The best family doctor in the world: "we can't meet in six minutes"

The newly awarded as the best medical in the world, Veronica Married, calls for more physicians to their specialty and highlight the importance of the role of t

The best family doctor in the world:

The newly awarded as the best medical in the world, Veronica Married, calls for more physicians to their specialty and highlight the importance of the role of the teaching

The best medical in the world is of Valladolid. Veronica Married yesterday received the news that he had been the winner of the most prestigious award that delivers the World Organization of Family Medicine (Wonca). The award recognizes those physicians who have achieved excellence in healthcare at a global level.

"I Am in a cloud", he said Married. "The award I received with a lot of emotion. A recognition of this level is a great joy." The doctor has assured that it is not a prize only for her, but "to all family physicians in the country." Virginia Married stressed that it is not considered the best optional at the global level, "gives a lot of vertigo, there are extraordinary health throughout the world".

on Monday morning, when he received the news from South Korea where is held the meeting of the Wonca, this doctor of valladolid couldn't believe it. "At that moment I shrugged off the heart", he confessed. To get this award, you must first stand as a candidate, and this cannot be done one same, need to be other professionals who will propose one of them as the possible winner of the contest. To Married, "the simple fact that the people that know you to decide that you deserve the nomination is already a prize".

The optional has a clear what is your main claim with regard to the family medicine: "The most difficult part of my work day today is the quarrel of the times". Virginia Married ensured that the medicine of primary care needs more professionals.

The main problem that you are going through, he said, is that there are more and more chronic diseases, and diagnoses complicated, which need to be attended to in a time higher than the average asked by a patient, "we can't meet in six minutes."

The medical has ensured that the specialists of family are the basis of the health care system. Made a comparison: "The world of medicine can be understood as the creation of a castle human. For this can have many floors need a good base, and that the members of that base are strong. The medicine of primary care is the base of the castle that is the medicine."

Within the petition were Married on the increase in the number of primary care physicians, they are also the professionals in the rural area. "You must keep a system that is responsive to the needs of rural medical practitioners, respecting the balance with the city". In addition, the medical valladolid has assured that the physicians in rural areas need an improvement in the means they use to act with greater effectiveness. "Must have tools in problem-solving".

When Virginia Married was small, he always said he most wanted to be a teacher, but her father convinced her that it was medical. Some of the teaching and the education we struck a chord, despite dedicating themselves finally to the world of medicine. Assured that she is "indissoluble" the assistance of the teaching. "Working with young people is paramount". Also wanted to underline the importance of the internships for the students of medicine: "do Not love what you don't know. The practices are essential for the students."

Married defended the "high quality" of family medicine in Spain, and of all the medical specialties. "In the Uk if you are one of the best doctors in your promotion you are devoted to family medicine. The English, when they are no specialists in your country, go to Spain, this demonstrates the quality of our medical specialists".

a Test of his loyal support to the education in medicine is that it has recently joined the Working Group of Wonca World in teaching. It is one of the most powerful at the international level, and promotes the education and teaching in medicine.

Virginia Married currently works in the Health Center of Parquesol. It began in 1989, she asserted that it is "a lifetime". He has never wanted to leave, throughout your career you have been offered "good jobs" but said that what he wants to do, but "should improve the conditions in which currently we work". The doctor defended that, for her, the best rewards are the everyday, that are the affection and loyalty it receives from patients, students and residents.

Date Of Update: 06 November 2018, 08:00

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