California Teenager who Pushed bear to Rescue dogs'I did Not know I had it in me'

A California teenager who pushed a bear to guard her puppies talked out on Wednesday concerning the split-second choice to rescue her pets.

California Teenager who Pushed bear to Rescue dogs'I did Not know I had it in me'

Morinico, 17, talked about the confrontation with the keep out her home at Bradbury, east of Los Angeles.

A video clip showed her jump into action when she watched her dogs barking and leaping up in a mommy keep balancing on the fence with 2 cubs.

Morinico ran in the direction of the commotion, and pushed off the bear the fence. Then she caught one of those tiny dogs and hurried into the house, after the other puppies since they fled for safety.

"Those couple of minutes I had, that is what actually allow me to run off with my puppies and my entire life," she told CNN.

The teenager said she wasn't thinking till she got up near the bear.

And the very first thing popped in my mind was supposed to push the bear off the ledge," she explained.

Before she came to the rescue, the mommy bear started swatting at the puppies and even caught the most adorable one off the floor temporarily.

"This puppy, Valentina, was at risk, indeed, and she's so important to the household," Morinico explained.

"She's my mother's emotional support animal, and that I could not remember to let anything happen to her because I know, for example, the pain could have been too much for my own mother to manage. I believe I did so to her."

"I did not feel the pain afterwards. Like all of the insanity and the adrenaline, it did not cause me to feel anything very," she explained.

The experience was captured on a security camera beyond Morinico's home.

"It is so crazy to get this on camera cause it is such an wonderful story to tell," she explained.