Natalia, Famous and tremendous crossroads of OT 2018

The 'sobrao' boyfriend of Mary and the most humiliating in the history of OT So it will be the mechanics to choose the contestants finalists The "des

Natalia, Famous and tremendous crossroads of OT 2018

The 'sobrao' boyfriend of Mary and the most humiliating in the history of OT

So it will be the mechanics to choose the contestants finalists

The "desolation" of OT 2018: "We have a serious problem"

why OT, 2018 and does not end of work?

OT 2018 has faced the final straight, a straight final which is shaping up tight, tight, tight, hard, and if I hurry up to ungrateful given, on the one hand, by the quality of the contestants that are left and, on the other, because this edition does not have, nor much less, a clear favorite. Natalia, the hand of the jury, and Famous, of the hand of the teachers, became last night in the first two finalists of this OT. An OT that goes the way of having the same end that all the edition: desaborido and without large algarabías.

a year Ago, at this point, Operation Triumph was a phenomenon of television that no one wanted to knock off. Now, that is little, almost nothing, and it will not be because you have not tried it, but less pleasing and very much tired. Ago it happened in the first OT and it happened in the second. The story is repeated.

And that last night the Gala 11 was probably the best gala of this OT. Not only for the actions that were nivelazo, but because there was everything for everyone. Who believed that the output gaps of the boyfriend of Mary last week was going to go scot-free? Roberto Leal, the great Roberto Leal -stye included-, alma mater of this talent, not going to let go. The stocks in which Mary and her boyfriend stood at the contest could not be let pass without taking the zasca which they should have been taken last week. Ran by Roberto, but also of Sabela and her boyfriend.

Sabela, one of the nominees, along with Martha, finally expelled, he received the visit of her boy, and as the night and the day. The boy was what is expected of someone who goes to see his partner after almost three months and you ask him how you see, what you think and what he would say. Since then, not said, nor his ass, nor that is to' good, or that the first thing I would do is fuck.

Even so, and knowing that what I had to do, that I wanted to do it, Robert questioned him, and he did so with every intention. As chascarrillo, yes; gracieta, of course, but with every intention in the world. "I'm going to ask you a question that I always like to make is... what is the first thing that you are going to do when you move out of...Oh, no, no". And Roberto returned. Sabela and her boy could not more than laugh, and the galician, very galician it, respond with a "salsa dancing". The differences are obvious, needless to say more, because Roberto already said it all.

But OT 2018 remains OT 2018. While its predecessor at this point there was already a clear winner and the interest was in knowing who are measured in the grand final to Amaia, in this OT not there is an Amaia, there is not a clear winner, there is a talent that dazzle and make a shadow on the rest. Natalia and Famous have been the first, but very well could have been in place Alba Reche or Julia.

Who will be left out of the final?

In the hand of the viewers will know who joins them. What will be Dawn, will be Julia, will be Sabela, or will it be Miki? The ball is now in the roof of the audience who will in the next gala to vote for the third finalist. Place your bets that the thing is not at all easy.

I am Not sure if the equality between the contestants is that they all have a very high level or that all are on the same level. Last night was without a doubt the best gala in terms of actions is concerned. They were all touching the perfection and showed the great progress that has provided them with the Academy, but by far they were better than ever, I am sorry to say, but to me this OT doesn't end to fill me. For a lot of that Famous lift to the film set with their interpretation of Problem, Ariana Grande, and Natalia did the same with a Bang Bang that would raise the very Frank Sinatra, to this OT you are missing something or, directly, remains.

You have plenty of attempt to exploit a phenomenon, a phenomenon which was (forgive the redundancy) a year ago, but have not stopped to breathe, not have left it to stand, have not ceased to assimilate, and the consequences are that at this point OT 2018 continues without a break and there's no time. This and the quality of a few contestants so evenly matched predict a more than fitting final between the guy who is emerging as a clear favorite to go to Eurovision and the girl multi-disciplinary as you sing a tango that emulates Nancy Sinatra on top of a piano without more that she and her microphone.

Because the performances of last night of Natalia and Famous are the demonstration that this OT has many more capabilities than its predecessor, but it lacks the spark, the pause, the calm of the previous. Famous is more than well deserved finalist. The seville of origin nigerian is the clear example of evolution. Just lacked dancing and last night gave a concert of music, dance, interpretation, strength and stamina glorious.

"Famous: Eurovision song contest"

"We've given away another numerazo (...) What you feel. It is spectacular", we appreciated Manuel Martos at the end of his performance. Sweating as if I ran a marathon, excited, exhausted, smilingnte, Famous got what he deserved. Because yes, Famous has out-of-tune, Famous has it wrong, Famous started down, but Famous he is now almost, almost touching the glory that is da operación Triunfo. "You're the diamond in the rough of this" edition", as-is. You can say higher but not clearer. And the diamond is polished.

So polished that not only is shaping up as a more than deserved winner of OT 2018, but also as the most possible Spanish representative for Eurovision 2019. Famous wants to go to Eurovision (is one of the few (if not only), has talent, has capabilities above and meets the expectations of those who takes this bargain. Is the perfect profile and in the program what they know and not hide it, nor they want to hide it. "I'm going to say in two words: Famous Eurovision song contest". Word of Joe Perez-Orive, the jury that what has been clear from the beginning: Famous, and only Famous.

"We have the heart superpartido, but the second runner-up is Famous," cried Noemi Galera, director of the Academy, announcing that Famous was his runner-up. "You have an inborn talent. Little by little you have evolved, conociéndote, being aware of what you're capable of and we have had the luck to accompany you on this journey. We have been privileged to be at your side, that gives meaning to our work and this is OT." I almost cried until I. Oh, mamma!

of course, no offense to Natalia. The pamplona is the artist perfect. Gives equal the record that you give him, no matter what you throw on top, it doesn't matter if you put commercial pop to a ballad, which is a classic, and Natalia pulls out all because if someone has capabilities that are incredible that is Natalia.

Amaia is Amaia and Natalia is Natalia

Four tens took out of the four members of the jury. What Revival? Yes, Amaia in the same gala, in the same place, the same position he took 40 points from the jury that gave them the direct pass to the final. Can you compare it? Of course not. Amaia is Amaia and Natalia is Natalia, and I don't know which is the best. Amaia, since then, close to perfection in each of their performances; gave game; gave a truncated love story; he demonstrated a talent second to none, amazing fascinating... could Not ensure that Natalia has given you the same thing. Now, if someone of this edition deserved four tens and that is without a doubt Natalia.

it Has been a favorite of the public, and all who are; has never been nominated; has embroidered each of their performances and has shown that if what you want is charisma, she has it. "You have left us with the mouth open to us and to the whole of Spain. You've been splendid and to a high level," he told the jury invited Javier Llanos, while Perez-Orive, that last night was the night of the jury guay and colleague, surmounted with a "I have to ask you to dedicate your whole life to sing."

The jury gave the highest score and became the first runner-up; the teachers opted for Famous because she deserves it and because Eurovision is just around the corner, and at the gates of the final were Julia, Dawn, Miki and Sabela, and since then the first two also deserve to be in the final.

"What a barbarian! What a fantastic!!! It is so hard what you've done. Be there, jumping around, without time to catch our breath. You are a great artist, risking much. Maybe one day you'll give it a coscorrón, but it is always better to regret something you have done that you have not already done". So clear is what is said of Ana Belén, a substitute last night of Ana Torroja at the table of the jury, to Alba Reche. More reason than a saint, because Alba is a lot of Alba and Alba deserve to be in the final.

it Has, without a doubt, the voice over feature of this OT. She has sung of all and it has always brought forth with more or less errors, but with something that makes him out to be the contestant most special of this edition: his voice is recognized all over the world, because his voice is the most special, and above it, is a good voice. It is not a portent of acute nor has the instrument that is Noelia, but this isn't necessary, because Alba is so much more. It is the whole personality, is the Bonnie Tyler of OT 2018 and all of the OT, and last night he returned to show with her rendition of Crazy in love by Beyoncé.

last Night he chose Beyonce, but before it did the same Je'veux, with their spectacular performance of La Llorona, with her version of the famous Contamíname to dirty dancing, with the impressive Toxic with Natalia, with all and each one of their interpretations. None was perfect, but all were Dawn, and that has no price, nor is it paid, or has given any of those that remain.

And then there is Julia. Oh Julia, my Julia! For me it is the voice most sweet and most broken of the Academy. It is the voice that more suffered, the voice that is most damaged and the voice that has most reflotado. True, not only is chosen for the effort, but it is that Julia has the two things, hard work and a good voice. "I have been demanding, because I trust fully in you and in your music career", said Pérez-Orive, I say unto you, that a good roll that not even he believed it, after the end of Daze, Demi Lovato.

Yes, all have been very demanding with Julia, so demanding that the province of cádiz has suffered in his own meats, and in their own voice. Julia has been as the Rose of Spain, a great voice, touched by the pressure of a contest where it is carried to the limit the capabilities. It was one of his best performances, because Julia, despite being the more coy, more shy, more hidden have had great performances. Yes, it has been demanded, and much, but not has given him a respite, and at this point I think that the words of Perez-Orive arrive late, too late.

One will be outside the

Alba and Julia were tied in points, but Alba has all the ballots to be elected. Next week the jury will choose the third finalist, while the fourth and fifth shall be borne by the public. Alba will be there sure, Julia also and will be Miki and Sabela. Although last night was not the best performance of the galician, which he risked with the sauce, I think it would be a merecidísima finalist, far above Miki.

"You like music festivoalegre", loosed him, Manuel Martos, after their performance and I can only aplaudir. Miki is perfect for that, but OT is not looking for that, OT is a lot more and may not stay in "pure energy". Yes, the public likes, but to like is not enough, but in the end everything is in the hands of the audience.

OT 2018 is at a delicate crossroads. There is not a clear winner, there is not a great star, there are several perseids promise of a finish line more than complicated. OT 2018 does not have a Amaia, has many Aitanas. For production companies, this is a great idea, for the contest is a rush, a sweet and bitter trouble.

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