Tips for potato dishes: Ode to the tuber

The dumbest farmers use the thick potatoes most anything, if he remains sitting on them. The corona crisis is also get rid of a knoll crisis and so it is that t

Tips for potato dishes: Ode to the tuber

The dumbest farmers use the thick potatoes most anything, if he remains sitting on them. The corona crisis is also get rid of a knoll crisis and so it is that this year, many farmers in Germany and neighbouring countries, harvest parts of their potato. This is because of the thing with the frozen fries. In the summer, the failure of Festivals, concerts, and discounted pool visits, the need for Frits is low. Therefore, one or the other builders of end-users and policy is likely to be dropped have felt like a hot — exactly.

meets That it, of all things, the potato, is a hard blow. After all, the German eats the earthy tuber supposed to be so happy, that he himself has become one. Unlike Kafka, the transformation is likely to have, but not over night, but rather as a gradual demarcation process within the company consummated. "You potato!" is in any case resistant in the Streets of Kids in an intercultural context. As a semi-ironic reversal for potato in German. Or simply as an insult, preferably in the Rap.

Not always, that's why this potato nature is actually. If Audio88 & Yassin rap: "you will be able to say, as a proud Sack of potatoes", or is it K. I. Z: "You a victim, who do you want boxes? Everywhere are potatoes“, then it is clear that she promises at least nothing Good. Also Julian will be Reichelt means to be a potato. The 2018 was awarded as the first of the newly created prize of the "Golden potato" — a ticket for discriminatory journalism in the German media landscape.

Perhaps it is because of their bad reputation, so the night shade plant that the Germans always eat less potatoes, and not only since the Covid-19 pandemic. The decline in potato ratio in a reversal of the loss of "the German one" and its "values" make, from the many talk — and, of course, it remains unclear what actually is it? In 1950, there were an average of around 180 kg of consumed potatoes per capita per year. Today there are only around 55 pounds. So the Germans are in a European comparison, even almost final light! In Poland, they consumed about twice as many.

potatoes are pretty healthy

one way or the other, the potato has the negative hype they do not deserve. After all, potatoes are nutritious and if your Vitamin C and nutrient content, quite healthy. Also, you can profitably grow, what has already rescued over one or the other of famine. And they are wonderfully versatile, whether as French fries or croquette, salt-, Pell-, oven -, or roasted potatoes, Gnocchi, buffer, Puree or Chips. "How do you think it's with the potato?" is also a question of openness to the world.

In China, where as the largest growing country in the world, many potato sacks, like the tuber, for example, as a spicy marinated finely grated salad. In India a potato-nation — can be found in Curries. The tuber comes in many shapes and colors, and is geographically considered not endemic to English, but from the Andes naturalized, and has, thus, strictly speaking, an immigrant. With the Spaniards came once to Europe, where the "Tartu spoon" was at first unpopular. Not your fault, the population not only had to cook them before consumption. It needed a little Trick of Frederick the Great, who saw in her a Chance for the diet of its growing population: According to the legend he left at night, a potato field of soldiers guarding it. What enjoys so much protection, it must be precious, thought the people, and stole the tubers on a large scale, to cultivate their own Fields. That we eat today in potatoes in Germany, ancestors in the historical stupidity of the German long finger, or the cleverness of an enlightened king's due.

Date Of Update: 26 July 2020, 03:19

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