Are You Liable If Kids Hurt Themselves at Your House?

Picture this: You are in charge of planning your daughter’s birthday, and she wants a party

Are You Liable If Kids Hurt Themselves at Your House?
Picture this: You are in charge of planning your daughter’s birthday, and she wants a party. And not just any party—she has been dreaming of a big bash that her friends will love and knows you can deliver. So, planning must begin. Every detail, from the feast to the festivities to the fun must be perfected. After deciding that a backyard soiree is the way to go, you can splurge on a variety of entertainment options. The day comes and you have prepared for bounce house rentals NJ, slip and slides, face painting and a magician. The party guests will surely be wowed by every detail.


But this pleasant scene is sadly shattered when your child’s friend sustains an injury on the slip-and-slide. The watered down plastic mat proves too slippery for the unbalanced child. They fall and sustain bruises and a sprained leg. No matter what level of injury they have, this news is enough to make your heart sink. But you should not lose your cool. There are measures you can take to help yourself while sorting out who is at fault. There are many factors that come into play at this point. It is important to initially get the child medical attention, and record as many details about the event as you can. Any detail may be able to help your case.


Premises liability


Subsequently, you should look into premises liability and how this affects the case. Consider talking to personal injury lawyers. They will be the most knowledgeable and helpful when seeking answers. They have experience with cases dealing with damages and will understand the complexities of liability. As an overview, premises liability looks at how the person injured arrived on your property, as well as how open you were to disclosing the possibility of injury. In this case, an invited guest would be considered a licensee versus a business invitee or trespasser. A trespasser would be an uninvited stranger and a business invitee would visit to result in a transaction. After establishing the role of the injured person, the aspect that could potentially get trickier is the reasoning and details behind the injury.


Attractive Nuisance


Even a child may be considered a licensee, and they should never be intentionally harmed and should be warned of dangers. This case could potentially be considered one of attractive nuisances. This references a part of the property that could be considered undeniably engaging to a child. The slip-and-slide could fill that role, as a party game that entices children to glide across the slick surface uncontrollably. The fact that a parent brings their child to a party with the knowledge that there will be outdoor games is a point in your court. This means that the child was not completely unaware of the safety risks involved with attending. Again, a personal injury lawyer based in your location is your best bet in figuring out your part in assuming the liability for this incident.


The safety and wellbeing of your child and friends means more than the success of a well-planned party. While this afternoon of celebration did not exactly go as planned, it is a great comfort for you to know that resources are always available in any community to help resolve any legal issues that you might face. They arise by surprise and can often be delicate subjects. Yet, with the help of professional counsel, these episodes can turn into positive experiences. From this case, we can learn to mitigate risk within our own homes whenever possible. This is vital, especially when having young guests over. 

Date Of Update: 07 May 2019, 09:38

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