OT 2018, required to maintain the "mariconez" of Mecano: "I thank you for the courage"

Stay in Madrid, Meccano: lyrics and video Ana Torroja explodes against OT 2018 Mariconez, feminazi... Our consultations 'interruptus' in the dictionar

OT 2018, required to maintain the

Stay in Madrid, Meccano: lyrics and video

Ana Torroja explodes against OT 2018

Mariconez, feminazi... Our consultations 'interruptus' in the dictionary of the RAE

The "desolation" of OT 2018: "We have a serious problem"

OT 2018, and the error that you can't repeat

ended the controversy. Well, ended the dizziness of "mariconez" yes, "mariconez" no. It's over the...

I have been told that you have said a saying,

they have said that I said I,

the who has said it, lied,

and in case there should be said

that said-you have said

they have said that I said I,

said and redicho was,

and he would be very well said,

whenever I would have said,

that said-you have said

they have said I have said myself. (For the program and to Ana Torroja)

José María Cano, the author of the song of Mecano Stay in Madrid, has not given their consent for the Academy to modify the word "mariconez" for "stupidity" after Mary, one of the 'triunfitas' you have to sing this song, asked to modify it to be uncomfortable with the use of that term. OT 2018 has to keep "mariconez" and ball point. What would have happened if Mary says that does not want to sing this term the Academy would have given him another song? Nothing had happened.

After the program, Ana Torroja and Joe Perez Orive the liaran brown pardota at the expense of the term and if I have said, thou hast spoken, he has said, Cano does not want you to change one iota of the letter. On your right is, for it is he who composed it, but in the same right, there was Mary to say that she was not comfortable with a word that she thought might offend.

Naomi Galley told Miki and Mary in the pass of the micros this Saturday. He did so with all the respect and all the education in the world, without wanting to enter into polemics, but with a very clear message that hits the nail of what has really happened with the "mariconez" of Mecano.

"José María Cano does not allow us to change that word. The program has talked with him and does not allow us to change 'mariconez'. So Wednesday we have to sing 'mariconez'. In any case, I at a personal level, I want to thank you for several things. A, and I think that is the fundamental, and that is that I know this song since it premiered in 1988, and I have 30 years listening to this song, and the 'mariconez' what I have embedded in my hard drive and I had never come that I could be offended. At that time, it is not written with that intention, but it makes me rethink the lyrics with the passage of time may have another meaning. Makes Me question my vision now. I'm going to keep singing 'mariconez' because for me it is not a problem, but I like guys from 25 years to make me rethink things. Thank you because we do not we are silent and what we say, and this is the youth that I want and that I want you to have my children for example. We will respect the decision of the author, but I thank you for the courage that you have had though and I keep singing 'mariconez', I'm glad that you' that you didn't have any reference of this song' I plantéis things. This is very good, and that society change, and that we do not stay stagnant". Word of Noemí Galera and the word sincere, and that reflects perfectly all that has happened.

Mary, a discordant note has been in the Academy, he proposed something that for the generation of Mecano sounded to ridiculous and 'I'm until the noses of the politically correct'. However, put yourself in the place of Mary. It was the first time I heard the song and, although the term "mariconez" refers to "stupidity", "foolishness", etc, she's not sounded good, not liked, not him, seemed right, seemed to him to be homophobic. In place of shut up and take communion with millstones, showed his disagreement and asked to change that word.

The 'triunfita' he did it because what they were 30 years ago does not chirriaba now, thanks to social changes (which have been many) during these three decades, yes squeaky. For some, it is a controversy is ridiculous, your right they are to believe it, for others it is a necessary debate, too, but what since then did not Mary, was to qualify as homophobic to Mechano, or censor a song. Called a term for her yes it was and for others it is not. And there is no more, the rest of the ghosts came from the other side.

how Many artists have refused to sing certain songs because they did not like or did not agree with their lyrics or meaning? The difference is that the approach of Mary, what have seen thousands of people and the artist that says not to interpret a song by another author, for whatever reason, does not see him or Christ.

The message of Naomi was very clear, and notice to mariners: for it "mariconez" sounds normal, but thanks to come a generation that will be replanteé things, that think, that show your opinion, that express, without fear, with courage and generating a discussion that, although many of them look like bullshit, it is necessary. Without discussions like these little we would have advanced. It's milk, and that will be triunfitos, but they are not morons!

it Is very good that is displayed, and there is a new generation that does not accept certain terms that, for decades, or that for another generation are normal and correct, but neither can change a piece of music because yes. It is as if this new generation reads Lolita and unworthy and rewrites to a Lolita of 20 years. The debate is good, approach is good, the mindset change is good, but no.

Applause for Naomi, for Mary and for José María Cano for being the member of Mecano, has said no when I had to say it, and as I had to say it. Because actually the controversy has not been that Mary would feel uncomfortable with a term, the controversy jumped when Ana Torroja, a member of the jury of OT 2018, was released on Twitter defying the Academy and ensuring that she had not given permission to anyone to change the song, despite the fact that the director of the Academy, had assured the boys that the singer had. To see how it develops the gala Wednesday. Will there be silence, clarification, opinion, explanation?

following there was a debate became a hurricane impossible to curb. Pérez Orive positioned itself in favor of Torroja appealing to the freedom of the author, copyright, etc Tinet Rubira, director of the program, was placed in favour of the 'triunfitos' and of his courage to ask things and don't walk like sheep.

The ball became platoon and moved the debate to a controversy that I believe that at no time was the real: no one was accusing Mechano homophobic, no one was censoring a song. But, the situation ended sadly in that.

Mary is not said at any time that Mecano, a defender of the whole diversity of the life of God, out homophobic; but he would not censor a song. Simply, he made a reflection, and it is remained faithful to its principles. A few principles that just as certain generations may seem to us incomprehensible and ridiculous, but as you said Noemí Galera is a luxury that arise and that have. Mary only showed his discomfort, because Mary has another chip, a chip of a new era, another society, other approaches. What sin is there in that?

If there is any sin, (and this itself is ridiculous) is the stupid controversy of Ana Torroja and the Academy. We still do not know if they called or not to the artist or if the artist said a thing to the program and to the networks another. I don't know if the program will end up giving an explanation on the explosion and blowout of the singer, that of time itself has made, from the hand of Naomi (and I insist with all the respect in the world) is to open the melon it should have been open and not the of I the I largest.

Date Of Update: 28 October 2018, 19:00

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