Police students convicted killed: Negligence of a colleague

He had been working very affected, says a court spokesman said on Tuesday. In his final word before sentencing, he apologized, therefore, to ensure that his col

Police students convicted killed: Negligence of a colleague

He had been working very affected, says a court spokesman said on Tuesday. In his final word before sentencing, he apologized, therefore, to ensure that his colleague was killed by his Actions. He'll take the blame. Also, the judgment he has accepted: The district court of Würzburg sentenced on Tuesday after only one day of negotiations the 21-year-old police officer in training because of negligent killing to a youth sentence of one year and three months. The sentence will be suspended. In addition, he has to pay 2400 euros for non-pecuniary damage to the parents of his slain colleagues. Previously the police officers had stood by his attorney the charges: He had not considered it possible that in the course of his service weapon, a bullet was. He also admitted to have during Unloading and the control of the weapon acted carelessly.

Karin Truscheit

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In February 2019, the accused, the prosecution had accused of negligent homicide had been shot, his two years older colleague, in an accommodation of the riot police in Würzburg, accidentally in the back of the head. The policeman died shortly afterwards in hospital. The defendant, according to the court spokesman, in psychotherapeutic treatment, is on leave of absence since the incident by the service.

In the indictment it is said that both he and his colleague, with whom he completed his training, had been trained on the basis of their level of Education "in the theoretical and practical handling of the service weapon, as well as the associated security rules". Thus the defendant had a regular service with a service weapon in the "Self protection", so the area of the III. riot police guarded Department in Würzburg. Also on 28. February 2019, when it came to the incident, he had backup first, from six o'clock to 14 o'clock, together with his colleagues and a police officer in the service of the Self. Was equipped with his service weapon of the type Heckler&Koch SFP-9-TR and two weapons magazines, which were filled with 15 cartridges of calibre of 9 mm. A magazine was used as a spare, the other was for the weapon. He had loaded the weapon, so that it was with a cartridge in the barrel ready to use. His actions have complied with the regulations.

state of charge is not controlled

In the case of end-of-service to 14 am, the police submitted the Magazine in the guard station. According to the indictment, the consequences of serious fault of the defendant occurred, then: "Out of negligence" did he fail to discharge his service weapon as prescribed and to control, after he had removed the magazine. Therefore, in service the beginning of the loaded cartridge remained, therefore, go unnoticed in the course of the service weapon. The defendant brought the gun back to his safe in his room, and locked it there. Against 21.15, shortly before he was to start at 22 o'clock back to his service in the Self-protection, was the defendant according to the indictment, once again sloppy In his room, he took the gun out of the safe and put it with the Holster. He had it under, in the case of the "recovery of the weapon of the compulsory control of the state of charge" to carry out.

service ready the young man then went to the room of his colleague, to him to pick up. This had already created his weapon without a magazine. Since the two men are not encountered your colleague in your room, they went back to the room of the older police student. There would be simulated in a "firearms use in the direction of the front door opposite the window". The later Killed had pulled his gun on you in the direction of the window and "Deutschuss" called – in the case of a Deutschuss the shooter uses the weapon, without having to look through the target device. Then the defendant, who stood behind him had drawn his weapon and the direction of the window created. His colleague, according to the indictment "in the scatter range of the thought Deutschusses, without the person aimed it at the Injured party." However, the defendants have pressed for no reason and completely unnecessary – the trigger of the gun fully.

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