With children The most beautiful themed trails of Switzerland - views of the hike:

Adelboden BE – On the tracks from the Vogellisi The song, we'd still be in the ear: "When nume, where ds Vogellisi about..." – our first detour takes us to

With children The most beautiful themed trails of Switzerland - views of the hike:
Adelboden BE – On the tracks from the Vogellisi

The song, we'd still be in the ear: "When nume, where ds Vogellisi about..." – our first detour takes us to the Bernese Oberland. Because of the "Vogellisi come". We move on the tracks through the noble floor, learn several Items about his history, the animal and plant world in the area, and for a short rest, a barbecue invites you to the providing barbecue. If the adventure is allowed to go to the Vogellisi-trail even further, we recommend another day trip with the scooter. With a helmet and wind in the Trottiland Adelboden (from 8 years) to 45 kilometers, and 7 various routes to let off steam.

Hiking: mountain Hiking trail, length: 3.5 km duration: 1 h 10 min, minimum age: from 6 years (for pushchairs).

dynamics VS The longest Swiss natural Kneipp

A natural Spa oasis for your feet there is in the mountain village of dynamics. There is the longest natural Kneipp path in Switzerland. On stones massaged on the sole of the Foot, wading in the mud, cleans the feet in fresh spring water and gets information about the growing medicinal herbs at the edge of the path. On a heated summer day, brave Kneippler to get in addition to a refreshing dip under a waterfall – the adventure with the whole family!

walk: easy length: 2.7 km, duration: 1:30 h minimum age: 5 years

Braunwald GL To a small base with dwarf Bartli

Normally, small gnomes with red pointy hats and the mischievous Smile in our gardens. But one of them lives in the beautiful Canton of Glarus. On the dwarf Bartli-trail can hide children in the pine forests and immerse yourself in the history of dwarf Bartli. Far to the rear in the village of Braunwald, high above the valley, the noise of the powerful hum-Bach if with an audible click. In a brown little house, the little man lives with his white beard. In the precious stone column dwarf Bartli has already found treasures. On the road there is the castle, a Dwarf, his dwarf, a cave and many other exciting corners, which can be discovered on the trail.

hike: easy, length: 8.3 kilometers (the whole way), duration: 3 h 30 min, minimum age: 3 years and up, Also: 5 different routes to walk on.

Atzmännig SG adventure with the cheeky Sparrow Männi

A feathered friend accompanied small hikers on the Spatz Männi adventure trail in the Atzmännig. During approximately one hour, the children can trudge through the beautiful Goldingertal and more about the clever cheeky Sparrow Männi know. The story comes from a Children's songwriter and writer Andrew Bond. To eight experience items, among other things, family, corn grain, dirt Fink Frida and the dangerous spider Sputnik are to be found. With so much adventure, there are also barbecue facilities and a Restaurant for a breather. Let's go from the mountain station of the chairlift back to the valley station. To participate in the Spatz Männi-Safari and an Overnight stay in the PODhouse win!

hike: easy duration: about 1 h (pure walking time), minimum age: from 2 years (for strollers, not suitable), in Addition: The picture book can be bought locally.

Rigi LU – When the moon is full on the Queen of the mountains

not Hiking With their 1798 metres, it is one of the highest mountains in Switzerland, the Rigi is considered the "Queen of the mountains". A special Hiking experience is night during a clear full moon. All night owls will be meeting with a backpack and good footwear at the valley station of the aerial cableway behind the mountains (above Vitznau). During almost four hours of Hiking on the paths in the moonlight and listening to the nocturnal animals up to Rigi Kulm. The reward for the night's efforts is a delicious Brunch at sunrise. The whole full moon hike will be accompanied by a Guide, the trivia and white tell about the Rigi to.

hike: challenging, good physical condition required (800 meters in height), duration: 3:30 h (pure walking time), minimum number of participants: 10, maximum 15 persons, in Addition: beginning in the night from Friday to Saturday.

Bellinzona TI – castle of romance in the Canton of Ticino

enjoy As a lady or Lord of a castle Castle, Hiking through the high tower walls, as was customary in the middle ages, and until today it is still possible. In Switzerland, there are approximately 330 historical castles and palaces, which once served as protection from enemy attacks. Three castles from the 13th century. Century is located in Bellinzona. After a Renovation of the Castel Grande, Castello di Montebello and Castello di Sasso Corbaro in new splendor. The world cultural heritage of Unesco, from the railway station of Bellinzona within walking distance. A walk through the historic old town takes us to the Castel Grande. A trail leads past the high walls with peep-holes. At the highest point arrived, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view, with an Aperitivo at sunset to enjoy. A Museum tells about the town. Other castles can be comfortably explored.

walk: easy length: 3 km, duration: 1 hour minimum age: small children are able to walk on the road (for pushchairs).

Emmental – The search for the wrong cheese

Instead of watching a Thriller on television, slips you into the role of a detective and tries to solve the case of "The wrong Emmental cheese". The location of the venue, the picturesque landscape of rolling hills is Langnau in Emmental, BE. At Comic-adventure the whole family can have a first guess. The trail leads from the railway station Langnau in the Emmental valley, through the village, and thanks to various clues to the puzzle solution is possible. Cheese lovers will get their costs, because the experience of crime path leads past the former and existing cheese farms and historic houses.

hike: easy, duration: 4 to 8 h, minimum age: 9 years and older, adolescents, and adults (for strollers and wheelchairs).

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