Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?: You supplied the Lolita Express

The second worst day in Ghislaine Maxwell's the 5 life was.November 1991. At the time, the naked corpse of her father, Robert, was pulled off the Canary Island

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?: You supplied the Lolita Express

The second worst day in Ghislaine Maxwell's the 5 life was.November 1991. At the time, the naked corpse of her father, Robert, was pulled off the Canary Islands from the Atlantic, where he had anchored his Yacht. Speculation about a murder or suicide brought the world the then twenty-nine years, from the Lot – especially when it became known that her father, the British media Mogul, had more than the diversion of £ 450 million from the pension Fund of the group and Maxwell Communication Corporation. The Oxford graduate, she fled back to New York.

Almost 30 years later, this Tuesday, there's probably the blackest day of your life: the charge of seduction of a minor to illegal sexual acts. The prosecutors accuse Maxwell, for the financial Manager and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein met recruited for years, girl and to have sexual encounters with him and his celebrity Entourage prepared. "Maxwell became friends with the Victims", - stated in the indictment. "You tried to leave sexual abuse to the underage victims appear normal, by moving in with you sexual issues raised, in front of you or in the case of sexual acts between you and Epstein was present." Sometimes Maxwell I need the girls also self-abuse. Your up to 35 years in prison.

In the country of the seat with 53 rooms

grew up Maxwell came in the Paris suburb of Maisons-Laffitte to the world, but quickly moved on to Oxford. In Headington Hill Hall, a country seat with 53 rooms to the East of the University town that she grew up as the ninth child of the French factory owner's daughter Elisabeth Meynard and the publisher, Robert Maxwell, surrounded by luxury. After graduating from Oxford University, she became the It Girl. Maxwell danced through the London night life, worked for Oxford United, the football team of her father, and founded the Club "Kit Kat", in which British women of the "Upper Crust" about the economy and politics exchanged.

After the death of her father was over there with London's High Society. As the Newspapers began to report on Robert Maxwell's fraud, dared his youngest daughter, the only wig out of the house. A little later they boarded a Concorde, rented an apartment in Manhattan and was looking for a job as a real estate agent. Your trust Fund is supposed to be equipped with about 100,000 euros, rather poor.

In search of a wealthy Partner she met Epstein. As Maxwell's father, the American multi-millionaire was regarded as eccentric. His fortune, it was said at the beginning of the nineties in New York, had earned the former teacher with Investments for Leslie Wexner, founder of L Brands Corporation and its brands Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch. Maxwell and eight years older than Epstein seemed a perfect Couple.

He had money, contacts

The son of a gardener from Brooklyn had money, London's former It Girl contacts. Photos show her with Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Naomi Campbell, Mick Jagger, Piers Morgan, Elon Musk and today's President, Donald Trump. With Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, meanwhile, with Attacks on young men noticed, posed Maxwell 2002 on the throne of Buckingham Palace. Four years later, she visited along with Epstein and some of Hollywood's serial rapist Harvey Weinstein the Celebration of the 18.Birthday of Princess Beatrice, Prince Andrews daughter and granddaughter of the British Queen Elizabeth II As the former American President Bill Clinton, his daughter Chelsea in the summer down the aisle, stand Ghislaine Maxwell in the first row.

What, according to the indictment behind the doors of Epstein's property in Manhattan, New Mexico, Paris, and on the Caribbean island Little Saint James, was not all that glamorous. In Epstein's order Maxwell in front of schools and shopping centres should have mentioned time and again girl. Alleged victim as Virginia Roberts Giuffre describe it as "cold-blooded matchmaker", won the trust of the girl, you then turn Epstein to be eaten. With Epstein's private plane dubbed the "Lolita Express", should Maxwell have regularly brought minors to his property.

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