Biden says to storm-ravaged Louisiana: "I know you're hurting."

Giant trees thrown sideways. Plywood boards put up on homes. Street signs that are out of order

Biden says to storm-ravaged Louisiana: "I know you're hurting."

One week after Hurricane Ida devastated the Gulf Coast, President Joe Biden took to the streets of a Louisiana neighborhood to tell residents that he knew they were hurting and was there for them.

This scene will likely be repeated when Biden visits parts of the Northeast that were also affected by Ida’s soggy remnants. On Saturday, the White House announced that Biden would visit Manville in New Jersey and Queens, New York City on Tuesday.

Biden promised strong federal assistance in Louisiana to help people get back on their feet. He said that the government had already distributed $100 million to individuals in Louisiana in $500 checks to provide them with a first cut of crucial help. He said that many people don't know where help is because they can't access their cellphones.

Biden visited the neighborhood on Friday and one resident drew a sign with his name and a heart to mark the "i" dot. They then laughed and took selfies.

Biden also met with officials from the state and local governments in LaPlace. This community is located between Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River. It suffered severe wind damage and was left without roofs or flooded homes.

Biden stated, "I promise that we're going after your back."

He also flew over pummeled areas such as Grand Isle, Port Fourchon, Lafitte and Lafourche Parish. Parish President Archie Chaisson stated that 25% of the 100,000-strong community's homes were destroyed or gone.

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