The controversial roles of the jury that put in check to OT 2018

Noelia, expelled at the gala 7 OT 2018; Carlos and Marilia, nominees The "desolation" of OT 2018: "We have a serious problem" The mistake you can't

The controversial roles of the jury that put in check to OT 2018

Noelia, expelled at the gala 7 OT 2018; Carlos and Marilia, nominees

The "desolation" of OT 2018: "We have a serious problem"

The mistake you can't repeat

OT 2018 and a disaster tremendous

Alba Reche and your Llorona: OT 2018 finally found his star.

it OT not, please! I can not digest that in Operation Triumph will also plan the shadow of doubt of match fixing and the goings-on. For a format that seemed real... A pity that last night an untimely (or timely, depending how you look) and candid photography end up bursting one of the best galas of this edition. A camera that discovered a few surprising and strange roles, which involved the talent of music in one of its biggest controversies in its history.

So controversial that even the producer of the program, Tinet Rubira, had to leave to step in and live (and, of course, in social networks) to explain why the jury had in its hands a beat sheet with the name of the favorite and the of the possible nominees, and saved. "They do a forecast and we had to clean in a simple word table". What will suffice with these explanations? Is this enough? What has been discovered the cake of talent?

last Night the jury guest was the singer and songwriter Brisa Fenoy, and Brisa Fenoy had some papers. The jury did what it does in each gala, but not outside of their role, without extravagance and without any blunder that can cost you a good controversy. However, a picture of awkward hung in the official account of the program (and subsequently deleted) at the start of the gala caused a fire that almost cost the good name to OT.

The image was a map of Breeze sitting on the bench of the jury with some papers in front of her that the followers of the program (which have an eye that I would like to for me) increased, focused, and discovered the secret, that kept: those papers hid the name of the favorite of the gala, the decisions of the jury with each one of the applicants and the choice of whether to crossing the runway or not. What match fixing or managing formats? Do you outline or script? Be that as it may when less is surprising.

Surprising because coincidences of life that those papers were written, coincided in almost 80% with what then happened at the gala. They clearly appreciated that the favorite of the audience was going to be Famous, and Famous was the favourite; they looked as Marilia, one of the nominees of the night, and subsequently saved from expulsion, if he stayed it would be "doubt", and so it was; they put what member of the jury would you grade each performance, and coincided fully with what then happened; in them, was the possible nomination of Julia, and Julia came out nominated; in them, was that Charles Wright was "doubt", and it was such a "doubt" that is one of the nominees to leave the Academy this week.

To the table with the names of the contestants, their possibilities and the member of the jury that they would be required to be added to what would be the formula used by these in the case they decided to nominate or save to the contestants. "The breeze reminds you that if there is to nominate the proper performance is after arguing why you did not liked: ' this week I propose to leave the academy'; if, on the contrary, the contestant, is still in the academy, after they argue, it should say '...crosses the runway'; in the case of the favorite, after Roberto read about where to find out who is the favorite of the week is directed at the Jury and say, '...before crossing the gangway, since the jury want you to make an assessment' (or something similar) and then you comment if you liked or not the action, and why."

Obviously it is the guidelines that the program brand that the jury is going as a guest, in this case, Brisa Fenoy know what is the structure to assess, nominate or save. What is not so clear is the clinical eye of the jury to hit almost full with what then would happen at the gala. In the controversial roles is clearly seen as Famous is placed as favourite and as the competitors that later came out nominees were already marked from the beginning.

So you can read that if Marilia was not expelled it would be "doubt"; if, on the contrary, it was Noelia the saved would follow; that to Mary would you grade Joe Perez Orive and give him a "follow"; that Sabela would be "doubt", but then crossed the runway and was on the verge of being the favorite; that Miki would be reviewed by Manu and would be nominated; Natalia, another that was on the verge of being the favorite of the gala, would also continue; and the rest (Dawn, Carlos, Julia, and Marta) would also "doubt". Is too much success? If it becomes a betting game they make almost full 15.

And then, as could not be otherwise, the social networks took over. In a matter of seconds the image of the roles of the discord blew the audience, and the program had no more than try to give a few explanations that calmed down some, but cernieron the shadow of the doubt on a format that until last night I had a proven track record.

A shadow of a doubt that the program in the mouth of his executive producer, Tinet Rubira, wanted to eliminate at the speed of light. Their haste to put out the fire that had kindled is worthy of praise. To see what program would have done the same. "Yes. The jury duties. They have a meeting on Wednesday afternoon and viewed all of the trials on Tuesday in the studio and make their forecasts. The final decision is taken by seeing the performance of the Gala. We can advance the favorite when there is someone very important", were the first explanations of Blonde.

"So it is. The Wednesday afternoon viewed the trial on Tuesday on set and make their forecasts, which change or not depending on how you do at the Gala (...) we give Them the name of the possible favorite if there is one very prominent before you start to take into account (...) Are projections. During the gala they have to take decisions very fast depending on how you do it in direct". More explanations, of course, could not give. In the hands of every one is left creérselas or not, but at least it gave explanations to who we must give them, to the audience.

I can Not more than applaud the reaction of Rubira. Others in his place would have given the silent, and had they waited for the storm to pass by ignoring the outrage, concern and surprise of the audience. However, Rubira answered quickly and with explanations that, at least, seem real. Every program has a skeleton. This is not a secret, nor has it been discovered gunpowder. It is the way that a live program is managed. What do you call it rundown, but really it would be a kind of structure guionizada? It can be, but it is certain that if this did not exist the evolution of a live program would be completely anarchic.

In programs like the OT all over this measure. From where to place each one of the 'triunfitos' how much time should last the valuation of a jury. Nothing escapes from the hands of the realization and production. There is too much at stake, and the papers that you discovered last night at Breeze are the clear example of everything is more controlled and prepared.

Those annotations in Word with "doubt" and "continues" yes, and who can respond to what the jury has seen previously and what they have valued. Yes that can be a script in order to not get lost and to have things more or less clear before the gala. But that does not mean that the jury has to abide by them without being able to change your mind. Imagine that in the trial Natalia borda, the jury gives a "follows" prior and when it comes to the gala nerves will betray and shit. Obviously, the jury should (and there is nothing to tell us otherwise) to change their initial opinion and to change that "follows" price for a "you we are nominating".

Another thing is that the valuations of the jury do not have enough arguments to justify what they have decided. This is what happened last night with Marilia. The canary ended up being the saved by the public, to the detriment of the one that was the voice of this edition, Noel. In the rundown to Marilia is marked with a "doubt" and, effectively, ended up being once again nominated. However, was the assessment that his performance did Ana Torroja the shot of new alarms.

"tonight is very complicated, because each time you wait you are more good. Have you done something that you do not had seen you do, you made us feel, but sometimes the perfection limits. For us it has been one of the best performance". Or is that the girl is as close to perfection, but the nominate. It is for thing like this so that the arguments and explanations of the program will fall by its own weight. Although I am convinced that it is not because they had to nominate her for noses and seek an excuse is ridiculous, but Ana Torroja is not clarified, nor with herself.

Thus a pity the shit of the official Twitter account of OT 2018 with the photo and the papers were to eat one of the finest (if not the best) of this issue. Yes, OT 2018 is already OT. I don't know what could have happened in a week, I don't know if it is because, as said Ana Torroja at the beginning of the gala, finally we have made you feel; I don't know if it is for the return of Javis; I don't know if it is really what failed were the sorts of interpretation, but last night, they came back to see the magic of the talent, and not only in a performance and with a particular music. Last night was in almost all of them.

Noelia: it was the voice of OT 2018

The first Noel. Not deserved to end up being the one deported and for so little difference (a 50.2% of the votes). Noelia was the voice of OT. The instrument you have in your throat is exceptional, and last night he did it again to demonstrate. His interpretation of the Stone Cold of Demi Lovato was on, and I am short, spectacular. That vozarrón, that strength, that momentum, that excitement...

Noelia was awesome, but Noelia is not voted by his voice nor his performance but for the output of tone which had last week when it came out nominated. This is not a reality, this is a talent of music and therefore should be valued to the contestants. But, the audience is in charge and what he commands the audience going to mass.

And it does not matter that the work of Marilia, with the Mary drinks the street of Passion Vega leave a lot to be desired, the people wanted Marilia to stay and, although we lose to probably the more powerful voice of OT 2018, there is that respect what is decided. Even so, the comparison between the two has no place.

While Noelia nailed his performance at Marilia failed him many things. You missed the intonation, you failed the pronunciation, and it had nothing to do with the perfection I was talking about Ana Torroja, because his performance of perfect was little. Nerves played a bad pass and that translated on stage.

But there was Famous for claiming, and with every right that is a fair favorite. Finally, the boy came to the public with something more than your vozarrón; came to the public with all of it. Mother of the beautiful love Nobody but you ' Cesar Sampson. IN-CRE-Í-BLE. Was the demonstration more clear than last night, said Noemí Galera on the work and the result on the stage. This week, they have worked as true jabatos and that they have had an exit to the outside, firms, their first contact with the fans, telephone calls, etc, etc

Famous was last night the clear example that you can have a gift (he has one very large) exceptional, but that without work there is absolutely nothing. I love your voice, it communicates something that comes very within. You have a determination very strong. You have all the way to go here and in the world," he told the jury. So, Famous has a great way to go.

The same as Mary, but in reverse. Mary is not nor much less one of the contestants better with this edition. In fact, his voice is far below that of their peers. However, it has something that very few of their peers have: he has a personality overwhelming and have many granas to learn. Though not at the level of the rest of its improvement (as Sabela) has been the most spectacular of the Academy.

last Night he did something that is rarely seen in OT. Reinterpreted the famous song of Christina RosenvingeVoy in a car (God, now I don't comes out of the head) as she came in wins. And although vocally he was full of faults, Mary ate the stage. You don't need a great voice to be a great artist.

The same thing that Charles Wright and Alba Reche. His version of the famous Contamíname of Victor Manuel and Ana Bethlehem, making it a reggeaton slow and adapting it (as told by Pedro Guerra on your visit to the new generations.

Since then it was not the best performance of the night (the entrance in Alba Reche was strake seafood), but I don't think that was worthy for Carlos Wright, had just being nominated. In fact, I think that was one of his best performances in the Academy. But where send pattern no manda marinero. I top that brought the classics to the new generations!

which without a doubt were the worst performances of the night by taking brightness to the "galote" in the that was becoming were the interpretation of Sabela and Miki's Not forget of forget of Rosana and Carlos Rivera and the Love on top of Beyonce, who performed Martha and Julia (and this one takes the cake).

the first, I'm not surprised anything that Miki had just nominated (but then saved by his companions) . I totally agree with the assessment that we made Manuel Martos: Miki have stagnated at the level of interpretation and this makes their performances are full of errors that nothing gets covered up. And that was the performance in the least has out-of-tune (turned almost with his promise to Manu Guix). Last night both were asynchronous, without tuning, and only Sabela was able to save his performance.

The same thing that Martha next to Julia. It was not the night of Julia and yes, the Martha. That seemed to could be one of the performances of the night ended up being a real disaster for Julia. I think that is not sharpened, nor the 40% of the notes, and was uncontrolled for almost the whole performance. By against, Marta, saved from expulsion last week, there has arisen a Phoenix. It's going to be that one who is nominated to take everything out that I had saved. Both of them overcame the choreography prepared by Vicky, both gave more importance to dance than not to err with the song.

that said, it seems that OT 2018 begins to be OT, that the boys start to feel like home and that the program has noticed that does not have among its ranks the Javis them was costing too high a price. Give Me the same rundown, structures or roles of suspicious origin, call it as you like, at the end OT is a program of talent and it seems that finally the talent estunto poking out the leg.

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