What is certain is that I never pretended to have other causes that are not outside the freedom.Are there more ultra-right in Spain at the Vox in the 1982?I don't know. I know that in 1982 the right wing was not to the weather, precisely.The fact that the PP would attract the vote of the ultra-right so long, what has been for the best?It is something that you have to thank a lot to the PP, as we Can is to thank for that take to the polls in a generation.In his book, it is seen that a problem of journalism is that it has been, often, in the hands of entrepreneurs bit professional.What there has been is a lot of pirate that was in this to defend their business and coerce. That's why it was important to Polanco. Polanco leaves very little in the book.Because I tried it a little. Well, maybe in the second edition take something more.Because I read in 'The Country' that someone called to do a "15-M's journalism".Well, it seems good to me. Just ask them to be careful with the fusilamenientos at dawn, which always go wrong. Tell me about the Opus Dei in 1956 or 1957. The first Opus was a place that attracted people most valuable of my generation, and offered them camaraderie and a conversation height... Then, with the second Vatican Council, there was a withdraw on themselves. For me it was painful to separate myself from the Opus. But we haven't been attacked, ever.
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