Study of education: The want to know young people about Sex - view

About the structure of the female and male sex organs students learn a lot. Important facts about sexuality not be illuminated in the school sex education lesso

Study of education: The want to know young people about Sex - view

About the structure of the female and male sex organs students learn a lot. Important facts about sexuality not be illuminated in the school sex education lessons often. Topics such as relationship, sexual satisfaction, or pornography are often ignored. A recent Swiss study shows that topics of sexuality, young people are interested in actually.

"sex education is enshrined in the curriculum 21 of the Swiss school system. The exact content of the enlightenment teaching, however, are not defined," says Max Bauer (28), the head of the study on "Unmet Needs in Sex Education" to VIEW.

Bauer's master thesis on the topic of youth sexuality education was published in the U.S. "Journal of Adolescent Health". For the survey of 2300 Swiss students were asked within the sex education in gender-separate groups of questions to the other gender. The conclusions from this study should help in the future, the Education better to the young.

Unsatisfactory education

VIEW columnist Caroline Fux (39), psychologist and Sexologist, is not the structure of the Swiss education teaching is not always optimal: "It is a pity, if sexual education is about the health aspects. Then she is in the truest sense of the word unsatisfactory."

to Every man, in the development of his sexuality supports gained. And it need so much more than just information about preventing pregnancies and diseases. "It takes skills, which will help you to experience pleasure and enjoyment."

"pleasure, enjoyment, and very specific, positive behavior tips, such as tips for self-satisfaction in the sexual education is no longer taboo", it should look like according to Fux a suitable Education.

Age-appropriate sex education for students

In the curriculum 21, the sex education is not a separate Department. You will be located in the subject of nature, man, society. It lies with the cantons, such as the conditions and detailed rules of the sexual customer look.

Benedict Zemp (31), researcher, curriculum 21, says, at the request of a VIEW: "The teacher in age appropriate manner, to questions which concern the students." The sex education lessons begin towards the end of the primary level, at secondary level I, he would continue.

The accusation, in the Education of health aspects, according to Zemp wrong: "the life-science aspects are an important part of this." Here will be discussed according to the curriculum-21-staff content to friendship, love and partnership, dealing with your own feelings and needs and those of others. More Zemp explains: "To address values and norms are the General and specifically in relation to the ratio of the sexes."

misconceptions due to porn

you Considered the results of Bauer's study, show that young people are interested in different aspects of sexuality. In particular, questions about sexual preferences such as, for example, oral sex or even for the first Time were often made. These issues will be addressed in sex education lessons are often rare.

Many of the questions of young people turning to the issues of body, about anatomy, or body hair –, the relationship, the Ideal of a man and a woman, Masturbation and pornography.

psychologist Fux: "If children and adolescents do not learn these answers in school, seek Knowledge, in porn or to spread false knowledge with each other. To me is a mystery, what can be better than what belongs to a sexuality that is, and can also be found in the curriculum."

Already, eleven-year-olds talk about porn

porn are among the topics that were discussed by the young people often. According to the study, are already interested in eleven-year-old for it. "Porn today belong to the medial reality. They are there, and the children and young people know how to get to you, or you can get them from peers shown," says Fux.

The Smartphone makes porn easy for the students to access. "It is much wiser and more fruitful to answer questions on this topic directly and proactively, than to hide behind your own inhibitions, or the Ideal of a porn-free world," says Fux.

According to curriculum 21 is pornography however, a binding content, such as Zemp explains. The 31-Year-old explains: "If a teacher is not to teach individual topics themselves, you can delegate this, in consultation with the head teacher of a school is subject to external person of a sex-education advice centre."

Date Of Update: 12 June 2020, 12:49

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