As this has been the case, Christina has selected to take her time to be certain her next guy is for keeps. After all, she has a long list of unsuccessful relationships.

On top of Tarek, she was also married to Ant Anstead. And givenshe shares kids with both her former husbands, she’s made sure that she puts their needs . In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she stated: “I feel as right now it is just, there is so much happening with work and the kids, so focusing on the kids and work and only having fun.”

Christina isn’t wrong there. She’s also involved in co-parenting with Tarek to make sure that her kids have some semblance of normality. Also, but she works with Tarek in their display entitled’Flip or Flop.’ With so many distinct items to contend with, Christina is focused on living her entire life. She added: “My aim is simply to move on..and perform some interesting trips with the children. . Just really focus on the family”

And this approach has worked miracles. She is on excellent terms with Tarek, which can be in stark contrast throughout their marriage. Being able to reflect on himself has made a positive effect on people around her. She has even given Heather her blessing to become more involved with her and Tarek’s children.

An insider supported too much: “Christina and Tarek’s bond is stronger than ever. They joke they are much better off as friends.” It is excellent to see Christina putting her joy first after the difficult divorces she’s gone through. But one thing for sure, it will not be long until she finally settles down with somebody and generates many joyful memories.

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