The Moment ...: ... in the I my guitar exchanged against a Bass

self-optimization orgies in Corona times? Not for me, thank you. While the whole world bragged to bake on Instagram with your progress in terms of Yoga, Chinese

The Moment ...: ... in the I my guitar exchanged against a Bass

self-optimization orgies in Corona times? Not for me, thank you. While the whole world bragged to bake on Instagram with your progress in terms of Yoga, Chinese and cake, I looked on Netflix, strummed on the guitar and shopped online. Until I discovered this Jazz Bass is bright Orange. Zack, already ordered the amp, bass bag, and the tuner does not hurt any more then. The tiny Amp can fit in my backpack, but it makes a noise like a Large – deserved revenge for the trampling of my neighbors.

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I Proudly told all the contacts in the phonebook of my achievement – the reactions were sobering. Apparently, the friends in my musicians knew each other-Bubble better, with the jokes about bass players than bass players themselves. "The Drummer has to tune the bassist of the String. And he says to him, what!“ The bounces to me, I have bought the tuner. "What sits in the rehearsal room and has an IQ of 48? Two Bass Players.“ Hehehe. I was clear that I had to clean up with a fundamental misunderstanding about the essence of all good music.

"Bass, Bass, we need Bass!"

With the Bass, it's a bit like the air you Breathe – the untrained ear does not notice him, if he is there, but confused, highly if it is missing. Why it sucks so much when someone is playing music on the Smartphone? Because the full frequency range is missing. American scientists found out years ago that the Bass is the main Instrument in the Band. The reason is simple: We can recognize the rhythm in the low frequencies, faster, and Bob up and down as in high. Another study shows that music with hard Bass has a positive effect on our Psyche, and improves self-esteem.

Depending on the type of music you can feel the Bass sometimes rather than heard him clearly. A try to dance to music without Bass.In "music only if it is according to the" sings Herbert Grönemeyer about a deaf woman: "The man of her dreams must be a bass man / The Tickle in your stomach makes you crazy." The German rapper das Bo, puts it simply: "Bass, Bass, we need Bass!" Wherein me neither ... this is still The Bo would have led to the Bass. The deep toner is best where he comes out of the Background and style-defining Instrument: the radio. Countless hours of Practice, will allow you to spend, virtuoso bass melodies so casual as in Joe Dart's (Vulfpeck) or Paul Turner (Jamiroquai).

But one after the other. After the package has done it, my dream bass only has two small paint flaws to provide in my self-isolation (and I've posted a photo on Instagram, I admit it), I will start with the basic sounds and learn the technique. There are today, fortunately, low-threshold Youtube Videos. Guitar players have it easier on the Bass, you often hear, "only four instead of six strings". Apart from the fact that this applies to every Bass, it is as a guitarist, on Bass, also a lot of Learning to unlearn. The Bass of the neck is considerably longer than in the case of the guitar, the frets on the fingerboard to be set apart more, the strings are thicker and harder to push down. You need big hands, long and strong fingers. This is not only true for the left gripper, but also for the right hand, the Forefinger and middle finger to replace the for guitar the usual guitar Pick. Hopefully no one has a recording of it, as I tried me for a Garagengig to Abizeiten on the Bass. After that, my thumb hurt pretty, the ears of the listeners probably. Now the thumb sits there, where he belongs, as a support on the cartridge. The Bass I put only to Sleep and eat. On the wall several dusty guitars and eyeing my Sessions, suspicious, jealous, and in every way out of tune.

The most important difference between guitar and bass, however, is not technical but psychological in nature. Guitarists will be in the spotlight, bassist hide in the second row. Unless they take over the lead vocals – a rather unusual combination, which is still in a musical Tradition. Just think of Paul McCartney in the Beatles, or Sting with The Police. Legends of this magnitude is not, of course, can only sing and bassen at the same time, but are also allowed to use with impunity the Pick instead of the finger change shock. Speaking of the Beatles, for "Drive my car" from start to I then the Pick again.

save me from the "Frankfurt radio Freaks"

For people with no musical talent, is the combination of Singing and playing bass is almost an impossibility, one of the two suffers always. The Bass plays the Backbeat and syncopation and listening to the rhythm of the drums, while the vocals surrenders to the flow of the melody.

Date Of Update: 08 July 2020, 05:20

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