The Anthill: The surprising confessions of Michael Bublé and a lot of "shame" by Pilar Rubio

The night that Pablo Motos brought tears to Úrsula Corberó The joke of The Anthill that ended with the patience of Pablo Motos Pablo Motos and his unspe

The Anthill: The surprising confessions of Michael Bublé and a lot of

The night that Pablo Motos brought tears to Úrsula Corberó

The joke of The Anthill that ended with the patience of Pablo Motos

Pablo Motos and his unspeakable secret

Visit Pablo Motos and his ants is always comfortable. The guest never lives unpleasant situations and if a man the lives the program is always in charge to rectify them with gestures of satisfaction and praise. In this environment it is easy for the one who is going to open in channel and do not hesitate to reveal secrets that in other circumstances would be impossible to extract a confession.

And this is what happened last night to Michael Bublé. The canadian artist was in his sauce, accompanied by Motorcycles, and by a program made-to-measure. He came to present his new disc, Love, and from the first time Bublé was transparent, without restraints, without recatos, who has nothing to hide. And when a guest does, it can't be more than applaud because it is not what the viewer is accustomed to.

as a rule, the majority of the interviews with stars are more than measures and prepared. It is unlikely that the interviewer is out of his script and that the interviewee is out of the more politically correct. But, from time to time, only once in a while, will someone and surprise you. Last night, Bublé surprised.

Accustomed to it that everything is measured, controlled, and that nothing or no one pull out the feet of clay, that Bublé confess without mincing words and without fear the new album emerged with a melody of 11 on 10 it is to applaud, without a break. Yes, I was drunk, with his colleagues, and nothing happens because "it's good because it is natural".

"I Was drunk, with a lot of pizza and my friends... I Am just me with my friends, drink beer, whiskey, playing football...". Last night I did not have anyone else that Bublé, or presenter, or anything, because Bublé was at home, and Bublé gave everything.

And so it is, that's why his new album is Bublé, all natural. Some drunkenness have come the best ideas, and the music was not going to be different. Bublé has not been the first nor will be the last, but that in the times where everything is measured with a magnifying glass for someone to be so sincere, he is to make the wave.

"you've said you've done a disk to make babies. Do you think it's a good soundtrack to have sex?", asked in a given time, Pablo Motos. Bublé did not hesitate to answer with a thunderous "yes". "You know what happens if you're having a relationship and put your soundtrack and suddenly there is a song moved as that will take away from you... what This disk is good to have sex?", he insisted the presenter. "I think when that happens and the music is super romantic and you are making love and suddenly comes a song very rude, since the accelerating". And point.

Because for Michael Bublé what this world needs "more love". How right she is! If you enjoy more of friends, of loved ones, of love, of your partner, of sex, of those little things that you sang Joan Manuel Serrat, another rooster we sing. That is what I wanted to show last night Michael Bublé in The Anthill, the same naturalness with which has created your new disk, the same naturalness with which he spoke last night.

"What we need in the world is more love, much more love, and this has been just that, a chance for all that I have gone through and that was like a therapy. To give thanks to so many people in these difficult times". Yes, the singer you saw last night smiling, happy, delivered, but behind this album of classic songs of the 30's, 40's and 50's there are also very difficult times, very difficult. Bublé abandoned music after his son Noah was diagnosed of cancer and Love is his comeback for everything high and with only one reason: love.

In fact, the album has no title, just a symbol, the symbol that everyone understands, the of a heart. All a declaration of intentions. Because Bublé is already at another level. "Now give me the same critics," has been one of the top that Bublé has been in his new stage, a maxim that Paul would want to copy and Bublé has a very clear: "I can Not control what people think, or their opinions and I don't want to worry about things I cannot control. I simply want to live and enjoy." Lessons beyond drunkenness.

"I want the night to be special," promised Paul, and it did not disappoint. And how could it be otherwise Paul and Michael, Michael and Paul gave him the whiskey. In one of the songs on the new album, When I Fall In Love, Bublé, the bar and a glass of whisky are the protagonists (Michael does not need more), so Bikes will be proposed a game of these that you like the presenter more than a child a candy.

The program recreated the same scenario in the song to combine two of the hobbies of Bublé, "the whiskey and the hockey. "We will compete to see who sends the glass as close as possible to the end of the bar without it falling over". And the two "competitive" is played. First released Paul and was inches from end of bar. Launched Bublé and not exceeded, but there was another attempt and this time it could throw it against the glass of the contrary.

Paul threw the Bublé, but in the next game, the artist left the glass on the edge of the bar. Paul tried, but failed to do so and Bublé put your following glass, protecting the glass in the limit that had been placed before. Paul threw the protection and the singer placed a new. "Now I could be a gentleman and be super stylish...", I said Bikes. "No, No, no, no, please," he responded Bublé. And Paul wanted to make the move teacher and shot himself in the butt. "I'm a asshole, I am asshole...", shouted Paul more competitive. Obviously, Bublé won and the set came up at the cry of "¡Bublé, Bublé, Bublé!

it is A bullshit game, but that was neither the hair to show what that Bublé tried all night to convey, that there is to enjoy, to live, to be happy. Bublé you may like more or less as an artist, but that is of no doubt is that their philosophy of my life should be applied in the lives of many.

that's what I did last night Bublé, just enjoy it. Enjoyed the interview, enjoyed the flattery, he enjoyed the applause, enjoyed with Jandro and the mascletá that prepared him, he enjoyed with the ants, he enjoyed trying to sing the villancinco Towards Bethlehem> ("I'm going to be two weeks rehearsing until I get it right"), he enjoyed riding a magic swing set with Pablo Motos and enjoyed, above all, with the challenge of Pilar Rubio.

Pilar rubio dies of "shame"

The artist was impressed by the capabilities of the colaborloves the program, and that there was much less of the best challenges of Rubio. The presenter had to re-create part of the choreography of West Side Story with cast members of the function that is being represented in the Theatre Calderón of Madrid, but Pilar had not had time to rehearse enough.

as a rule, the collaborator has a week to prepare for the challenges of the program, but this time it only took four days. I had to dance part of the choreography of Mambo and Pilar showed more nervous than other times, and see that it is difficult.

While Pablo Motos I explained Bublé what are the challenges of Pillar and reminded him of some of the most amazing, Pilar insisted he had had only four days, "four little bit", and that she was not a dancer. "I think this is the most difficult, because they are dancers and I will do what I can," confessed a Pillar more than nerves.

Pilar Rubio knew that he would not be the best of their challenges. Did what they could because whenever you tap a challenge of dancing Pillar slack down (with the exception of one spectacular Single Ladies), and this time was no different. Now, you have four days to learn the choreo and do what he did has a merit of noses. But, even taking it forward, Pilar died of shame.

Despite the applause of the public, Pablo Motos and Michael Bublé, which I was really freaking out with what he had done to contributor, Pillar ended his challenge and I can only say: "shame on you gives me dancing Paul!". Like the child who goes to the stage at the Christmas festival of his school and all he wants is to hide behind the others died of shame, because Pillar like. It was put up red! And ran out without barely saying goodbye.

Pilar was dying of shame, but to Bublé he did not care because for Bublé what he had done was mind-blowing, because Bublé was all night completely delivered. Note, I feel it when a guest is going to take the rest, to give everything, to surrender, and Bublé is what he did, and I think, moreover, that he did it with all the sincerity and all the naturalness of the world. When the unattainable is displayed so near, when the television is delivered to the pure entertainment, there is what he wanted to Bublé arises: just enjoy it.

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