The 'Wheel' receives 18 million euros of SGAE

One out of every six euros which distributes the entity corresponds to the music played on television in times audience, recognizes Hevia. The president adm

The 'Wheel' receives 18 million euros of SGAE

One out of every six euros which distributes the entity corresponds to the music played on television in times audience, recognizes Hevia.

The president admits that the new regulations being voted on in the assembly, the 27 is a "patch" and an "exit reasonable only in the changes that the law demands".

The Ministry of Culture threatens to punish the SGAE, following the information published in THE WORLD

on The 27th of December the General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE) celebrates one of his journeys most transcendental, in which the shareholders voted in an extraordinary general Assembly the new statutes and the distribution of the amounts corresponding to the month of December, just a day before the expiry of the deadline imposed by the Ministry of Culture and Sport for the entity to comply with the law. In the midst of a climate of tension and hurry to the possible intervention of ministers in the event that the vote is negative, the direction of the SOCIETY has offered this Wednesday a press conference to ask that the members approve the bylaws. All this, within a campaign, a somewhat apocalyptic that sells something like: "Or this, or death."

José Ángel Hevia, president of the entity of management of rights of author, and his four vice-presidents (the composer Teo Cardalda, the writer Antonio Onetti, the playwright Fermín Cabal and editor Clifton J. Williams) have read a statement in which called to vote "Yes" to the new statutes, and reject the negative vote "by a vote self-destructive: the triumph of the NOT lead to the end of the SGAE and the consequent homelessness of thousands of authors".

In that sense, they appeal "to the responsibility of all" and express their "willingness for dialogue between the schools to overcome a confrontation internal that has already lasted for too many years and that can lead to the disappearance".

The address of the SOCIETY has wanted to show this dialog by using an image of union of the representatives of the different colleges that make up the society. And this, despite the internal differences on issues such as the tv music in the strip of the night, which is currently investigated in the National court judge Ismael Moreno at the 'Wheel'.

The LPI, a "reference service"

In that sense, Hevia has demonstrated the "willingness to collaborate" of the board of directors of the SOCIETY and has emphasized that the processing of the amendments to the Law on Intellectual Property (LPI), which currently runs between the Senate and the Congress of the Deputies, "established the possibility of coexistence in the future," and represents an "opportunity to appeal to a benchmark legal".

Hevia refers to one of the aspects of the amendments, which establish a limitation to those amounts that divide the SOCIETY between authors and publishers that participate in the 'Wheel'. By this modification, the music played on the television in the hours of early morning (the strip with less audience) would receive a maximum of 20% of the cast of tv musical.

The president and his colleagues have stressed that the new legal framework approved by the Legislature, will end the dispute and the rejection of a part of the members (mostly musicians) to those other authors, such as Hevia, have lived until now for the music night on television. El gaitero asturian wanted to show their commitment to transparency and dialogue to make public the amounts corresponding to this practice.

So, from 107 million euros distributed by the entity on liquidation of the month of December (one of the two that are made to the year, next to June), "18 million correspond to the music of television in fringe night". The figure, which "includes arrears by the chains of television", represents a 16.8% of the total. According to the common practices of the 'Wheel', that amount is divided at 50% between the authors and publishers of musical television. Therefore, 9 million people would have gone to authors such as Hevia and Cardalda, while the other 9 would correspond to the "return" which, semi-annually, receive the television by this practice.

"A charter of minimum"

Antonio Onetti, for its part, has recognized that what is presented to the partners the next day 27 is "a charter of minimum", which "includes strictly what we required the transposition of the directive of the European Union". Hevia has been opened up and, after assuring that he does not want "a constitution that would favour any sector", has raised the reform of a way posibilista: "in The end what we are doing is patching the statutes to base changes. It is a departure reasonable at this time: change only the points you ask for the act with the consciousness that will bring reforms to the bylaws more in-depth."

To Hevia, the situation of the SOCIETY is sufficiently serious as to plead that "the vote of 'No' is not a punishment to what happened in the past". Therefore, he wanted to qualify the statements Cardalda at the press conference of presentation of the board of directors arising out of the past elections, in which the former Low Blows stated to the media: "The enemy are you." The president of the organization has been adamant: "The SGAE does not recognize, or can recognize enemies. What is a challenge is, after this crossing of the Rubicon, to achieve a perception of social understanding for the work of the SOCIETY".

Still, there are those who think that yes, there are enemies, even internal. As well, Williams has noted that "the multinational record companies have always had an interest in controlling the board and its decisions." Has thus referred to the big publishers, whose ancient representatives were expelled from the board because of a court judgment, and responded by boycotting their participation in the past elections. A good part of the musicians who do not agree with the 'Wheel' are aligned with their position.

"From the outside, this translates into an enormous pressure. With measures such as riding his own SGAE, with the support of foreign entities", has denounced Williams. "That's why, everything that it can to weaken the SGAE they are interested in. In the face of this, it is our responsibility with the partners in the entity."

Another crack that has been apparent is the raised by Fermín Cabal. "This is not the house of the musicians. It is the home of the musicians, the playwrights, the authors of dance..." he complained with regard to the prominence that it has acquired the 'Wheel' in the affairs of the house. "Is that those 18 million euros is more than the liquidation of the entire college of Great Right," he protested. However, according to him, "there is an obsession with a topic that is timely", but that may not mark the calendar. "We want to end with the 'Wheel', but first you have to save the SGAE. And we're going to do it together."

"The problem of the 'Wheel', of the cast, darkens all others", has been sorry for his part Onetti. "The members are fed up with the confrontation."

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 28 December 2018, 08:00

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