Ona Carbonell, the pupil of the Can Roca wins the final most barbaric of MasterChef Celebrity

Ona Carbonell (Masterchef): "I became very mad with the kitchen. He dreamed of steaks and bechamel" The controversial photo of Jordi Cruz and Samantha wit

Ona Carbonell, the pupil of the Can Roca wins the final most barbaric of MasterChef Celebrity

Ona Carbonell (Masterchef): "I became very mad with the kitchen. He dreamed of steaks and bechamel"

The controversial photo of Jordi Cruz and Samantha with the winner of MasterChef

The unknown boyfriend who Ona Carbonell celebrates her victory

Boris Izaguirre kicked out of MasterChef after a monumental tantrum

"the goal of The game was to win, and one win by getting advantage over others" (Sidney Sheldon). And so it has been and this is expected to the end of the third edition of MasterChef Celebrity, especially after Carmen Lomana is passed through the lining, the great secret of the end and published in its Instagram who was the winner. Oh, this Carmen!.

The olympic Ona Carbonell was taken up with the win on a final very accurate where (and recognized by) the help of Can Rock, of what you have been taught, what you have learned and of which you have been surrounded, led him to lift the trophy of one of the end more harsh and severe in the history of the program.

The emotion, the crying, and in a few moments, the despair, seized the end talent. A final dominated by women (the three first positions occupied women) and with the first victory of the female Celebrity.

Ona took over from another olympic, Saul Craviotto, winner of the past edition, after you have made 30 of the 32 tests of the program. Yes, 30 of the 32. It says soon, but easy has nothing. Ona, the pupil of the Can Roca; the olympian that he did not know or fry an egg; the athlete who had faced never to few cookers; the most unknown (in the world of the celebrities) of all the participants of this Celebrity, not only reached the final, but impressed judges and the very Ferrán Adriá, with a menu of avant-garde worthy, worthy of the Rock. Ona wanted to win and Ona used all his advantage.

What an end, my mother! I'm still stressed out after seeing the three tests that had to face the four finalists (Ona, Paz Vega, Mario Vaquerizo, and Antonia Dell'atte). Three tests that are worthy of the best chefs in the world, and that the applicants have been able to take forward, again with assistance, but also with a desire and an unbelievable force.

perhaps, among many other things, has been the key to the success of this third edition of the Celebrity. All (with the exception of Carmen Lomana) have left the skin in the kitchen, have fought, have suffered, have cried and have a desire leaving the bar very, very, very high for future contestants.

Of the four, only two would reach to the final duel. To do this you would have to first face a test in the kitchens of MasterChef, where would be the first grand finalist, and second, to a test outside where, in addition to the difficulty of the menu designed by Jordi Cruz, they would have to face a few diners at hang on tight and don't menees. In the first Ona Carbonell was shining with its own light, in the second it did Paz Vega, making them the best finalists that could have this issue. More adjusted, more equal, impossible.

In the first test applicants had to get to play two dishes of the three Michelin stars Eneko Atxa by following the steps that the chef was going to mark the time that I cooked with them. O mother of beautiful love! What could be more steps in the dishes of the basque chef? Or the sphere of white chocolate Jordi Butrón.

The test we came into the hair to Ona, accustomed to follow the orders and guidance of your coach for the olympic was not going to be difficult to follow the instructions, for very complicated that would be, of Eneko. Both she and Paz Vega, for me the best of this edition, they managed to follow each step without losing focus even with the pain in the neck of Antonia Dell'atte that is not learned or half-and had One of click before the ball all of the Italian.

it Was the second step of the cooking and Antonia was already lost. For when it came to the txacolí ("txacolina" for Antonia) the ex-model did not know nor where he came from. You forgot half of the steps, was lost several times in the cooking, did not live to Ona that, in spite of help in the first few moments, it came to a point that said, 'go and they give you that I want to get to the end and I have to concentrate', and even allowed the license (so to speak, so fine) do in front of the chef to shout, among other things, "speak, that if you do not blight the life! How long will it take?".

Such was the desperation of the Dell'atte that at the end of the test, I had only managed to reproduce, and without much success, one of the plates, paying with One all their frustrations. And all because in a time of testing Antonia did not find by any side the sheets of gelatin that I needed for one of the dishes.

One volunteered to give him of theirs, but it was the jury who warned them that they could not share ingredients, since each one was yours from the beginning. However, the cuisine of Antonia, it was as if an elephant had entered a china shop, living example of the test performed.

So, as we have been accustomed to the Italian throughout the contest, instead of assuming that I was more lost than a color blind playing Twister, carried all his rage against the athlete. There is No more blind that the one who does not want to see and Antonia last night saw nothing. "I have not helped. I have not wanted to give their gelatin. It is very Catalan it", he spat Antonia, who threw a good time recalling again and again what a bad companion he was One. Had nothing to do the mess cooking that did it. It was all the fault of One. Vaya tela...

Ona Carbonell, the first jacket

Even with all the stones that he was putting Antonia during cooking, Ona was the only one, next to Peace, which managed to bring with note the dishes of Eneko. It is surprising that a girl who hadn't cooked in his life and who went through 9 tests of elimination got last night to perform, and with a note, a plate of a three star Michelin restaurant. And, of course, say the same of Peace, but with more reason.

Paz Vega also got it with the difference that the foam of the butter that accompanied the pigeon was unable to get out. The rest, was even better. Not only taste but also presentation, so much so that the own Eneko surrendered to the good emplatado of the actress. But, in a final... any little detail can lead you to glory or disaster.

Ona won the first jacket that you should direct access to the final duel. The second would be the test of outdoor, a menu of Jordi Cruz, and a few diners to hold on to the males. The chosen place, in a homage to Spanish fashion and the way to promote the upcoming season of Masters of Couture, was the home of the famous interior designer Lorenzo Castillo in Madrid's city center. 10 diners, among whom was Lorenzo Caprile, Maria Escoté and Palomo Spain, would be in charge of delight, or not, with six plates designed by the Catalan chef.

As they presented the dishes I sweating hands. A cold sweat I went around to the spine from tip to tip. Only the dessert of flower petals seemed to me worthy of rushing out without looking back. But Mario, Peace, and Antonia is not achantaron one iota, and thanks to that enjoyed very much, with too much help.

Peace was the first to choose two of the dishes on the tasting menu, having been the second best in the previous test. Chose ceviche of luxury with oysters and pisco sour and roasted squab (it was the night of the pigeon) with marinade and rosemary carrots. Mario, the second to choose, he chose gazpacho of green tomatoes and parpatana of bluefin tuna, garlic, stewed and fermented and cream of almonds. And, finally, Antonia was left, with the most fucked up: risotto of onion infused cheese with juice of onions concentrated, nuts and oil smoked, and flowers with the texture of yogurt crisp and ice cream of violets. To acojona only with name.

As I said, none came down to that... until I started cooking. The rocking horse winner Jordi Cruz, who last night was especially friendly and a collaborator with the applicants, could not with your dish easier, the salmorejo. Green tomatoes with its petals and hearts will atragantaron to Mario who managed to get the dish because the chef brought in the trays with the tomatito well prepared so that diners could eat.

however, with the parpatana, where I had to do in front of a emplatado that no one has managed to do in MasterChef, the dreaded dish DJ, Mario came up and not only got to break the curse, but also brought out a delicious dish, much to Caprile Mario did not have its best time. Already said the dressmaker, where are some good lentils and some good meatballs that were removed from the plates of vanguard.

For its part, Peace was without a doubt the best of the test. It was focused, calm, enjoying, helping, leaving his own cooking to lend a hand to Mario to a Antonia completely crazy. The test Peace was the proof, as we said Pepe Rodriguez after a wet chick that came to MasterChef without many hopes now to be a swan. Without a doubt and by a lot One that put me ahead for me the winner of the morality of this issue is Paz Vega.

Paz Vega, wet chick to a swan

And that is because Peace came from cooking at home for her husband and children, and ball point. Without help more than that gives them the talent and hard work (what he confessed to his eldest son in the final duel) Peace got bit by bit going transforming into a great cook. Yes, he brought base, but nothing more than base, and has completed almost, almost, almost touching the glory. Both by cook as good companion, and if you don't tell that to Antonia.

The test of external Antonia was the culmination of the pressure that the Italian has had since day one of competition. The obulatos of flowers will atragantaron from the beginning and Antonia came down, collapsed, did not endure the hardness of the test, and if you don't get to be by Samantha Vallejo Nájera the two dishes She's left in simple projects. It came down to a literal, ducking under the kitchen and crying inconsolably.

Antonia, yes, Antonia, the fighter, the survivor of the life gave all that he had inside, "I'm overwhelmed. I miss my family, I miss my son...", repeated a shattered Antonia, while Samantha was trying to lift it. And, although he returned to focus and managed to bring the dishes was not enough. Peace was too strong.

it Was clear who would deal to One in the end: Paz Vega. I have to say that this has been one of the final more fair and more justice, the history of the program, both the celebrity and non-famous. If anyone deserved to be in that duel were One and Peace.

Every one by his effort, by his strength, by his desire, by their enthusiasm, by their evolution, because they have enjoyed and have been enjoying, because they do not have left any evidence lying around to none of their peers, because they have proven they can compete without having to step on anyone's head. For this reason, and for the two cooking p... the mother, the two deserved this final.

What was not so fair, but who competes has to do with all of their weapons, was the advantage with the initial a, and the advantage which was not the other. The advantage of a, that is to say, there was another that had been prepared for the talent in the kitchens of the Roca brothers, while Peace was formed with what is right and necessary, which formed the rest of the applicants. And without that help they both thanked Ona before you start the test, the Peace was very, very, very close to lift the trophy of MasterChef Celebrity.

The final duel was to prepare a three-course menu -starter, main course and dessert, which they chose to. Ona threw to the forefront, so that he had been taught, and by the risk. It is played and who does not risk does not win, you know that well.

he Chose to thread the water, their natural environment, using so many techniques that ended up impressing himself Ferrán Adrián. "The dishes are a choreography of yours. There is a technical level overwhelming. The dishes are seamless, arrived to ensure Pepe.

The menu of Ona was composed of a broth, warm vegetables with tuna sardine; an endive cooked at low temperature with a hollandaise sauce and frog legs fried with pango; and, for dessert, the melting of The Himalaya, composed by a soup of cucumber, with a cream of cardamom, apple, infusionada with lemon and a peach osmotizado. For someone who doesn't know how to even fry an egg it is not that olympic is that when less surprising.

For its part, Peace chose a menu of their land. A traditional menu in tribute to "all the great women cooks". Could not be less in the first final of MasterChef Celebrity between two women and with one of them winning. Peace was more than outstanding, it was spectacular. Of incoming prepared a rice of sea with placton, pearls of tapioca, a carpaccio of carabineers and a crispy chive; of a main dish, a fillet of retinto with cream of piquillo peppers; and, for dessert, a yoghurt ice cream with fruit flavoured with grenadine and rebujito.

The words of Adria you said it all: "In my career I have seen few people who have reflected your story in your kitchen as you are. This dessert is what has been the avant-garde cuisine in these 20 years." More you can not ask, can not say.

Ona Carbonell: "finally I have the gold!"

But it could only be one, only one could be done with a 75,000 euros for the NGO that I want, only one could win the trophy, only one could be the new MasterChef Celebrity, and that was Ona. All the effort, all the work, all the suffering of these months they had to have their reward, and this was done with the gold outside of your discipline.

"If I even say the first day, which went all shy because all he was my idol... how cool, I am very happy. Finally, I have the gold! (...) A large part of the merit is of all the people who have helped me. Part is mine, of course, but it could not have arrived here without everything that you have helped me", were the words of a winner who has demonstrated that if you want, you work and you are passionate about so that struggles, nothing can stand in your way.

The best MasterChef Celebrity until the time is finished and to paraphrase Mario Vaquerizo and to the great Lina Morgan... "I feel grateful and excited and I can only say to Masterchef to thank you for existing".

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