Paolo Vasile: "The house of paper was a failure in Antenna 3"

the Face of the expansion of the model of fiction that make the streaming platforms, the ceo of Mediaset Spain, Paolo Vasile, has wanted to be heard, to claim t

Paolo Vasile:

the Face of the expansion of the model of fiction that make the streaming platforms, the ceo of Mediaset Spain, Paolo Vasile, has wanted to be heard, to claim the series addressed to a general public: "The innovation serving for a press not to manage a company." In the opinion of the directors, who say that there is that make a series "prestige" are "idiots". According to believes, "do not work for glory, but for success".

With a tone in appearance relaxed, Vasile took the call with the media to present the new productions of Mediaset to launch a message with a charge against some competing models. "It is a mistake to run after a fashion. We have to make a product for the public that we have, for those who watch television," he said. "A series dark and silent, who does not see or does not hear, is not good for television in general," he said.

"Our vocation is to serve the one who sees us and who choose us," said Manuel Villanueva, ceo of contents Mediaset Spain, also present at the press conference in which the group announced three projects: Missing, Charon and Mothers, all of them dramas, procedural contexts, police, legal and medical, respectively.

While some competitors Mediaset follow the step of the new platforms, Vasile rejected that path. "We would not do never a series in black-and-white, we would do directly in black and white to be more innovative, but for someone that we ask for, not to broadcast on Telecinco, because people don't see," said the director in a time in which Movistar+ has just released Arde Madrid, a series of Paco León was shot in black-and-white.

while acknowledging that The house of paper-the number of non-English-speaking more view the entire catalog of Netflix- "it has a huge merit that he has opened a way, Vasile lowered the accolades that accompany this fiction originally produced by Atresmedia: "The house of paper has not been a success on Antena 3, has been a success on the platform [Netflix]," he said.

"When you have made have been wrong. Have been applied to an engine in a car that didn't need that engine," he concluded, before assessing such a phenomenon as that in Mediaset he would consider it "a failure".

Vasile also stressed the poor results that have had some international series. "Game of thrones, which flooded all the newspapers as if people only saw that, the has issued The Sixth and has withdrawn," he said. In his presentation, the executive board of Mediaset, rejected even the possibility of betting on the tendency to produce fictions of chapters of 50 minutes, a format that Atresmedia has been added recently in line with the dominant model in the international market.

"Our series will be of 70 minutes without any doubt," settled, but left open the possibility of producing any type of content to third parties within the umbrella of the Mediterranean, the new society is presented which brings together all of the companies wholly or partly owned by Mediaset Spain (Telecinco Cinema, Megamedia, Supersport, factory, tv, Bulldog, Tangerine, Melody Productions, Soul and Alea Media).

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 12 November 2018, 08:00

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