The climate summit sealed an agreement of minimum to activate the Agreement of Paris

countries that refuse to accept the alert scientific stuck the Climate Summit Journey to the sacred mountain that is melted by climate change London, Ma

The climate summit sealed an agreement of minimum to activate the Agreement of Paris

countries that refuse to accept the alert scientific stuck the Climate Summit

Journey to the sacred mountain that is melted by climate change

London, Manchester and Bristol claim the "weather emergency"

The international community got this Saturday in the climate summit (COP24) to Katowice (Poland) to seal up the rules that will permit the implementation of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change.

After some negotiations marathon that have happened during the last thirteen days, the representatives of 197 countries have managed to agree on the so-called "book of rules" that will govern the fight against global warming during the coming decades.

The final document includes a reference to the scientific report that appeals to the importance to undertake changes "urgent and unprecedented action" to limit the increase in global temperature to 1.5 degrees, after a great controversy that threatened to derail the summit.

After announcing the agreement, the president of the COP24, the Polish Michal Kurtyka, said that the work during this summit has been guided by "a sense of responsibility to Humanity and to the well-being of the planet that welcomes us to us and will welcome future generations".

"We have a series of decisions that make operational the Paris Agreement and which are tremendously robust," said for its part, the Spanish minister to the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, who welcomed the consensus document on Saturday.

For Ribera, this roadmap assumes an "engine of change" that allow it to go forward towards a greater ambition in line with this scientific report from the United Nations (IPCC, its acronym in English).

One of the achievements of this agreement was to establish common rules for all countries to inform the international community on its progress in the fight against climate change.

These rules of transparency, which will come into force from 2024, are very important in order to give "credibility" to a system in which each country decides their actions to the weather, stressed the Spanish minister.

however, the commitment agreed in Katowice on transparency is flexible and recognizes the peculiarities and circumstances of each country, so that the States that need it will have a period of adaptation to this mechanism is common information.

The agreement reached on Saturday appreciated the work of the scientific community in the elaboration of the IPCC report and calls on the international community to take into account their recommendations, although not incorporated in its literalness in the text adopted.

This was one of the aspects that was about to derail the summit, as some countries argued that the conclusions of science are indisputable and should not be subject to debate, in front of the other group, led by the united States, which has been questioned from the first moment the work of this group of scientists.

In this sense, the Bank regretted that it has not been possible to give "one more step" to achieve a most ambitious agreement in the framework of the IPCC report.

environmental Organizations such as World wide Fund for Nature (WWF) also expressed their satisfaction that has achieved a roadmap to implement the Paris Agreement, although it considered that "the countries have not yet reached the level of ambition of climate necessary to address a situation that is so urgent as that which affects us".

In terms of the funding of actions to weather conditions, the consensus document recognizes that it should be allocated more resources, especially to mitigating and reducing the effects of climate change, in line with what was agreed in Paris, but does not establish any new obligations for the developed countries.

The final text of the agreement sealed in Katowice also recognizes that the contributions to reduce the emissions of each country and achieve to limit the temperature rise should be updated to the upside in 2020 -when it enters into force the Agreement of Paris-although it does not delve deeply in this field.

Although it was expected that the summit will end this Friday , negotiations continued throughout the evening and the plenary session that gave the nod to the agreement had to be suspended several times until your resume end up at the last minute on Saturday.

One of the causes of the delay has been the refusal of Brazil to the modification of the system on the regulation of the carbon market, an issue that has remained unresolved and will be addressed in the next climate summit, the COP29, in Chile.

Also, the demand last hour of Turkey to improve their financing conditions delayed the achievement of the agreement, which finally has not collected the demands of Ankara.

The COP24 began last December 3, and during almost two weeks of nearly 30,000 people from 197 countries have participated in the negotiations of the climate summit, more important from the historic appointment of Paris (2015).

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Date Of Update: 19 December 2018, 20:00

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