Winner of OT 2018: Famous, the sorpasso last hour of the end of OT

So I have been told the end of OT 2018 All the controversies of the last edition of OT 2018 Amaia and her strange return to OT 2018: "I don't know wha

Winner of OT 2018: Famous, the sorpasso last hour of the end of OT

So I have been told the end of OT 2018

All the controversies of the last edition of OT 2018

Amaia and her strange return to OT 2018: "I don't know what I just did"

The touching letter from Noemi Galera: "It has not been an easy edit"

The night's heartbreaking OT 2018

It's called Famous and the name comes from that or the hair. It is called Famous and is new winner of operación Triunfo. It's called Famous and was the surprise of last hour of the end of OT 2018. It's called Famous and gave the sorpasso. It is called Famous, and with only 1% more of the votes became by right the winner of OT 2018 ahead of Alba Reche and Natalia, the clear favorite. [So I have been told the final gala].

it Was the sorpasso nigerian, the sorpasso of Bormujos (Seville), the sorpasso of the child in a man's body, the sorpasso of the flow, soul, swing, of humility and of kindness, the sorpasso's that was winning in its own right be a well-deserved winner. Yes, OT 2018 already has its winner and closes an edition that has left much to be desired, an edition boring, an issue that, nor with polemics have been able to kill the close, too close memory of the past edition.

We were left with honey on the lips Julia and Sabela, fifth and fourth finalists, and everything in between, without a doubt, the best three contestants of this edition. The counters are returned to zero, interpreted the song were premiered in OT 2018, and the public decided that Famous was the one that had to win, that there could not be another, that I had to succeed, the bully, the funky, the soul.

he could Not have been a winner more fair and more well-deserved, but even so, the stakes were not with him. It was a surprise that he is believed when Roberto Leal gave his name. Your face is meat today meme. Stunned, unbelieving, as if the thing were not with him, as if I would never have believed it. Well, now is the time, friend, now is the time.

"neither we Nor he are aware of that is able to do", were the words of the director of the Academy, Naomi Galley, on the pupil that a greater difference has been marked in this edition. Famous has given you another place to OT, he has given things that without it would have been unthinkable that you could do and see in the talent of music, has brought the competition to another time, another style, another essence, and what has he done, and nothing more than he.

Obviously with the help of the teachers, the good vibes with their peers, but the innate talent that has Famous I had no one in the Academy, especially because no one had put it so well in a musical style, because no one had scored so early what I wanted to sing, how I wanted to sing and why I wanted to sing. Yes, he was once a bolero, it was not his best performance, and it wasn't because Famous is what it is and Famous you have to do what you have to do.

"The Famous of before you drop a lot of eggs," said Famous on himself, and the more sincere it could not be. The Famous of for 92 days was a child of over 1.85 tall, large, fortachón and with a voice capable of busting mirrors. He struggled to adapt, I found it hard to take the pulse of the Academy, was the immediacy, the speed, the hustle and bustle, but it was adding up bit by bit, to improve bit by bit, to evolve muchito to much. Because the child is no longer as a child, he made very large, bigger if possible.

Your interpretation last night And Im telling you Im not going from the musical Dreamgirls can be described in many words, but right now, after sleeping only two hours, after listening live and pre-recorded is that it was just the host.

I'm Not surprised that Naomi Galley to cry my eyes out during the second pass of the micros, I'm not surprised that Ana Torroja is to get up out of his seat as a judge and became José Luis Moreno, I'm not surprised that the public screamed "Famous, winner", because Famous was worthy of a gala of the MTV, worthy of a final of the Super Bowl, and that someone like him comes out of a tv program makes sense, and shut up all the mouths that once criticized this kind of programs.

The final race of the story

When he started the night any of the five finalists (Famous, Natalia, Alba Reche, Sabela and Julia) could have been winners. However, after his first performance the balance began to opt and that which his companions were more than up to the task, and that the end was going to be more than matched. "There has never been a final so close," warns Perez Orive at the beginning of the program. And the reason was not lacking.

Famous and took the victory with a 36% of the vote, while Alba Reche was second with 35%, and Natalia, the other surprise of the night, was third with 29%. Never in the history of the talent there has been a final so, so, so matched. What does this mean? Therefore, despite the fact that this edition has been many times a pestiño huge, the talent of the contestants was far above his predecessors.

last year's edition, the edition of Amaia (who last night returned to his OT as a custard), the edition of Aitana and Anna War, he had a final little doubt there was of who was going to bring the check with the 100,000 euros and the first tile of a musical future. Amaia was the favorite almost since the gala 1 and there was no surprise. Amaia won, and point. But, this time, the thing was very different.

Each one of the five finalists had something very special. Voices unique, own, characteristic, distinctive and a great talent, a talent, amazing. Any of the five could have been the winner and no one would have missed. If today we speak of sorpasso nigerian is because if there was that talk of a clear favorite that was Natalia.

has Never been nominated, went to the end with four tens from the jury and in each gala has touched the perfection, but the public was very divided and I think that what made Famous winner was this performance, that today insurance is believed to have been the performance of his life.

Natalia, third

Natalia was also glorious, but Natalia has been glorious ever. No matter what I give him, the style that put him, the melody, the song, the dance... Natalia always bordaba. Has been the perfection of OT 2018, and I think that has been so, so, so perfect that in the end has played against.

I Believe that the key surprise of the night revealed herself: "I Am attempting to assimilate everything that has happened to me and I'm trying to internalize that this is completed. And I like it because it means that I have depth, and to me it costs me the things I warmup". It costs you that things will warm up and, in fact, that is what he conveyed on stage. His performances have been frame-worthy, but has missed that calaran, which came more, convey more.

he Had many, but by no means all, great performances, but I'll stick with the Although it is not with me because it was a performance that Natalia came to me until the depths, to the bottom. Last night, he returned to be wonderful in his first performance. A performance worthy of a great musical or the very Eurovision. In the scenario it and nothing more, a game of lights, a long skirt, pompous and huge, which made it even more grandiose and Never enough, of the musical The Greatest Showman. A song that could have given all the glory, but Famous is too Famous.

"You have been another gift to this program (...) you have made Me feel a chill in the soul is indescribable," said Pérez Orive and I can only say amen. Without Natalia, without perfection, without your dedication, without your ability, without his talent, this OT would not have been what it has been: the best OT in terms of talent.

Until Roberto Leal didn't say his name as third runner-up, Natalia was the favorite. In fact, it gave his name and from the public is heard a thunderous "oh, Natalia, you're the winner!", that made Roberto him seriously and asked for respect for the rest. Because Natalia had them all with her, but could not be because on his way he crossed a child today is more of a man.

Alba Reche rubs the victory

nor expecting anyone to Alba Reche outside to be second and so close to become the winner. 1% of the votes, a mere 1%, that is to say, separated in the Dawn of the triumph. That also would have been a deserved winner, without a doubt, but, even though on Social Networks is one of the contestants that more followers has had, was not the favourite to win.

What to say Alba, since Alba is unique. You have a unique voice, has a unique charisma, has a unique personality and has been the contestant that has passed on and that gave the action this issue with your Llorona. It is just to quote it and I get the hair-like hooks.

"It just OT, it is just the year, just the Academy and I don't know if it will be a good year for music, if we will win Eurovision song contest or if there will be OT, but it will give the same because you have to you"; "Has a single seal"; "Dawn is magical, Dawn is an artist with capital letters"; "I foresee a great future as a singer"; "Has a soul and an angel...". What can I say she falls short, because it's true.

Only had to see last night's review of his best performances. There is not one in which there is no recognition that he was singing it was Dawn, and that in an artist supposed, half-way walk. That you lack musical training, since you now have all the life to train her to be an artist is to do what you want, because I want more artists like her. I play the neck that this edition two which are most likely to succeed in this complicated and competitive world are Alba and Famous.

"When there were bad times, I remembered this phrase: 'there Will be days that cost more, but worth it.'" The perfect summary of what has been their competition, which finished off last night with an amazing rendition of Creep, from Radiohead.

Little can be said, that hasn't already been said of Alba and his last performance in OT 2018. It was she, because she doesn't need to be anything more than it. It has so much essence that all what it touches, it transforms and converts in Alba Reche. What you said Naomi, "has its own stamp". Came second and not believed it. Another, that I should begin to believe it.

Ends OT 2018, ends the edition of the talent, but also ends the editing of the error, an error called vanity. The success of the last issue made that the management minds to believe that a new OT, without time for digestion and assimilation, was going to be just as historic. They were wrong.

This OT has been a boredom in your 90%. Not even the many controversies that have had such as the dismissal of Itziar Castro, or the spectacle of the boyfriend of Mary have managed to lift it. And I insist because of lack of talent has not been because talent had a lot, a lot. It has been the immediacy of a new year, a casting call with talent, but has already been learned and taught by the previous and the insistence of creating a new success. The man is the only animal that stumbles twice with the same stone. Went with OT-1 and OT-2 and it has happened again. It will be beneficial for some, but for the essence of the program, for kids is a bitch.

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