The arrogance of Carmen Lomana busting MasterChef: "If you are not interested in this, door!"

The jury crushes Boris Izaguirre and Antonia Dell Ate Desquicie total in MasterChef Celebrity: "You're a fly cojonera" Carmen Lomana't take the pres

The arrogance of Carmen Lomana busting MasterChef:

The jury crushes Boris Izaguirre and Antonia Dell Ate

Desquicie total in MasterChef Celebrity: "You're a fly cojonera"

Carmen Lomana't take the pressure and faints in full cooked

The ruthless vengeance of Antonia Dell'atte on MasterChef: "It is a snake"

Carmen Lomana in MasterChef Celebrity starts to be as one of the great mysteries of man. Seven, that is to say, seven programs has been the entrepreneur of leon (from last night Miss Pepis) without knowing even cut an onion. But, aunt, it's still there. In seven program has only gone through a test elimination and as he gave a parraque as it was even valued. There are those who are born with star, others starry, and others who know how to play their cards.

His teammates say that is a talisman because the team that falls in the test of outdoor equipment that wins and is pound of the test of elimination. I begin to think that this is a thing of witchcraft, because I can not believe that last night had just in the street my dearest and adorable Maria Castro, and 'the Lomana' follow there. As would Boris (make use of the accent): "Oh my God!".

The bloody war that kept Antonia Dell'atte and Carmen Lomana is helping a lot to both keep them in the program. It is obvious that it is not scripted, they hate to death and if they could tread upon the heads of the pisarían, but it is also true that the confrontation between the two, beads are released program and program also, the scoldings, the pullas, etc, etc, etc, come to that nor painted because they represent the soap opera of this edition.

not really, I can't believe that miss Pepis follow there. It is inexplicable, incomprehensible, indescribable, ineffable, and all the 'ines' that I want to put. Until the jury is up to the very bow of it. So much so, that last night, Jordi Cruz more lethal, the Jordi, which he stabs with his words, the Jordi deadliest ended up crashing to the arrogance and pitorreo of Carmen.

Now, I wonder one thing... what If so until the noses are of her, of her attitude in the kitchen, his lack of evolution, its lack of interest why not give an apron black and send them to the test of elimination by the way quick instead of abochornarla as happened last night? Will not be the first nor the last time that MasterChef is pulled out of the sleeve a turn of events and sent someone to the test of elimination by the shortest path.

But, with Lomana should be they are not interested in. Then, while still Lomana, who does not know or fry an egg, so they are still there leaving other candidates far more trained and with a lot more enthusiasm. Said Maria Castro, said Óscar Higares, said that Dafne Fernández...., and as this continues check up to the jury.

The lack of interest in Carmen is more than obvious. I think, honestly, that she knows where are their limits and do not try to go beyond, nor strives, nor use to upset with herself when things don't come out. Who does not know how to do spherification, then nothing happens; I get a fucking mashed potatoes, so at least I tried; that I do not get or fry an egg, because I already do. To suffer when you can keep things in perspective and be passed around by the comb.

I will Not deny that the aversion of Carmen and Antonia gives an incredible game, which keeps waiting to a jury, applicants and the public, but if this is a talent of cooking, Lomana would have to be out for a number of programs for very god-that is, for a lot of entertainment you give to us, as much as desquicie Antonia. And I'm not worth the argument that a failure in a test of removal can cost you a great applicant for the expulsion, because with Carmen, and we have seven programs and it's still there.

The dishes that you did in the first test were, as we said Samantha Vallejo Nájera, "a lack of respect." Yes, Antonia stole his basket of the five most important ingredients, leaving you with a hand in front and another behind, but Peace also was whistling, the same thing that Boris and the same thing that Mary, who had, probably the worst night of your step by MasterChef. And still having the worst baskets his teammates managed to get (with the exception of Mary), some dishes more than worthy. How would that Peace took the ovation of the jury for their presentation and for cooking and just had some eggs, a few peas, a few eggs and little more.

however, miss Pepis returned to make your own. More you re doing the right thing would be to do nothing and what little that does to do it wrong. It is the attitude. In fact, is what blew the jury, especially, Jordi, which takes weeks, warning him not to show any type of interest and that all the slides. Prepared a puree of mushrooms with pea, without being cruel, looked, looked... better not say it. To make matters worse when I was emplatando he dropped all the curry on top of that with what Samantha refused even to try it. Made another dish with gelatine of algae and a kilo of roe incomible, and Carmen was so quiet, as if the thing does not go with it.

"This is a lack of respect for the test. It seems that you don't mind this (...) This is neither avant-garde nor kitchen. You have to have a little humility and admitting mistakes instead of trying to replicate everything you said", he snapped Samantha, and Lomana instead of guts, heart and envainársela as the sheathed minutes before Mario Vaquerizo he took a walk that arrogance that thinks it does everything well for the simple fact that as you have never done so, because at least you have tried and have been spotting a little bit on the apron. No longer strained.

"And what you want to do?, do I cry, pulling my hair and riding theatre? I get like that, because I the feelings I carry inside, and the things I suffer also, but if you want to mount a movie can do it too", was justified by the entrepreneur. And she's right. The same is true that the procession goes inside, but after all of the touches of attention that has given the jury a light please, Carmen, a little bit. Carmen should not know the humility, nor the sample, nor was it expected.

And while he threw the fight, and told him that not so, and spoke to him of lack of respect for Carmen, he descojonarse. Yes, as such, gave a break of laughter making the pump Cross let go of all the ballast that been building up for weeks. "You have to laugh, don't deny it. The only thing that you should remember is that here we value very much the attitude. If you want to be in the program, prove it, but it is so, o door!". The Lomana had been left in boxes, the studio was silent, Santiago, without words and see that it is unlikely, Boris, ojiplático, all freaking out.

But reason was not lacking to the chef. The attitude of Carmen is very poor. I don't know if the talent is really so, and things gives them the importance they believe they deserve, which is none. While Boris just desolate fully cooked because it will not pull out or a right-handed, but, unlike Lomana, he pulls out the claw of venezuela inside and out gets a plate of decent, Carmen lives in the worlds of Carmen.

he Says that he gives for you to laugh when you are nervous, but the reality or at least what you see is that you care a whole pepper. Come on, who is there to pass the time. Although the hardness of Jordi yes had to touch the patatita because when the jury considered his plate and Mary had been the worst of the test, and while Mary is wearing a disgust spectacular (poor little me), Lomana ran a millimeter of blood by the veins. Reminds Me of both the Mr Burns of the Simpsons...

he Tried to convince the jury of something that was impossible to convince, and in the end pulled out of their boxes to Jordi, who missed him telling her to walk. "You can cut the roll, cut the roll!", we dropped the chef when Carmen was trying to make them see that she felt bad for the disaster it is cooked. To good hours, green sleeves.

In the test equipment Carmen wanted to compensate. He touched the team of Paz Vega, probably next to Mary, the best captain of this edition. Peace is able to send, know resolve, knows how to organize and know how to work. And even though the first set ended in a crab salad with arugula and guacamole (damn crabs!), Peace knew how to pull it off and be resolute.

Carmen put on the batteries and, it is true, that work has not worked in the seven programs. "Today is going to know Jordi, because it is always attacking me so much so that today I'm going to demonstrate what it's worth a comb". And put the whole machine. Prepared dressing of red fruits, is in charge of the sauce of the meat and the guacamole and from home what is saw is that at least he had put something of interest. But it rains on wet and Jordi was not going to happen nor media.

After some problems cooking on the red team (Mario Vaquerizo, Ona Carbonell, Antonia dell'atte and Mary Castro), generated by a quinoa avinagrada of the hand of Antonia, which is already beginning to get me riled up, and a dessert uncontrolled with fillo shells burned, and a filling that left much to be desired, it was made with the victory the team of Peace. One does not know to captain in the kitchens and is carried away by the strongest personalities (what is being Antonia) and the result is dishes that leave a lot to be desired.

This time it was at the Teatro Real and with some diners that they were going to give the do breast. Sweet California, Becky G, Carlos Baute, Amaia Montero, Blas Sang... enjoyed more with the dishes the blue team and they kept their worst ratings for the red team. But, it was not all color of roses for the Peace team, Carmen returned to receive a good thrashing, this time, I will say, unjustified.

"I have remembered to miss Pepis cooking. You have to have self-criticism because you always do everything well", we launched a Jordi more than tired with the leonese. "I have a mania," he replied at bajini Carmen. Reminds Me of when I was in school and a teacher will be suspended and you told your parents, "is that I have a hobby", well the same, but in graduate.

so bajini and Twitter. The anger of the Lomana transferred the borders of the program. The entrepreneur is desquitó on Twitter where he took out all the blood that hasn't taken off yet in the program. Like the week that comes loose it all, but last night was the time of Twitter (how they like it...). "You want that I deleted since I can't more of the truth...". Amen.

Carmen does not sit well and, for the first time and although not what we saw, apparently released some other lagrimilla. "Carmen, don't cry that the glasses don't look," he blurted Santiago Segura, that is the that it jumps. But, the final finish came from Antonia.

The Italian leaves or to sun or to shade, to miss Pepis, has rotten and take advantage of any opportunity to pull out the whip, walk and clinging to him some whiplash. "How many bullshit can not endure! Enough!" he began to shout Antonia to your partner without coming to story. And I say without coming to story because this time Lomana had not been addressed to her for anything. But where there was fire, there are always embers.

Mary, Mario, Ona and Antonia went to the test of elimination. A test where Peace, winner of the previous test, I had to choose who would cook products expensive and who is cheaper products. Mario and Ona gave them the expensive and 25 minutes less of cooking time; Maria and Antonia gave them the cheap and 75 minutes of cooking. And speaking of attitude, while some were cooking, others were returning to sleep in the balconcillo of the saved. What of Boris, Carmen, and Morpheus begins to be of concern. As it is, to throw something through the pipes of the air, because falling asleep in the recording of a program is too. That is the attitude I was talking about Jordi.

Mario and Ona prepared a few dishes more than worthy, using all of the avant-garde techniques that were required. They made two dishes-conjugated and with respect, while Antonia was wrong with the veggies and Mary prepared a set who had not where to pick it up, a hodgepodge.

he Wanted to go to more, because it was playing, and didn't get it. A failure in the test of expulsion is what you have, but I continue to insist: I can't believe that Lomana follow there and Mary has left. It was, without doubt, one of the favorite due to his effort, his desire, his evolution and by his attitude. Lomana 7, the rest 0. There is nothing more to say.

Date Of Update: 26 October 2018, 19:35