Compare and save: The best car insurers

Deadline: November 30th.

Compare and save: The best car insurers

Deadline: November 30th. Up to this day, many motor policyholders can terminate their provider in good time and switch to another insurance company. And a comparison makes sense to save money and improve performance. A test shows which car insurers are top.

Many motorists have marked November 30th in their calendars. Up to this date, many car insurance policies can be canceled and you can change providers. The test by the German Institute for Service Quality shows that a change is often better.

In the sum of insurance premiums, benefits and online service, the motor vehicle insurers achieved a good result. Overall, with 76.1 points, the direct insurers achieved a slightly better result than the insurers with an intermediary network (72.4 points). Two direct insurers achieve the quality rating "very good".

The cost of car insurance varies greatly between branch and direct insurers and their different tariffs. In all twelve scenarios examined (three user profiles in combination with four car classes), it turns out that those who choose the cheapest provider instead of the most expensive can achieve a maximum saving of over 27 percent - this applies both when comparing the cheaper basic and the high-performance Comfort tariffs. In individual cases, the savings potential is even 50 percent and more.

The rule of thumb "basic tariffs score points in terms of price, comfort tariffs are more powerful" often applies, but not always. The best basic tariffs in the test have more extensive insurance features than individual comfort tariffs.

In return, there are also comparatively cheap tariffs in the premium tariff segment. Markus Hamer, Managing Director of the German Institute for Service Quality, sums up: "The Internet is also becoming more and more important as a service channel - including for companies with an intermediary network. Motor vehicle insurers are generally well positioned here in terms of customer orientation. Whoever has a When considering and comparing a change of provider, you should not neglect the service aspect, in addition to costs and services."

Test winner of the motor branch insurers is HDI with the quality rating "good". Both the basic and the comfort tariff of the insurer are convincing in the test - the company achieves first place in both product categories. The attractive insurance premiums of the comfort tariff and the good insurance features of the basic tariff are also decisive. In addition, HDI offers a good online service with a very user-friendly website.

HUK-Coburg secured second place (quality rating: "good"). The provider convinces in the product analysis, especially with the comfort tariff, with extensive insurance equipment - only a branch insurer offers even greater coverage here. The basic tariff scores above all with low costs. In addition, HUK-Coburg offers the third-best online service of all tested car insurers.

Axa (quality rating: "good") ranks third among the branch insurers and distinguishes itself with a good online service: the website has, for example, helpful information on the process of concluding a contract and user-friendly navigation to the motor vehicle tariff calculator. In the product analysis, the comfort tariff convinces with a very large scope of services.

The test winner of the motor direct insurers is CosmosDirekt (quality rating: "very good"). The provider convinces with the best online service in the entire industry and very good conditions for the basic and comfort tariff. The website scores, for example, with numerous contact information and extensive product information. The comfort tariff impresses with attractive insurance premiums and very good equipment; the basic tariff also offers very good value for money.

HUK24 took second place (quality rating: "very good"). The comfort tariff achieves the best result: the most comprehensive insurance package in comparison is accompanied by attractive insurance premiums. The online service is the second best among the direct insurers: the website is characterized by a high level of information and user-friendliness.

Friday follows in third place (quality rating: "good"). The insurer distinguishes itself with very good results in the product analysis. The basic tariff is the best in comparison, although the scope of services is also convincing, for example with the fundamental waiver of the deduction new for old. When it comes to online service, the user-friendliness of the website scores particularly well.

(This article was first published on Wednesday, October 05, 2022.)

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