The blatant cheating that GH VIP can't hide

Darek expelled and Miriam, The Koala and Verdeliss nominated in the GH VIP 6 Jorge Javier Vazquez vs GH VIP: "Or change or has no place on television"

The blatant cheating that GH VIP can't hide

Darek expelled and Miriam, The Koala and Verdeliss nominated in the GH VIP 6

Jorge Javier Vazquez vs GH VIP: "Or change or has no place on television"

Monica Holes and the abuses that GH VIP should stop

The machismo of Suso gets on the ropes to GH VIP

Nor holy without stamp, or game without cheating. Until the 'reality' is not what has been achieved has not stopped. This phrase can summarize what happened last night in the GH VIP 6 with the nominations, the nominees, the so-called 'Gods of Olympus', the 'mugrepandi' or better said, the shameless flirts, machinations, and deceptions set forth by the program, so that once and for all the three favorite contestants (for the audience) are nominated at the same time and without anyone else with whom enfrentrarse.

Yes, I speak of Miriam Saavedra, Verdeliss and The Koala. At this point any follower of the program can hardly be doubted that the three, loyal friends, are, without a doubt, the more support they receive from the outside. This Big Brother may not like it very much. Like they think that knowing already who they are going to get to the final thing you are going to lose interest and will lose the audience. ¡ERROR!

Or equal is another thing, like is that they don't like Miriam, or the same is that they don't like Verdeliss, or equal to, is that you have to keep in the house to certain contestants, or the same is that they have no idea what they are doing, or directly care for a cucumber the requests and suggestions of an audience that begins to be up beyond Orion of how he is managing the 'reality'.

it is worth nothing that last night at Jorge Javier Vazquez will fill the mouth saying how wonderful she is Miriam as a contestant of reality and the whole game gives, so that after the program is sought to all the tricks-gotten gains and have for the peruvian left nominated, even though it was waged in the first place.

don't just show the videos that best suit to the mugrepandi (last night, at least, had the decency to capitalize on the theft of food, hallelujah!) and that in a worse place to leave Miriam. No. The program found the way without being too brash in the wall of the nominees will end up the three favorites, the three amigos, the three most dear... Even bending their own rules.

"on the other hand, the proof that 'Gods of Olympus' will determine the mechanics of the nominations: the gods, Angel Garó and Tony Spina, will be the only witnesses of the names of the candidates to leave the house, points, and reasons that his fellow iran saying the Olympus. Both will have to go by your own calculations with the scores and at the end of the night will be in charge of to announce to the rest of the house the list of candidates for expulsion. However, this list might not be real, since it is the option of committing errors in the sums of points.

instead, the viewers themselves will know exactly who are the nominees and open the voting to choose the next expelled.

These two paragraphs correspond to a publication of the program done this week when he met the new weekly test. Actually, Tony and Angel are the 'Gods of Olympus' and can ask and do what they want. One of the things about being God is that, finally, a few nominations for this sixth edition were to be in private, except for Tony and Angel, yes you would see who nominaban their peers and why. Once heard the nominations of their peers, they would be in charge of communicating who they were nominated, according to their calculations, and without that the hand that rocks the cradle intervene.

Until here everything perfect. The program seemed that you listened to your hearing that from days ago asked that the nominations were not to the face, but sensitive to that once and for all "sextet traitor," as they have dubbed The Koala, stop nominating always the same and the nominations do not become judge and executioner of the three of always.

Because of what there is no doubt is that if in a contest so they are always the same people nominated, first, the audience is bored; second, the audience really gets; third, the audience loses interest; and fourth, the audience is just coscando that here is something fishy. And I say one thing, who is the head thinking of these things in the program, who is the person or people who do not realize that the audience is much more list of what you think, who is it that obvious that GH breast of their audience.

Thus, effectively, there must be someone who does not know very well. Last night, after the expulsion of Darek (at Ikea we have already made a hole) began the nominations. And were well, and in this order:

* Angel Garó payroll with 1 point Koala, with 2 points to Miriam, and with 3 points to Asraf.

* Tony Spina payroll with 1 point to Verdeliss, with 2 points to Miriam, and with 3 points to Koala. (Full 15)

* Makoke payroll with 1 point to Verdeliss, with 2 points to Miriam, and with 3 points to Koala. (Otr full 15 of the sextet)

* Aurah payroll with 1 point to Verdeliss, with 2 Koala and 3 points to Miriam. (Then say that they don't have things planned)

* Miriam nominates 1 point to Monica, with 2 points to Aurah and with 3 points Makoke.

* Monica nominates 1 point to Koala, with 2 points to Verdeliss and with 3 points to Miriam.

* Koala payroll with 1 point to Suso, with 2 points to Aurah and with 3 points Makoke.

* Asraf payroll with 1 point to Verdeliss, with 2 points to Miriam, and with 3 points of Ángel Garó.

* Verdeliss payroll with 1 point Asraf, with 2 points to Monica and with 3 points Makoke.

* Suso payroll with 1 point to Verdeliss, with 2 Koala and 3 points to Miriam.

The nominees were Miriam, The Koala and Makoke. Up to here all clear. According to the rules of the test, Tony and Angel were in charge of communicating to their peers who were nominated and, well, Tony, having won the test leader could choose who he would save from the nominees and who rose to the list. And here is when lio parda.

A calculation error Tony made that mistake and think that one of the nominees is Miram in place of Makoke. Right, I insist, according to the rules imposed by the program, was that Tony saved or not, whom he considered nominated, by placing at the fore the other.

Obviously, with the calculation done by Tony he had to save one of the three 'affliction' of the house. But when I was going to do, when it seemed that finally some of the favorites were going to save from being nominated... will JJ passes through the lining to the standards of its own program and communicates it to Tony the official list. Immediately, Tony saves Makoke and goes up to Verdeliss. I can not say more... let's TONGO!, in large, neon lights to be able to be.

Tony and Angel could not know the official list unless it had been done correctly the calculations. If they were wrong, as was the case, transported to his fellow nominees, according to what they totaled. Only the audience could know the nominees real. If JJ had been quiet (but did not) Tony had decided not to save any of the nominees that he thought and, therefore, Makoke would have been nominated and, as is developing the program, the Thursday that comes would have said, 'until luegui' to the house.

How can you manipulate with so little shame? Do you really someone in the program, it was believed that the hearing was not going to give an account of the deception? You have to be very candid, or, directly, you have to blow a lot of what they think the public to do it so blatantly and without any type of modesty.

do you really not realize that they lose more by doing this than leaving the contest to flow with the rules that they themselves have set? I'm not surprised that the followers of the reality are which stack smoke. So much that they are mobilizing to make a total media blackout of Telecinco next Sunday. So how evil comes to the program that the favorites phased out each week to one of the sextet? Why is there to defend the 'mugrepandi'? What is there behind? Because after yesterday something has to be behind it.

Since it is not only to ignore videos which show the reality of the "sextet" traitor; since it is not only that they try to soften the sexism, the harassment and bullying; because it is not only that you want to show the worst side of Miriam Saavedra, ignoring other far worse things. Is that they skip their own rules to get what they were looking for for weeks, that Verdeliss, The Koala and Miriam were nominated together and, thus, the audience is forced to take any of the three.

And that last night it seemed that the 'reality' had been aware of the favoritism brazen with a certain contestant and I was going to start to show what the followers 24 hours look day yes and day also. Yes, good intentions, because of what of Suso and the deplorable joke about terrorism or media, but at least he had intentions. Why they had to shit in the last minute? As much as I can't find a compelling reason to load the program in such a way.

I don't know why it surprised you so much that the program can do something like what he did last night when even complies with the code of ethics of the Mediaset. A code in which it is clearly said that the group has "zero tolerance" in respect of any "behavior that is abusive, humiliating, offensive or that can be qualified as harassment", but in GH you can do and say what you out of the bolo as long as you are 'colegui'.

And is that Suso re-roll in the early hours of Thursday to Friday, to spend a joke in that with Arabic accent related that accent with putting a pump in the water bottle. For something similar, but with the terrorism of ETA, Argui, contestant of GH 14, he was expelled unceremoniously from the house. I da like it's a joke, if the standards and the code of ethics of the Mediaset is the that is, it has to be the same for all of them, except for Suso, of course.

The problem with all this is that as the program is going to return to the hearing was in him. There has been No issue more controversial than this; there has not been issue with most non-compliance of standards; there has been no editing in the program it will skip its own rules; there has not been issue with many protected and much brazenness.

Already gives like JJ release once in a while some pulla to calm the audience; no matter that I have a bit of hang on tight and don't menees for use descalificativos on the physical development of a person; no matter you want to seem to listen to your audience... The program has the clear script and no one will spoil it. Neither the hearing, nor Miriam Saavedra, nor Verdeliss, neither The Koala nor, of course, the public.

do Not want more members of the 'mugrepandi' falling week after week, want to be one of the favourites out and up that do not have managed to have not stopped. Because the same thing does not goes so well. "There is No trap more deadly than the one it tends to itself" (Michael Conelly, 'black Ice')

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 06 November 2018, 20:01

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