Al Pacino father at 83: mother claims sole custody

Family imbroglio for Al Pacino

Al Pacino father at 83: mother claims sole custody

Family imbroglio for Al Pacino. While he has just become a father again at the age of 83, his 29-year-old partner filed an appeal to obtain custody of their three-month-old son. According to several American media, Noor Alfallah, 29, who has shared the actor's life for more than a year, demanded physical custody of their son while asking that the actor pay all legal costs linked to his approach before the tribunal. She would have attached to her request a “declaration of filiation” signed by Al Pacino, which proves that the actor of Scarface is indeed the biological father of their little Roman.

This is the umpteenth episode of a birth which has already caused a lot of ink to flow. When he learned that he was going to be a father, Al Pacino was flabbergasted because he thought he could not have any more children, due to medical problems which "usually prevent a man from impregnating a woman", confided a close at the time. He then allegedly forced his partner to carry out a DNA test to certify the child's parentage, which turned out to be positive.

This young American of Kuwaiti origin, who has directed short films, is known in the celebrity press for having gravitated for several years to showbiz veterans like Mick Jagger and Clint Eastwood – she has, however, denied any relationship with the latter recalls the People site. After dating a 61-year-old multimillionaire, she crossed paths with Al Pacino during the Covid crisis, before starting an intimate relationship in 2022. “A man of 70 or 80 immediately feels rejuvenated by his sides, one of his relatives told Page Six magazine. She has a great generosity of spirit…”

Already the father of three other children – a 33-year-old daughter, 22-year-old twins – Al Pacino must now manage the complications linked to this fourth birth… According to his agent, the couple is not separated, both have been seen this week having dinner at the very chic Château Marmont in Los Angeles. “Al and Noor have successfully worked together and reached mutual agreements regarding their child,” Pacino’s rep assured in a statement. According to several media outlets, the actor was granted "reasonable" visitation rights. As for the amount of the monthly pension, nothing has filtered on the subject, but we imagine that it must be substantial...