Are you looking for roadkill to eat? An app is available for one state.

A new app in Wyoming makes it easier for people to find roadkill so they can add more protein to their meals.

Are you looking for roadkill to eat? An app is available for one state.

The new state system replaces the one that required a game warden tag to be provided before residents could claim wild animal roadkill. Residents can now use an app to hunt for food on roads other than interstate.

Officials announced that people can now use their Android or Apple devices to obtain permission to save wild turkeys, wild bison, antelope, elk, wild bison, and antelope after they have been in unintentional collisions with wildlife. They must first document the animal and go over the rules. Grey wolves, grizzly bears and endangered species are all off limits.

"Anyone who collects roadkill must get authorization from Game and Fish prior to collection. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department stated in a news that anyone collecting roadkill must get authorization from Game and Fish before they can collect it.

Wyoming residents must agree to the taking of the whole animal and disposing of any inedible parts. Officials urge residents to remember safety and not collect roadkill at night or by parking on the roads. Roadkill cannot be collected on interstate highways or in construction zones.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission authorized $17,000 for the development of the system in December. Chief game warden Rick King assured the commission that the funds were not intended to be used to create cookbooks, according to the RawlinsTimes.

Wide Open Eats states that roadkill can be brought home in 30 states.

Wyoming has been trying to reduce the number of killed on Wyoming roads each year. Officials hope to use data from the app to identify wildlife crossing signs.

Marta Casey from Wyoming gave the app a thumbs-up. She has never hunted before but liked the idea that she could make use of the deer who put her car into the body shop. Casey said that it was important for her to know where her food comes from.


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