After "Batgirl"-Hammer: "The Flash" should continue to come to the cinema

The decision by the Warner Bros.

After "Batgirl"-Hammer: "The Flash" should continue to come to the cinema

The decision by the Warner Bros. film studio not to release the already finished DC film "Batgirl" in cinemas or on the HBO Max streaming service continues to make waves. And it raises the legitimate question of whether a similarly rigorous approach is also used in the superhero film "The Flash". Because in contrast to "Batgirl" leading actress Leslie Grace (27), who is not guilty of anything, "The Flash" star Ezra Miller (29) is involved in several scandals. And yet the film will come to the cinema as planned, as the US site "Variety" now quotes Warner CEO David Zaslav as saying.

"We've seen 'The Flash', 'Black Adam' and 'Shazam 2'. We're really looking forward to them. [...] We think they're great," Zaslav said during a company call. Consequently, there are apparently no intentions of removing one of these films as well.

Especially in the case of "The Flash" this is not a matter of course. Leading actor Ezra Miller, who played the role in the film "Justice League", has accumulated a considerable number of scandals in recent months. The film was therefore allegedly also in limbo in the meantime.

In Hawaii alone, the star was arrested twice - for disturbing the peace and harassment, later for second-degree assault. Previously, he is said to have insulted and molested a woman from Berlin in her apartment. Another assault in the Icelandic capital Reykjavík, in which the actor grabbed a woman by the neck and pinned her to the ground, was even caught on video. Nevertheless, "The Flash" will be released in cinemas in June 2023 as planned.

The boss of Warner Bros. Discovery also defended the approach to "Batgirl" in the course of the "The Flash" announcement. "We don't release a film until it's done. And we don't release a film if we don't believe in it." The latter was the case with "Batgirl", which is said to have cost around 90 million dollars. Much to the dismay of directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, and the regret of leading actress Leslie Grace, who all commented on the end via Instagram.

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