SOS Racism put against the ropes the xenophobia of GH VIP: "Generates a climate of hate"

very serious offences may be sanctioned with up to 1 million The redemption of Jorge Javier Vázquez, and GH VIP Angel Garó, outside of itself in the GH

SOS Racism put against the ropes the xenophobia of GH VIP:

very serious offences may be sanctioned with up to 1 million

The redemption of Jorge Javier Vázquez, and GH VIP

Angel Garó, outside of itself in the GH VIP: "I Go to Peru, mamarracha!"

The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP

Suso, now against Monica Hoyos: "you Are unbearable, unbearable, incomible"

"Slut"; "Go to your country"; "Mamarracha"; "The one who cleans the toilets in my town is more handsome than you and is arab"; "milf shit"; "you Go to make kebabs"; "Fuck cousin calm down, you're getting too nervous, or end of the pump in the bottle"; "peruvian shit"... And sum and follows.

These are some of the disqualifications that have been heard in the sixth edition of GH VIP. Disqualifications that started being indignant to a good part of the complaint that the programme ignored, and that have resulted in the filing of a complaint by SOS Racism against Mediaset before the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) and the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE).

The Federation of SOS Racism "has wanted to denounce the situations of racism that have occurred in the program GH VIP over the last few weeks by different participants in this program on persons of foreign origin participating in it," reads the press release sent by the Federation on Monday.

Yes, already there are "four cats", as some contributors to the program have qualified to the followers of the reality show on social networks, those who have seen what the program seems not to want to see. SOS Racism is in addition to the investigation opened by the CNMC after the hearing I did get more than 50 complaints by the outrageous comments that fill this edition.

"The opinions expressed in these comments do not only exceed the limits of freedom of expression and in some cases pose mere condemnation directed at persons because of their ethnicity or origin that generate a climate of hatred toward the group to which they belong, but also highlights the continued racist comments in all types of situations with which they have to live with the people racialized in the Spanish state," says secretary of SOS Racism, Mikel Mazkarian.

with Respect to the complaint presented to Mediaset, reference is made to the violation of their own code of ethics which in their point IV to point out that the company "promotes non-discrimination by reason of race, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, personal and family situation, marital status, physical appearance, sexual orientation, maternity or pregnancy, religion, ideology, political opinions, beliefs or any other prohibited by Law".

Comments that the program seemed to not want to listen to. For more than two weeks, Angel Garó completely lost the papers against Asraf and against Miriam Saavedra, arriving to star in situations quite serious.

The followers of GH VIP to see the 24 hours were not long in becoming in echoing through the social networks of the racist comments of the comedian to Asraf, of moroccan origin, and Miriam, of peruvian origin. Even the program came to cast in their finery part of such disqualifications.

however, the reality did nothing more. No one slowed down, the attitudes of Ángel Garó that, as they were passing the days, they became increasingly unsustainable. In other times never would have left to get to where you arrived.

it is Not nor will it be the first case within GH in which a contestant is sanctioned or directly expelled by comments that "exceed the limits of freedom of expression". Here we have Carlos Navarro, Yoyas (GH 2), Bea la Legionaria (GH: the reunion), Indhira (GH 11), Argi (GH 14), Los Chunguitos (GH VIP)...

In fact, the case of Los Chunguitos was very similar to that now denounces of SOS Racism. The duo was expelled from the reality show after several racist and homophobic in the scoring of "monkey", "gorilla", "King Kong" to Eat, former contestant of Adam and Eve, of race black. "Nobody on this planet would like to have a child fag" or "a child deformed or with a disease before it faggot," were some of the other comments that led to Mediaset to take the decision of them. It was the year 2015 and those decisions are not in the raspas.

The descalificativos of Ángel Garó and Suso did not receive neither warning nor any sanction. The program took cards in the matter, and after the complaints filed in several agencies, making Jorge Javier Vázquez went up to the house of Guadalix and I had a brief meeting with the contestants in the that warned them of the relevance that they were having some of their comments and that the program could not consent to, nor the comments nor the aggressiveness with which they were producing. It is of little use, the hours of that unprecedented visit, disqualifications, returning to the house.

That same week, the entertainer, was kicked out of the house by the audience. Garó apologized, but denied that they were racist comments and tried to justify it by all means.

For all of this, and given the gravity of what you just saw in the house, and according to the secretary of SOS Racism, Mikel Mazkiaran, "is less understood yet that no measures have been taken automatically by the company, we hope our complaint, as well as those that we have promoted together with all the people who have felt offended by this type of comments, then put in place the mechanisms provided for in the aforementioned code."

Within the complaint submitted to the CNMC by SOS Racism states that the comments described constitute a violation of article 57.1 of the General Law on Audiovisual Communication 7/2010 , which is considered a very serious infringement the emission of content that is "overtly encourage hatred, contempt or discrimination on grounds of birth, race, sex, religion, nationality, political opinion or any other personal or social circumstance". In this situation, the Federation has requested the Commission to Initiate proceedings for the cases mentioned, such as SOS Racism is considered part legitimized in the process.

The General Law of Audiovisual Communication, considered to be very serious infringement such content. according to article 60.1 of this Law very serious offences may be sanctioned with fines from 500,000 up to one million euros.

Before the passiveness of the program and the little finesse of the presenter before such comments the Federation has also requested that the Commission for Arbitration, Complaints and Ethics of the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE) to issue an opinion for a possible breach of the Principle Seventh of the Code of Ethics of Journalism, which noted that "the journalist extremará his professional zeal in the observance of the rights of the weakest and discriminated. For this reason, you should keep a special sensitivity in the case of information or opinions of content eventually discriminatory or be likely to incite to violence or to human practices degrading".

To conclude, Mazkiaran, in the name of SOS Racism, and all the people who have submitted complaint for these reasons, requests to Mediaset Spain "not only that do not allow this type of behavior and speeches, but on the same show condemn this type of discourse that are incompatible with the promotion of non-discrimination from its code of ethics."

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 21 November 2018, 20:00

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