Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, will miss band's next tour

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts will likely to miss the band's upcoming "No Filter" tour through North America.

Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, will miss band's next tour

This news comes just a few months after Watts, who turned 80 in June, had undergone a procedure for an unspecified condition. Twitter posted a statement from the stones stating that Watts needs to rest and recover.

The statement stated that Charlie had undergone a successful procedure, but his doctors have concluded that he needs to rest and recuperate. "Rehearsals will begin in a few weeks. It's disappointing, to say the worst. But it's fair to say that no one expected this."

Watts has been a Stones member since 1963.

  • Watts jokingly said, "For once my timing has not been perfect." He said, "I am working hard and will get fit soon. However, I have accepted the advice of experts that it might take some time." "After all the suffering that Covid has caused to fans, I don't want any fans who were holding tickets for this tour being disappointed by another postponement. Steve Jordan, my friend and great-aunt, has agreed to take my place.

    • Steve Jordan, a drummer who played with Keith Richards throughout the years and was part of the house bands for "Saturday Night Live", and "Late Night with David Letterman," will replace Watts on the road.

      The "No Filter Tour" will begin in St. Louis on September 26th and travel to Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles. The pandemic of 2020 has halted plans for the 15-city tour.

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