Boom continues: The landline phone cannot be killed

Actually, the fate of the landline phone seemed sealed.

Boom continues: The landline phone cannot be killed

Actually, the fate of the landline phone seemed sealed. But because people were at home more during the pandemic than they used to, they got used to using their landline phones again. In addition, the mobile network still has weaknesses.

More and more Germans are using the landline network to make phone calls. According to a current survey commissioned by the comparison portal Verivox, 81 percent of those surveyed use a stationary connection. In 2021, the proportion in the same survey was 73 percent.

According to a report by the Federal Network Agency, around 102 billion minutes of calls were made on the German fixed network last year. That was 2 billion less than in the first Corona year 2020, but 8 billion more than in 2019.

The respondents were between 18 and 69 years old. According to Verivox expert Jens-Uwe Theumer, the development is due to the fact that many people have insufficient cell phone reception at home. "Mobile phone coverage leaves a lot to be desired, especially indoors." The Corona consequences may also play a role: Because people have been at home more in the past two years than before, they have gotten used to using the landline handset again.

The survey result is somewhat surprising, because landline telephones have been on the decline for a long time. One reason for this is that mobile phone contracts often have a telephony flat rate and consumers therefore use their mobile phones not only on the go but also at home a lot. During the Corona period and the associated restrictions, interest in the fixed network increased again. However, it is surprising that people use landline phones more often after the end of the pandemic restrictions than during the restrictions.

In a reaction to the survey, Frederic Ufer from the Internet industry association VATM points out that the mobile phone network in Germany has developed significantly. Many different parameters play a role in the connection in the house, says the industry representative. "In general, 5G will make the network even more powerful."

The fact is that Germany's mobile network still has weaknesses. But it is also a fact that the telecommunications companies invest a lot of money for better coverage. This progress is also evident from the documents of the Federal Network Agency.

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