Clu Gulager: Western star has died

Clu Gulager is dead.

Clu Gulager: Western star has died

Clu Gulager is dead. The actor died of natural causes on Friday (5 August) at the age of 93 at the home of his son John Gulager (64) and daughter-in-law Diane in Los Angeles. The two told the "Hollywood Reporter".

William Martin "Clu" Gulager was born in Oklahoma in 1928 and grew up on his uncle's farm there. After serving in the US Marines, he trained as an actor in Texas and Paris. In 1955 he moved to New York and received an acting contract. He finally became known with western series such as "The Tall Man" and "The People from the Shiloh Ranch".

On the big screen he was seen in the thriller "The Death of a Killer" or in "The Hidden - The Unspeakable Evil" and other horror strips. Most recently, he appeared as a bookstore owner in films such as "Piranha 2" (2012) or in Quentin Tarantino's (59) "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" (2019).

Filmmaker Sean Baker (51), who works with Gulager for the drama "Tangerine L.A." wrote on Twitter: "He was incredibly talented, hilarious, gentle and kind. And he loved the cinema. We will miss you Clu."

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