Carolina Herrera adds color to Valentine's Day

Wes Gordon's Carolina Herrera runway featured strong statement pieces in bold colors that emphasize courage, confidence, and exuberance.

Carolina Herrera adds color to Valentine's Day

Short dresses with ruffles in bold red and long pink trains were the highlights of his Monday show.

The vibrant color palette of deep reds and purples, as well as blues and pinks, gave life to bold silhouettes in long and short party dresses and gowns. They were adorned with large bows and voluminous sleeves. Sharply tailored pants were also available to show confidence and self-assurance.

To contrast the bright colors, Gordon used shades of white and black. In a backstage interview, he said that themes of strong and self-assured women were running through his mind as he sketched for the Fall/Winter 2022 collection. He also stressed the importance of making "something special" and "something full of love".

He said that Carolina Herrera women are looking for "epic clothes", "strong clothes to support strong women."

There were many styles to choose from, including a variety of mini-dresses with floral patterns and plunging necklines, or chic mini-dresses with flared, dramatic silhouettes. One of the most striking garments in the collection was a bright red cocktail min with a tulle collar and ruffle that covered the neck and shoulders. It was so large it completely obscured the model's lower half.

The label shared the following information on its Instagram page: "The silhouettes of this season are markedly straight and tailored, but feature moments of exuberance such an undulating cacade, an immense sleeve, or a color reveal in a hem."

Many models wore straight, pulled-back hairstyles with strappy black heels. Some wore large black sunglasses, despite the fact that it was freezing in New York on a February day.

Gordon stated that there was a reason Gordon was choosing the dramatic. He said, "It's the most spectacular and dramatic pieces that sell the fastest." "There is definitely a desire to be celebrated, to dress up. "The moment is right now."

The celebrity guests included Ariana DeBose (West Side Story) Oscar nominee, Alexandra Daddario (The White Lotus), and Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why).

DeBose wore a Herrera floral mini dress in deep purple and praised Gordon for running the fashion house in his thirties. She said that she finds Gordon's work to be innovative, yet also a celebration of femininity. She said that she could envision herself in the beautiful, elegant garments because she is a Latina.

Gordon felt it was important to present the show to a live audience because he stated, "We are so proud to be part of New York Fashion Week." It is a proud honor to be a New York designer. We were going to use this opportunity to say "We are here, they are continuing to make beautiful things, the globe continues to turn and we are so proud of being a part that conversation."


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