The felons that break GH VIP: "The damage is done"

Monica Holes and the abuses that GH VIP should stop war breaks out in the GH VIP: "You're a metemierda" The harmful defense of Jorge Javier Vázquez t

The felons that break GH VIP:

Monica Holes and the abuses that GH VIP should stop

war breaks out in the GH VIP: "You're a metemierda"

The harmful defense of Jorge Javier Vázquez to the harassment of Miriam Saavedra

The apology of the violation that GH VIP cannot consent

"I Love the treason, but hate the traitor". Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant. In the GH VIP thing because it looks so good for some and bad for others. They are all starting to raise their cards. And, although the face only a few are sincere (Miriam Saavedra, The Koala and Verdeliss) the moment you believe victors (the fault in the nomination system) begin to drown in his own evil.

The gala last night was the gala of the betrayals (betrayals and the "cursed doll"). First, Darek and Makoke, members of the gang debris (that is to say, acolytes of Monica Holes) that are not already so in favour of the former of Carlos Lozano (the first), and they are realizing that the Hole is a pure obsession. On the other, Angel Garó, the greatest of traitors. The artist is showing his hidden side and I do not like a hair. And, finally, the betrayal of hawks, Ceiling, Isa and Omar.

But before, I will say that last night was one of the best videos of the history of GH. It turns out that Ángel Garó and Miriam are sleepwalking. Really what happens is that speak to you in dreams, but they think that they are sleepwalking and, on top of sleep one pegadito to the other. When the two given to them by speaking in their dreams, this is what happens, "cursed doll." What I see in loop and I can not stop laughing. IT MA-RA-VI-LLO-SOS! Luckily, this is also GH.

Until now, Garó has remained quite far away from the tsunami-Monica-Miriam. Neither with one nor with the other or with none. The strategy has worked. Owner and lord of the kitchen, the food and the control food of the contestants, Garó was passing day after day without problems. You didn't want to get wet you will not wet, and if they tried to wet the house.

Until last Tuesday and up until last night. The test of the week where the contestants have to interpret a soap opera of 14 episodes has brought out the demon inside. Being the screenwriter, Garó had the custom of giving the papers, deliver them and think of the frames. The public voted for Miriam and Tony were the protagonists, but Garó is what happened for the lining. The wolf taught the leg below the door.

Bypassing the rules of evidence, to Miriam, to which it only remains to put you in a straitjacket, he has been given the role of dumb to not stand out much, so that you will not see much, so that you will not hear much. Pissed off maximum of Toni and burst of the comic that after the complaints of the other decided to pass oblivious to the script and to dedicate themselves to move the furniture out of the work.

"Unbalanced", "bipolar", "crazy" are some of the adjectives from this Tuesday Garó has been dedicated to Miriam. Which until now had not gotten in hardly any of the moves, and had preferred to stay out of the harassment and demolition of Miriam, is now as Etna. Everything earned, everything that you have saved, everything that has not that has exploded in two days. Garó is no longer the Garó restrained. Garó is a new member of the band.

however, the band begins to take in water. The strong, the dome of the 'prestigious' club has always been formed by Monica, Suso, Ceiling, Aurah and Makoke, while Darek and Tony have been the notes discordant.

Neither of the two have danced on the water of Monica when clicked and led to the war and the humiliations are going to burst against Miriam. The two sail between two waters. It is understandable that either of the two to be able to say that what Monica is doing with Miriam is not normal. The betrayal is of those who, glued to Monica that or with a chisel, makes evident the obsession and madness (this is madness, and not the Miriam) of The Holes.

The betrayal of Makoke

it Was a few nights ago. Makoke and Darek talk about the fate and the future, and that future came Monica. Comfortable and sincere, none of the two (especially Makoke) hesitate to give the first stab to his 'friend' (for friends like these you better be single): "I didn't know much, but I think that they should get away from Miriam, do your contest, and not be 24 hours obsessed with it. He is not doing well. Or ask him because it is a monotema, but I think he knew that I was going to manage this should not be entered in the contest (...) it is Not as if Miriam had been removed to the husband. They took already many, many years without being together. Miriam has not been gotten by the middle of your relationship as to be so obsessed". If I get to hear Monica burns Troy.

The monotema, Miram Saavedra; the obsession, Monica's Holes; the betrayal, "Miriam is not the causes". Cracked good of Makoke. And without the capacity to defend it will tell you who to see who is the handsome that it would not be until the guts (to put it bluntly) of Monica.

Yes, it is, as much as Makoke and Miriam not to support and Makoke is to jump with the peruvian, can't deny that what Monica, and therefore the rest, are doing with it already is not normal. The problem is that rather than sit and tell you, and talk to her and try that between in reason, everything is in the back, with night and treachery.

Angel Garó 'sold' to Darek

The same thing that Garó. The artist has for Miriam, but also for those of his own side, and thank God. Last night Garó he had in his hand to exchange to one of the nominated by another contestant. He didn't doubt a second: exchanged to Verdeliss by Darek, dealing a hard blow to the chair of the house, because Darek is like a piece of furniture.

Because Garó makes that gives it the real win. Saved Verdeliss and loose in full direct as if no one I'm seeing, because what I do because I am the Angel Garó, and I am a "professional". That I put in the gallows to Darek, because he placed it and nor do I think that this is more of mine than the other. And then he says that Miriam is bipolar...

AND GH VIP watching and doing nothing. It turns out that the exchange of the nominees cannot be revealed. To for all purposes within the house the nominees of this week are The Koala, Verdeliss and Miriam. However, after the betrayal of Garó to Darek, the reality, that you can't tell anyone, but he has already released to Verdeliss, is that they are Darek, Miriam and The Koala. Garó is what casca to Verdeliss, jumps standards and as if nothing, and so leads us wearing the hair from day 1. Here everyone does what comes out of the bolus.

Saved Verdeliss, betrayed Her (although it is not that they were friends of the soul) and still do not know why. It is obvious that of all the members of the club of five Darek was best to suffer the exchange and the nomination. His presence is so unnecessary in the house, and your contest has been so, so... come on, there has been no contest, that was an easy choice. Darek will not say or mean to Garó, there is going to be confrontation at all, and, on the day that you know will not move the face one iota.

however, I don't understand why you chose to Verdeliss. Incomprehensible Garó, incomprehensible betrayal, although in the GH, everything has an explanation and that is called strategy. In reality, I don't understand why you decided to save one of the three, with the desire that they have.

In fact, it was a few hours that Garó and Verdeliss had had a small run-in by Miriam and the "contraordenes". As Garó is no longer controlled by out and has the wolf within which is anything that makes Miriam (as happens with the rest) is going to be judged and, therefore, sentenced. Verdeliss, who they accuse of just give the face in the direct (you lie!) the decision has been made that no longer calla, nor a half and that will put things right claritas is Garó or whoever he is.

Verdeliss, each time more strong,

Verdeliss is tired. Tired of enduring the moved constant, the constant attacks, the provocations cash. The nap of Miriam in a bed the other room has led a new attack on the peruvian and came to mark a turning point in the house, not to call it a new onslaught against the punching ball of the house.

The simple fact that Miriam lie down on a bed in the room that is not up is already reason enough to pull the claws, and Verdeliss with this can take no more. Will say anything to Monica the new attack, and, again, Monica wanted to impose the idea that Miriam is the very devil. But, with Verdeliss does not percolate. Not slipped into the beginning and now at least when the link between the peruvian and the influencer is becoming more and more strong. Here sure don't see any betrayals or deslealtades.

"I'm not a sent to you, Monica, I'm not going to do what you tell me", he snapped Verdeliss to a Monica ruptured. Because Monica you are looking for is that the allies of Miriam, which are few, but loyal, fall into a renounce, and criticize Miriam, or the attack from the back. So Monica you can go on to do damage where right now most would Miriam. Miriam already the blow of the insults, the bad faces, the provocations, the attacks, the humiliation, the harassment (yes, all that there is), but I'm convinced that to see a betrayal of his friends (and these are for real) would be hit stronger than we could give.

it missed to put an end to the greatest of the betrayals of the house, the mess Ceiling, Isa Pantoja, and Omar Mountains. As it could not be otherwise, the Ceiling was expelled. No matter that the program does not realize that the system of nominations face-to-face is causing all the weeks to be the same and with the same. At the end, while Miriam to keep coming out nominated the rest will go falling one by one. I think that it is time to consider nominating in the confessional. The thing I would change much.

Now, doing it to the face, none will have the saints flats to nominate Monica, Angel or Suso. They know that to do so the waiting is a torture unbearable. So embrace the tactic and desquicie of Monica and all of like sheep. In the confessional would be different. I set the hair to that if nominasen in the confessional, Monica would be in the fore.

Ceiling and its outstanding accounts

As between Ceiling and Miriam had no choice and no surprises. The former Kiko Rivera, brother of Isa Pantoja, the former of Alberto Island, father of the son of Isa Pantoja; and former roll former Isa Pantoja, Omar Montes. That is to say, that in the last years of the life of this girl, have turned and will continue to do so around the universe Pantoja. Well, as many others.

The problem comes when they coincide in a house and make super friends. The two weeks in which it was Isa Pantoja in the house seemed to redemption Ceiling. Not to the left or to sun or to shade, the wanted, the collapsed, the absorbed. For the interest I love you Andrew. From the outside it looked clear, but from the inside Chabelita lived blinded by the hugs, love and supports from Ceiling.

Until he came out and saw what was inside. Or 24 hours it took Omar and Ceiling in bundling. This is a betrayal of the fat. Above, to justify what he was doing, Ceiling, invented a soap opera about what Isa had done under the duvet with Asraf. All lies, but while Omar was inside it would help to say 'she did the same'.

last Night was the moment that saldaran accounts and go if the resulted, especially the daughter of isabel Pantoja who was more sensible than ever and left clarinet the bug that was. Ceiling came with the tail between the legs, apologizing and appearing sorry for what he had done. The same concern could have been had she and Omar when frolicked under the sheets. Oh no, that does not make it safe!

But Isa had the speech well apprehended. "Look, you know I'm not spiteful. You brindé my friendship super sincere despite the things that had gone on before, of the things that you have done wrong with my family. I'm not going to do firewood of the fallen tree". Well, you should because the tree is going to get more revenue from this than you can take.

...And the tone was going up: "I Wish in my life, I made less friends like you in my path, and yours to be more like me. I accept your forgiveness, but evidently the damage is done. For a lot of excuses that put the damage is done, both on your part as the of Omar (...) If I have a little bit of respect don't talk about my brother, or the affection fake that you've taken me at this time in the house." I think that was the first time that Isa started the applause sincere to the public. You can criticize many things to the daughter of the renowned vocalist, but when you have reason, you have reason.

The cat was put belly up. Ceiling was not going to give his arm to twist, and the more he squirmed Isa more arañaba it. Not only continued to insist that Isa and Asraf "being kissed" under the duvet. Was the same the program will display the reality, in her thirteen. That if he said so Isa sign, yes, yes and yes. It's not. When you leave Asraf will see the face of Ceiling.

"I Understand your words and accept them. You have all the reason, but I say that a friendship is not built in 15 days. At that time he was very attached to you and you gave me a lot of tenderness as when she was with your brother, and you were like a little sister", was justified. I Leñe! Very attached to it says, if only he lacked to enter in the bathroom and clean his ass to the daughter of the artist. Ceiling, you have caught with the cart of ice cream, and you can justify what you give the real win that around the world knows of the foot boxes.

everyone will be watching the bat you're going. Here there is already no friends or acquaintances (with the exception of the trio of loyalty). Here are strategies and a common enemy that is called Miriam Saavedra. The day will come when they realize that there is nothing to do for the peruvian runs out in the street and will be on that day (when you're nominating in the 'conference') which end up becoming the night of the long knives. The betrayals are already calling at the door, and there are many who want to open it.

Date Of Update: 26 October 2018, 19:56

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