The nipple of Mary, the "boring" of Mónica Naranjo and the Venom of C Tangana 'save' OT 2018 more firecracker

OT 2018: C. Tangana taking a whisky and goes with "until then, Mari Carmen" What do you say to C. Tangana to the most young people? "Do not make case to

The nipple of Mary, the

OT 2018: C. Tangana taking a whisky and goes with "until then, Mari Carmen"

What do you say to C. Tangana to the most young people? "Do not make case to anyone"

The "desolation" of OT 2018: "We have a serious problem"

The night's heartbreaking OT 2018

Hard anger of Naomi Galley: "My confidence in you has gone to shit"

A nipple intended that the program escaped him, the first song in Catalan OT, C. Tangana, in all his splendor ("until then, Mari Carmen") and the revenge of a former jury, who on Wednesday decided to take a walk, the whip of the harsh reality.

"OT is very stale. It is a format very stale and no one is happy never (...) Is a pain in the neck". ¡Boom!!! To hours of the start of the Gala 9 OT 2018, that outside the 'jury bad' of the past edition, Monica Naranjo, released the pump in the presentation of the new album 'new' Camilo Sesto: OT 2018 "is rancid, a pain in the neck".

And the networks, and the followers of the program, and teachers are told off over by say (without mincing words) a reality that bears watching from the Gala 0. Without the nipple last night (at the end of the Gala), without Miki, no Tangana, without Monica, last night's Gala would have been left to oblivion by boring. Again.

like the Orange not used the right words, probably; that he could have said it another way, of course; that inveigh against the format that the returned to the tv is not good, without a doubt, but what he said Monica is what many (and I'm not talking about the fans) think, and we see gala after gala.

perhaps I should have followed the recommendation of the professor of the Academy Manu Guix, which was not long in answering it through the social networks, holding her up better "toston", "boring" and that it sounded like "macho". I of macho " I don't see it, but oh well. Be that as it may, say as I say it, llamálo X, call it, And then that OT does not take off.

I'm Not going to compare OT 2017 with OT 2018, or their candidates, nor their voices. OT 2017 was OT 2017 and OT 2018 is OT 2018. However, this OT will lack something, we lack the spark, lack of blood, lack of a gala in which all bursts, a gala in which there is more applause to yawns, a gala where all jump, and this gala is not done to get, and already let for the 9. Last night, they came back to see that, with the exception of the young public (delivered to this OT as above), this OT is still with that "desolation" of which he spoke Naomi Galley in the first few galas.

of course, the contestants have improved in all senses and all aspects, but bored, me bored, and with the previous edition this was not the case. Maybe it's because there is not a clear favorite, as was the case in OT 2017, or a 'triunfito' that stand out above the others, or actions that they look forward to, or a jury that wet really... I don't know, but the weeks run and this does not improve. When the most awaited is because it is sung in Catalan and controversial, that there is something that fails.

last night's Gala came in the same dynamic than the previous and there was only one performance that I returned the brightness in the eyes, despite not being or much less the best of the night, or the best singing, not the tune. It was the action of Miki and his A lluna a l'aigua de Txarango, the first song in Catalan in the history of OT. Don milks, at least they got the guts and went out of the set!

And I don't mean that the rest do not use it, because these guys work like real animals, but in the galas you see them tense, earrings constantly not to err, not to drop a bad note, to convey... Both have been repeated week after week the problems of tuning and the lack of emotion, which I think for them it has become a cross. And of course, have tuning problems, many more that Amaia and co, but they have a lot more versatility and are able to carry forward what they put on.

Miki, who finally came out as the favorite of the audience, is the best of the gala says a lot considering that there are voices much better and "artists" (I forgive Monica) that stand out much more. And yes to Miki is what put easy, very easy.

he Sang in his native tongue, a song that invited the party, good vibes, joy; one of his favorite groups, and with a mise-en-scene that gave the final touch to the force with which it left the Catalan. But, even with all of this, with all these advantages, Miki got out of his lethargy to the program. It was, as pointed out by Ana Torroja, "the momentazo" of the night. And I insist technically or vocally talking about it was the best, but... but he saved a gala was again doomed to boredom, to more of the same.

Or Mary at the end of the Gala when I got the car and decided to celebrate it by showing a nipple because they had been forced to carry teat cups, and to her no one forces you to carry a teat cup. And why not show a tit? That's just what I could do Mary.

I Acknowledge that Miki is the discordant note (next to Maria) of a casting with fabrics cut from the same pattern. They were both the protagonists of the controversial "mariconez" and the two always exploit the minimum to rise up as champions of social justice. They can criticize the background (if you want), but not the form, because OT much that we can tell that it is a talent of music, it is also a reality, and does a lot of what people see in the direct of the Academy, which is shown in the videos of the galas.

last Night, for example, when Miki sat down on the couch with Roberto Leal (at his feet) the young audience that fills the set is flipped with the Catalan. "Oh, Miki, Miki, Miki!, they shouted in unison and Miki not to be believed. Because if something has Miki is that it has become the standard-bearer of the social causes of this OT 2018. Only had to see the video of your step by the Academy where the chendorsement speaks of "all" because "we are people, and people is in the feminine".

This is the problem or advantage, depending on who you touch for OT, which the public valued not only their musical ability and artistic but also how they are, what they do, what they say. And if you don't tell that to Noelia, the voice of this edition, and that ended up on the street because the public does not fell well.

Marilia, expelled

And what to say about the rest of the night, so that Marilia, the Cepeda of this edition, he ended up expelled in your nomination with Marta. They both took chances with his songs, but that Marilia, as much as they would like, facing one of the strongest, while her rendition of Only Girl (In The World) Rihanna was a disaster in terms of sound and tuning (I start to think I have serious hearing problems).

Went wrong and only recovered in the treble. By against, Marta, who came back to be nominated, according to the jury, because "you have to believe in it" (in the end), saved with note the I Want To Know What Love Is Foreigner. Yes, trembled the voice, but made a great effort to convey the pain he has felt all week every time I sang the song. He was correct, but nothing helped him.

Natalia was more of the same: perfection, though with some mistake that for being Natalia the jury forgave him. True that had a challenge of fantastic dancing and more singing, but whether it was the whole week aphonic, that Vicky had given him a choreo that drown, it doesn't matter, Natalia takes it all.

it Is hard-working, courageous, positive, and only with your presence fills the stage, but no commercial songs, pop songs, that give you another log, let us see the Natalia-wrenching last week. Is that to see all the weeks to someone like Natalia doing the same and playing the same tired. It is as if we knew what is going to come when it comes to the stage. You lose the magic, the interest and sign out of the action and the music. It fascinates Me that the jury would say that "is versatile" when he always encasquetan the same thing.

And then came Julia. Julia yes that is perfection, so much so, that they lose many other things. In addition, the competition of Julia, is marked by the problems he has with his throat. His voice is far from 100%, but without being so pulls out some actions that they wish to other. She is conscious and since the problem is growing, Julia has focused on transmitting everything he can and more.

last Night he did it again, I die in The Fifth Station. However, the jury already does not spare even one, and Julia less. Yes that have problems in their main instrument, but it is useless to say that it can no longer be in OT, why don't we value other things, why not take what you can to compensate for something that as soon as you exit the Academy will probably fix it.

"One of the tragedies of Operation Triumph is not having the vocal cords as well. We try to cover that lack with an intensity that is a little uncontrolled, boost volume above. You must focus on taking care of your wonderful voice, that is not at 100 %, and that forces us to propose to you to leave the Academy". The valuation of Joe Perez I do not understand it. That Julia does not meet the standards of a great star commercial, for surely; that does not give the game that give other, without a doubt; that it is shy, introverted and intense, certainly, but the one who denies that is an artist-in-power is that it is dull.

Because, as said Mónica Naranjo in his controversial interview: "they Think that being an artist is to be a celebrity and go to a red carpet, and is very complicated." Because Julia doesn't think, that I am clear.

Mary, nominated, and the Venom of C. Tangana

And for those who classify themselves as connected to Mary, as it is already have nominated. The personality of this edition is already in the public arena, what many wanted. Yes, Mary has significant limitations vowels, it is not a great voice, and in each gala has left much to be desired, but Maria is like many other artists: it is not necessary to have a great voice to be a big, and if you don't tell that to Joaquin Sabina, or the C. Tangana, that last night he performed for the first time on television, chose OT , the bundled and released its Poison.

Introduced new single dressed in a white suit of flamenco, a whiskey in the hand and the child of Elche accompanying him. He sang against the music industry (in OT, yes OT) and piró without a even until then. There was Roberto Leal to exit the step with humor and wit and a "see you later, Mari Carmen," that echoed the studio. Pa' chulo mi pirulo.

madrid showed all of this with your Amorfoda, Bad Bunny, as he told Naomi Galley in the first pass of the micros, is not a song that you would hear, but sung by Mary, "I would listen to her and you would buy the disk". I love the jury to take you from practically the first gala asking for emotion, and to transmit, and when Mary leaves the skin on it, is that it is "overacted".

Well yes it was, and yes it cover other shortcomings, but the performance of Mary last night of that OT can bet for something different, for something that is out of the established patterns and trade, and Mary comes out. The problem is that we are at the Gala 9 and there's no place for Mary. Too much time has occupied a space as would be occupied another.

Sabela, for his part, came back to show its evolution in the OT is still stratospheric. To be nominated at the beginning to become a clear favorite. Why? Because by the end, the Academy stopped giving songs of pachangueo and began to give him songs that I could wear. Or is it that here could only have good songs? Sabela has shown that if you give me something good, I'll give you the 1000 by 1000.

Because being a favorite is a burden that not everyone can assume. This has not been the best week of Alba Reche. Has been on the decline, fought with his song (where we used to shout out of Love of Lesbian), with the vocals, at some moments worried, too worried to learn (went down thes lights and she was still in front of the piano, and I have to say as much as I love that last night was not his best performance by far that the jury save her.

Yes, it has "the voice with more personality of this edition" (by Ana Torroja), but I think that last night was saved because the want to until the end. It is difficult to speak of just as Famous, and The Clock of the Three Gentlemen ended up, again, nominated, and Alba does not. Dawn has not made it better that Famous or Famous it was like to be nominated. The measuring rod sometimes fails and Famous took two weeks, not leaving to screw up. Do you seriously come to be Famous as a possible singer of boleros?

Or you can not say that "your ceiling is infinite", but you nominate because "even though you have worked" not very excited. "At the end we have to be guided by small details," said Manuel Martos. And what about the small details of the others? Because last night all were small details.

Small details that every time they are going to make more of this edition. There are a few, each time less, and the jury does not have anything easy, but to be fair, there is that knowing how to measure, and in some cases will turn a deaf ear to the small details of some. Is that until the ratings are all weeks equal.

I Think that is OT is not going to get out of that "boring" that he spoke of Monica Naranjo. It has come too fast, when he still had not digested the success of the previous, and as much as people want to make a clean slate and the interest, momentum and excitement is very difficult to maintain it. It all sounds the same, everything is repeated, but that the 'triunfitos' you are not to blame.

C. Tangana, leader of the futuroEl singer participates in the special that we publish the Tuesday

next Tuesday we launched the special #LíderesDelFuturo. One of the 14 selected is the singer C. Tangana, Wednesday, revolutionized the #OT18Gala9. In this video gives advice to the new generations: "What gets on tv is entertainment. There is that ignore it, or follow it". Developer.

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