Monica Holes and the shame that neither GH VIP could cover: "do Not take it anymore"

GH VIP and the alarming obsession of Monica's Holes Jorge Javier pokes' Rosa María Mateo and the audience, again The excessive and abusive lynching of

Monica Holes and the shame that neither GH VIP could cover:

GH VIP and the alarming obsession of Monica's Holes

Jorge Javier pokes' Rosa María Mateo and the audience, again

The excessive and abusive lynching of GH VIP to Miriam Saavedra

GH VIP and the threat of the conspiracy theories

"I'm overcome by the spectacle. Do not take it anymore," were the first words of Monica Hole, the eleventh expelled from GH VIP 6, and the other woman blown out of the history of all realities (which he does not want Rosa María Mateo and the adoring Telecinco).

The duel that the program wanted for his grand final was brought forward a week. Yes, Monica and Miriam, Miriam and Monica faced off in a nomination where as said Jorge Javier Vázquez nothing more to start the gala "they are going to know by the end of which side you are".

I Think they have it more than clear, and that there was no need nor respond to or cope with a face-to-face where neither one nor the other seemed to be a victim and executioner, but where you wanted to mask the shame of the contest that has made Monica Hoyos culpabilizando of all to a man, to a ex: Carlos Lozano. Who is free of sin cast the first stone, but to point out Charles as the culprit of the obsession of Monica is spinning too thin and to cover up the reality. Disservice.

' what are you going to show the program the deplorable moments of Monica, for what I was going to show the spitting in the food, for what I was going to show you the countless times that has attempted to put shit against its arch-enemy, for what I was going to show the devastating hatred that he feels for the ex of your ex, for what I was going to show you how I wiped the floor (full of mud) with the clothes of Miriam, for what I was going to show the sad moments by appealing to a situation that as said Suso does not let you be free.

"no matter what Happens tonight I have to say that the three of you have been great contestants", I snapped at JJ to Monica, Miriam, and The Koala minutes before knowing who was going to be kicked out. Since then between them and that they rose as finalists last week (Suso and Asraf) there is not color, but to describe how great the contest of a woman who has only lived in the house for malmeter, damaging and, above all, to suffer, not me ends up convincing.

The program he wanted, sought and found the confrontation they were waiting for. He took the two to the room of expulsions and let hate do the rest. The obsession of Monica has not had limits during these three months and was not going to be different because I was nominated. In a matter of seconds the room became a boxing ring where neither of the two boxers was to give his arm to twist.

GH VIP and the alarming obsession of Monica's Holes. Read more...

Monica went into the same loop, in the same drama, the same anger, the same tragedy of these 13 weeks. Miriam did the same, the only thing that has left to do Monica during the contest: defend with tooth and nail for the demented attacks of a woman who lives in, by, and for the past. For as much as you deny it, as much as to say that it has exceeded, by a lot to try to convince you that she didn't feel something for the father of her daughter, Carlos Lozano, the reality shows the opposite.

He said Aramís Fuster (to take eating aside) nothing more enter Miriam in the house: "the only culprit is Carlos Lozano", and the script for last night was to clean up the damaged image of Monica Hole, throwing all of the shit that has been spat on during these weeks on the third party in discord.

Without entering into the secrets of alcove, I can only say that the behavior of Monica there is only one culprit and it is she, and nothing more. Let Carlos Lozano, let Miriam Saavedra, leave the past, the present and what you will be able to pass through that little head, Monica lives in a loop of hatred and obsession that or leave it alone or will live always with the same rancor that showed last night (and all the editing).

Although the videos that were shown last night from Monica are very far from showing what really has been your competition, yes that is clear in what situation was this woman. Looks I speak alone and to myself, without being conscious of it, but Monica is worthy of one flew over the cuckoo's nest. "Do you think you should arrive at the end, Monica?", she wondered to herself in a vast and incomprehensible conversations of Juan Palomo, yo me lo guiso, yo me lo como. "I've endured a head, body and heart", was repeated and autoconvencía of something that even she believes. And all alone, more alone than the a, because that has been his competition.

Monica had been alone, very alone, as single that is had to find when he arrived at the studio and JJ will put the videos of what he had said and done to her ex. Monica does not believe it because Monica lives in the past. Monica hoped that Carlos would have defended, would have given the face, for she had been party to the face, but Carlos preferred to leave the television and put land of by means in a war in which no one can come out the winner. Yes, single, although it creates the opposite.

The entry of Miriam was the finger that press the panic button, but only press the button, the rest had already been before. The feelings of fury, anger, bitterness and rage that Monica has shown in the house the brought of before, of long before, the moment that Carlos began a relationship with a girl of 25 years and collapsed the house of cards she had built in her head. Nothing and no one can touch their family stability and much less someone who is with Carlos Lozano.

The backpack was loaded, cargadísima, ready to explode, and it exploded from minute one. Monica tried by all means to put to the house against Miriam and what he was getting, little by little pick and shovel. With that he could, that he convinced the monster that was Miriam for her, created the mugrepandi; with those who could not, with those who have not heard, that they looked toward the other side built a wall 'or you're with me or you are against me', tell that to Verdeliss, to The Koala, even to one's own Suso, or the Tony Spina. Yes, they listened, and they positioned themselves in their favor until the desquicie Monica was unbearable even to them, but the damage was already done.

however, the reality of the head and the heart of Monica is very different. She believes she has done nothing, not malmetió against Miriam, who did nothing, that all the problems of the coexistence of Miriam it was because she had sought and nothing more. No, Monica, no. Like your contest was marked by the entry of Miriam, of which he was fully aware before entering the house, Miriam has been marked by Monica. How would have been the reality of Miriam without Monica, and vice versa, and versa vice? Very different to a, but equal to another, because the damage of Monica is not Miriam, the damage from Monica herself is.

The violence of Aramís Fuster

To the last hair of the neck have finish all and every one of his companions of their Greek tragedy. Only one, and by the interest you want Andrés, has been the mamporrera of Monica. Your name: Aramís Fuster, who last night returned to give a sad spectacle with the permission of a presenter who is angered by the boos constants for the public, but descojona when the witch becomes inflamed and releases that will give them "two hosts with the open hand" to Miriam. I understand that there is spectacle, but there are shows that denigrate, and angry, and unhappy without the need.

"If you had done that in the house you would have thrown out", he instructed JJ to a Aramís possessed by the spirit of me snuggled in the shadow of the tree that best suits me. Because anyone who thinks that really Aramís lost the paperwork for his amiguísima Monica is that it is blind.

Aramís has to be the bride at the wedding and the deceased at the funeral, and if they do not is taken out from the sleeve two hosts and it is so pancha. And look at that JJ attempted to rectify, because as the one who hears it rain. 'I have come to set up my show and whether it's sultry as the camera I focus. Instructors for the two hosts and instructors for the laughs. There was No need to that was in the house to eject, last night should have been thrown out of the set, but a GH VIP 6 have become in this.

Friends as Aramís best far. Monica what you really need is someone who will say that you have to erase the past, make a clean slate and to forget about Carlos, of what was and has never become to be, and to walk a new path, but no one has said it, no one says that and that around and say that the want to are limited to cover and transform an obsession that goes far beyond what they have done in the reality.

GH VIP knew that sitting down to the two in the living room of expulsions anger was assured. There was No need to even JJ to open the mouth, the guns were loaded. Monica does not agree, saying that she put the house against Miriam because, according to her, all "came with his personality of the house". Parallel realities, everyone's reality versus the reality of Monica.

"If, with my gestures and my thoughts I have put in against a whole house I'm a crack" versus "she has said, is the crack of the metemierdas"."Miriam has been hanging from my" versus "this lady is believed to be a tree for me to hang me from it.""You are not going to shut up until you become the owner of Telecinco, because it is as well of interested" versus "vague, loose... All the adjectives negative you have, in addition to hateful"."Where do I go? Where? Because this show, I exceeded. Do not take it anymore" vs. "this lady lives intoxicated by a hatred that will not let live... What a pity".

...And Monica finished off with a "you are a scoundrel". Needless to say, nothing, does not need to describe anything, the words of Monica to Miriam and Miriam to Monica last night in the room of expulsions are the clearest example of what has been the participation of one and another. But even more, reaching a point of no return, Miriam has always tried to reach out and erase the past.

Monica not want and delete it. Everything you do Miriam will explode. Your reaction is nothing more to announce JJ was expelled, completely crazy, asking the Super to tell him where I had to go out and insult again to Miriam because she was telling his mother that he loved her, is more than anyone can bear.

That Miriam is all drama, of course; who knows how to give a show, since then; who knows how to give where it hurts most, since then, but last night Miriam just wanted to throw a message to his mother because it had not only been saved , but, together with The Koala, had become a finalist in this sixth edition. And what I'm going to say, that after all that has happened, especially the peruvian, Miriam deserves to be more than anyone else in the final and, since then, it would be the most fair of all the winners. Busting his detractors, well, garlic, water and...

But of course, then reaches a plateau and rather than show you the reality of your contest (spitting, insults, metemierdas, etc) JJ becomes a psychologist and tries to soften what you do not have a solution, although I have to say that I share a large part of the words that made you cry Monica: "you were Not a character that I gustaras, sincerely. Or the way you behave, or what we have, nor how you described, but I have come to love in GH VIP because I've seen a woman destroyed". Indeed, a woman destroyed, completely destroyed, and not by Miriam Saavedra, I insist, neither by Carlos Lozano, but by herself. "I need love", said Monica Hole, because it really is what you need.

"I Think you live in a reality that you have created, and that hurts you". Amen. This is the reality of Monica, and, though he tried to cover by saying that try that your daughter is well he has brought "a sacrifice to do extra," she chose and that he feels "very happy", Monica may not be happy. Has not been happy in the house and not what has been because that fact that, apparently, she has chosen to live does not let you live. I generated a lot of pity for the burden that you drag.

"If not me, perhaps you would have gotten would have been more happy, because it reminded me of all the time Carlos", and there is nothing more to say. The sentence sentence all of its competition. This is the sum of many others, of the last feast with her in the garden cabizbaja and mulling over a past that is not known to escape; it is the image of the anger expressed in spitting in the food; it is the image of a woman who only shone the eyes when he spoke of how Charles fell in love with it; it is the image of a woman full of hatred, a woman who does not know or has managed to turn the page.

"You deserved to be in the final, I say it from the heart", he went on to say JJ, that also had moments to show the distortion of the reality, but who really thought that Monica deserved that final. I think that the best thing that could have happened to Miriam, and beyond and dispositions is that it is already out. A final face-to-face with Miriam, where the winner is already known from weeks ago, only widen that reality "distorted" that you pointed out Verdeliss (this woman when she speaks you should climb up to a pulpit).

Monica has been uploaded to your competition and not because they fall well or badly, but because they do not know how to live your own life. While Miriam moves forward, even if it hurts, Monica carries a burden that weighs him down too much, which weighs him down to her and to those around him, and up that do not download, Monica will continue to be the Monica we saw in the house, she speaks to herself, the spitting, which he hates, which lives obsessed. It is a tragedy sad and shameful, your tragedy.

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