Virginia Serrano: "I have had to learn to through the men"

The entrepreneur presents his first novel, 'Carla and the men'. "I Am a woman without shame", account smiling Virginia Serrano. The entrepreneur of Elche,

Virginia Serrano:

The entrepreneur presents his first novel, 'Carla and the men'.

"I Am a woman without shame", account smiling Virginia Serrano. The entrepreneur of Elche, presents his first novel, Carla and men, a kind of autobiography as then recognized, with the looking for all the world to be identified.

get to present it after doing so in Madrid, where he has lived for years. And here you acknowledge that it does have more nerves. Although this concept says that is not what I expected. "The nerves are when you're blocked or you're afraid because you are not out and this is a job made for up to six years, and I feel so proud and happy that they're not going". In the end, the constant calls from friends and others, make your nick "and this expectation because they have been finishing the books in bookstores are the ones that I create a little bit of anxiety".

it came well-prepared as it had been written about fifteen pages telling why he had written the novel after the advocacy and the world of fashion, the important aspects of the title...". A whole series of details with that "I'm not going to let me ask questions," he concludes, laughing, "and then go to the wine and to the party."

The journey to get here began six years ago, "when I was with my former spouse", although he writes from fifteen years. "My life is surrounded always of books and books to write," he says.

in the middle you were straining a lot of things that have ended up coming out right now in the book. For example to consider right as his protagonist by imposing father. "I was leading the life and I thought that was what you had to do," he admits now. The "inherited patterns" with those who are governed are against that then rebelled. "The university, my parents chose it, I wanted to study psychology, and, above all, fashion design and told me not to... And, well, what dad said".

it made "began to not feel well" and was also extended to your life as a couple, with a succession of relationships that lasted about two or three years. A result, he sees now, that "I was not feeling good about myself and that didn't work." She always was running away with her friends "and I was having fun with it all but with them on the day-to-day is not what I wanted".

The change came after the death of his mother. "All the misfortunes have a learning. A year before he sold the family business and I wanted to grow and grow as a person. I met a man twenty-five years older than me, that is Brian, a great executive and I'm going to Madrid".

Fiction and reality

The story of his life and that of his protagonist run in parallel. So much so, that even you choose the same names for some characters. Do you fear for it? "A lot of people I question but why I am going to have it. Fear is a lock. Carla is a strong woman, courageous, who has been many years trying to know each other and, thanks to write it has made introspection into his life and has wanted to come out of the inherited patterns".

To that, he adds, crossing once more the barriers of fiction and reality, that, "Carla, on the whole, apart from jovial, dynamic, fun, urban, chic and affectionate, loves people. And, thanks to the heart that my parents have given me, I speak with all the world because everything the world brings to me. And as I dedicate time to the people, because there is that energy of goodness, I realized that Carla is all over the world".

Carla stood at the start of his novel in a complicated situation. He feels he has everything in life and your partner asks you for marriage, before that ends up becoming a bride on the run. "Is not that it's scary is that in the field sentimental has a big problem with men," he explains.

"No one locks you, it is you who has to learn to deal with the circumstances" is one of the lessons he says he has learned to transfer his feelings to the novel. "And to me has touched me to learn how to through the men", apostille. It has been so "from my father, who was a man castrante in the sense of wanting to his daughter as a possession, like a doll", they even said: "don't fall in love with anyone because no one is like your father."

Serrano is not afraid, he reiterates, to this exposure of her intimacy. "Zero fear. How many people do I'm going to help you when you read Carla and the men to say I have been Carla? Carla is all, and in the world, we are all all".

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Date Of Update: 17 November 2018, 08:00

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